Damage Control

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Breaking and Entering

It was early morning when the sound of shrill laughter coming from downstairs awoke me from the deep slumber I was so happily in. Slamming a pillow over my head, I blocked out the unusual chatter and noise coming from downstairs as I tried to take in another couple minutes of sleep. Just as my eyes began to flutter shut, my obnoxious alarm clock began to blare right beside my ear.

“Please god give me the will to live.” I mumbled to myself as I stared up ahead at my ceiling. Not only had I stayed up all night attempting to finish all the homework I had been assigned, but Brandon’s science fair project had flopped last minute. Because of that, my mom, Brandon, and I pulled an all nighter to create a whole new project.

The kid was in the first grade, how important could this science fair really be?

With the way he was bossing my mom and I around, we were both practically on the verge of putting him up for adoption.

Pushing the button on top of the alarm clock to stop the ringing, I sat up on my bed and rubbed my eyes as I tried to wake myself up for the day. Glancing down at my phone, I saw that I had enough time to get ready and eat breakfast today.

That’s a first.

Stumbling off my bed, I trudged over to the bathroom to take a quick shower and brush my teeth. Breezing through my typical morning routine, I quickly got dressed and slung my bag over my shoulder before making my way downstairs.

As I approached the kitchen, I slowed down upon hearing the sound of my mother and Brandon’s laughter mixed in with a very familiar voice.

No, there was no way.

He wouldn’t have the nerve.

Quickly pushing my way into the kitchen, my suspicions were confirmed when my eyes landed on the one and only Easton who was comfortably seated on the stool in front of the island table. He looked completely at home as he sat there with a plate full of pancakes whilst having a seemingly very interesting conversation with her. Darting my eyes around the kitchen, I watched silently as my mother and Easton continued with their conversation while Brandon occasionally tuned in when his name was mentioned.

My presence had gone unnoticed for another minute until Avery turned from where she was seated to stare at me. I gave her a questioning look and pointed to Easton and she simply shrugged her shoulders before plugging her headphones back into her ear.

Well, at least I had one person who wasn’t completely enamored with Easton.

Then again, Avery was the type of person who didn’t really like anyone.

Dropping my bag onto the floor beside the stool, I I took a seat on the stool beside Easton as the chatter finally ceased due to the sound of the stool scarping against the wood floor, and the loud thud that came from my backpack earlier. I watched as both my mother and Easton turned to me with smiles on their faces as I sat there, eyes darting between everyone in the room.

Was I the only one who saw this whole situation as completely absurd?

Easton was in my home, eating pancakes, and having a conversation with my mother.

I didn’t even like having the guy within a two foot radius of me, let alone in the safety of my own home.

“Hey kiddo, you’re up early today.” My mom commented as she brought the mug filled with hot coffee to her lips.

“Yeah.. I wanted to see what all the noise was about.” I slowly replied with a tight lipped smile as my eyes shifted from hers to Easton’s.Turning to face Easton who had a wolfish grin on his face, I flashed him a pointed look that basically screamed, ‘what the hell are you doing in my home.’ He feigned ignorance as he shrugged his shoulders at my questioning look, before turning away to face my mom.

Before I could even utter a word to Easton, my mother spoke up, “Oh! This lovely young man came by and introduced himself, said he was a close friend of yours. You could probably imagine the surprise and relief I felt knowing that your only two friends aren’t just Sienna and that handsome young Hispanic boy that comes around.” My mother happily exclaimed as my eyes widened.

Gee, leave it up to my mom to completely humiliate me.

I could hear Easton let out a small snicker at my mother’s words as I stared up at her with a horrified expression on my face. You would at least think that the woman who carried you for nine months and birthed you would know enough not to expose you in front of someone like Easton who would no doubt use this against me until the day I died.

“Mom!” I whined loudly as I brought my head down on the granite counter. Instead of banging it repeatedly on the counter, I rubbed a hand over my face before lifting my head in time to see her raise her hands up in surrender. Not only had she insulted the amount of friends I had, but she was also perving on a 17 year old.

Ever since the day I had first introduced my mother to Sebastian, she hadn’t stopped pestering me to go out with him, claiming that he was the “complete package”.

Sebastian had a kick out of this once he heard about it, and it did nothing more than inflate his already massive ego.

Ignoring Easton’s stare on the side of my head, I internally planned the beating I would give him once we were alone. Who the hell did he think he was coming into my home unannounced and hanging out with my family?

My poor vulnerable mother, out of the goodness of her heart, probably let the kid in cause she pitied him.

“What! It’s true! Easton tells me you’re far too anti-social and need to take a couple tips from him.” My mother stated as my mouth dropped open in shock.

My own mother was a traitor.

Turning to face Easton, I shook my head at him before making the knife to the neck motion with my hand. He simply held his hands up and shrugged as I turned away from him to stack a couple pancakes onto my plate. Just as I was about to take a bite out of my breakfast, I felt Easton’s warm breath on my ear, “Hey.”

Turning to face him, I quickly peeked over at my mother and silently thanked the gods above that she was now engrossed in a conversation with Brandon and Avery. Upon seeing that everyone was distracted, I leaned over and landed a swift punch on Easton’s thigh. He let out a small yelp but quickly concealed it as I leaned over towards him threateningly, “What the hell are you doing in my house!” I whisper-yelled at him as he rubbed a hand over his thigh whilst glaring at me.

“That hurt!” He hissed at me, completely ignoring my question. Rolling my eyes, I continued to stare at him, awaiting his response to my earlier question. He stopped rubbing his thigh and let out a loud sigh before leaning away from me and answering.

“You’re my ride to school.” He explained as I feigned ignorance and blankly stared at him.

Memories of the deal we made came flooding back as I realized that Easton was now cashing in his end of the deal. I pinched my eyes shut as I realized that I would have to endure car rides with the most obnoxious, egotistical moron alive.

“And?” I questioned cooly causing his eyes to widened as he stared at me appalled.

“We had a deal!” He hissed as I pushed a piece of the pancake into my mouth to stop the smile that threatened to envelope my face. Pushing Easton’s buttons was entertaining and I now understood why he enjoyed doing it to me.

Swallowing the pancake, I took a sip out of the water bottle laying on the island before replying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You basically broke the law by breaking and entering into my home.” I shrugged as I continued to deny everything. I was hoping that if I frustrated him enough, he would leave.

Easton let out a loud groan at this before speaking up once again, “Your mom let me in! Very willingly, might I add! How old is she again?” He questioned as the irritation on his face diminished and was now replaced with his infamous smirk. I could feel my own smirk drop from my face as I turned two face him with furrowed eyebrows.

Flashing him a disgusted look, I flicked the back of his head, “Gross! That’s my mom!” I exclaimed as I attempted to keep my voice low so my mother wouldn’t hear.

I could hear Easton chuckling from beside me as he once again leaned in towards me, “If you wanted me to yourself, all you had to do was say the words, love.” He lowly said near my ear as I turned to face him to tell him off. I felt the words die in my mouth as my nose grazed Easton.s upon turning.

I watched as his eyes glanced down at my lips briefly before he met my my gaze with his heated one. The air around us shifted and the chatter dimmed as Easton and I silently stood still. I could feel myself shrink under Easton’s stare as his eyes roamed all over my face. I found myself doing the same as my eyes moved across all the features of his face. The loud sound of a hand slamming on the table broke us both out of the trance we were in as we quickly jumped away from one another. Looking down at the counter top, I kept my gaze fixed solely there as I tried to wrap my head around what had just happened. I could feel the heat surging through my body as embarrassment flooded through me.

What the hell just happened?

It was like everything in that moment was frozen and I too was paralyzed. All Easton and I ever did was bicker, so what the hell was that?

I was once again brought out from my thoughts by the sound of my mothers voice, “Okay kids, you need to head to school now if you want to make it on time.” My mother loudly announced as she glanced down at her wrist watch. Rounding the counter, she made her way over to Avery and I and gave us both a kiss on the forehead before taking a hold on Brandon. Turning to Easton, she gave him a quick wave, “Bye Easton, it was lovely meeting you! Don’t hesitate to come around again, you’re welcome here anytime!” My mom sweetly said to Easton who ran a hand through his hair before flashing her a grateful smile.

Easton looked unfazed by the whole ordeal and it made me feel stupid for internally freaking out.

“Thanks, Ms. Evans, it was great meeting you too.” Easton responded as he leaned over towards Brandon with an outstretched hand, “You too little man.” Easton said to a pouting Brandon who was throwing his usual fit when it was time to head to school. Upon seeing Easton’s outstretched hand, Brandon broke out into a grin and quickly slapped his hand onto Easton’s as they both let out a loud laugh. I felt myself unconsciously smiling at the whole interaction as I bent down to pick my backpack up from the floor. Waving goodbye to Brandon and my mom, I began walking over towards the front door.

I could hear Easton behind me bidding his goodbyes before he joined me outside beside the car. Avery, who was leaning against the car let out a groan upon seeing us, “Finally! I’ve been waiting forever.” She sighed causing me to stick my tongue out her in response.

“Real mature, Evans.” I heard Easton say from across me, causing me to replicate the exact same motion at him. The tension from earlier had diffused, and I was grateful things were back to usual. I heard him let out a chuckle as I slid in into the drivers seat and shut the door. I watched as Easton and Avery exchange a couple words outside before Easton opened the door to the passenger seat and slid in. Raising an eyebrow at them, I watched as Avery willingly slid into the back seat before she buckled her seatbelt and leaned back against the carseat. Cocking my head to the side, I stared at both of them wondering how the hell Easton managed to get her to give her seat up.

That girl had dibs on shotgun since the day she was born. I didn’t even bother arguing with her whenever we drove with my mom because it was basically an unofficial rule in our home.

“What’d you say to her.” I lowly said, glancing back at Avery who had loud music blaring through her headphones.

Easton gave me a small smirk and ran a hand through his hair before he chuckled softly, “Don’t worry about it, babe.” He vaguely said before leaning forward in his seat to turn the radio on.

Some random song began blaring through the speakers Easton sat backing his seta and began humming to it. Huffing loudly, I gave up on asking him and shoved the keys into the ignition before backing out of the driveway to get to school.

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