Damage Control

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Getting The Girl

“It’s now or never, let me know how it goes!” I lowly said to Brianna while placing an encouraging hand on her shoulder. She gave me a nervous smile and briefly glanced at the boy fiddling with his locker before pulling her bag farther up her shoulder.

“Thanks Mallory, wish me luck!” She whispered to me before letting out a deep breath. I watched as she quickly fixed her hair before turning and slowly walking towards Alex, a timid boy who she had a massive crush on. Typically, I would just advise people to start a friendship with their crush, or try introducing them to one another, but Brianna struggled with that seeing as she was the outgoing volleyball player and Alex was the computer tech genius who stuck with a small crowd.

She always thought that he and her wouldn’t have anything in common, but after pulling a couple strings in class, I was able to get those two to sit together and low and behold, they became fast friends.

Cupid should honestly pay me for doing his job for him.

A smile broke onto my face as I watched Brianna and Alex laugh as they stood by his locker quietly chatting with one another. She was playing a tournament today at our school and wanted to ask him to come watch.Hopefully this would take their friendship to the next step because I knew how much Brianna liked him. Because it was lunch, the hallways were pretty much empty except for a couple students that were lingering around. I stood there creepily watching the two like a proud mom before I felt a hand grip my arm and pull me into a hard chest.

“What’s up hot stuff.” I heard an obnoxiously familiar voice call out as my face was pushed farther into the hard chest.

“Get off me Easton.” My muffled voice growled as I attempted to pull myself out of his grasp.

For some reason he was always tugging me into him and it made me want to do very violent things to him.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to run away from me again.” Easton jokingly said after I finally pulled myself out of his hold. Brushing my now messy hair out of my face, I scowled up at him before shutting the door of my locker shut.

“Was that really necessary?” I asked, throwing my hands in the air to further emphasize my point.

“Very much so.” Easton responded as he threw his arm over my shoulder and began dragging me over towards the doors of the cafeteria. I let out a loud sigh of frustration, but remained silent seeing as there was no winning in this situation.

After this morning, I felt more at ease about being seen with Easton. His reassurance comforted me and after a long hour of not paying attention in class, I realized it really shouldn’t matter what people say anyways.

As soon as we entered through the doors of the cafeteria, my eyes immediately darted to where Sienna, Sebastian, Cole, and I typically sit. My eyes immediately connected with Sienna who raised her hands in the air and began waving to the two of us like a manic. I watched from the corner of my eye as people turned and whispered as Easton and I made our way across the cafeteria to the tables.

I felt myself shrink under everyones gaze, but tried my best to ignore it. Of course people were going to stare. Easton was on every girls radar at the moment and seeing another girl with him would no doubt attract attention our way.

“You can let go now.” I gritted through a fake smile as Easton pulled me closer to his side and continued walking beside me.

“And lose all the attention that’s on me right now? I think not.” He scoffed as his gaze remained fixed on the table we were making our way towards.

Dear god just please take me now.

Upon reaching the table, I quickly shoved Easton’s arm off me and darted over to the empty seat beside Sebastian. I let out a sigh of relief as I slumped down into the seat before slightly lifting my head to see that everyone had returned to their earlier activities and the attention was no longer on us.

“Well, that was quite the entrance.” Sebastian whistled as he leaned back in his seat and took a bite of the carrot he had in his hands. I ignored his comment and took a massive gulp out of his water bottle that was on the table to ease the sudden dryness in my throat. I felt someone take a seat on the chair beside me and turned just in time to see Easton and Sebastian happily greet one another like they hadn’t seen each other in years.

“Quite the entrance indeed.” Sienna pointedly said as she gave me an all too familiar look which screamed, ‘Tell me everything now.’

I remained silent and simply rolled my eyes at them as I leaned back in my seat. Easton and Sebastian quickly got into a conversation about some game they had watched on television while Sienna stared me down from across the table.

“Details.” She mouthed at me to which I simply rolled my eyes and shook my head. Upon seeing this, she gave me an incredulous look and pulled her phone out of her bag. No later than thirty seconds did I hear a ding coming from my phone which I held in my hand.

So you and Easton huh?!

I don’t even blame you, he’s gorgeous!

Have you kissed him?

Upon seeing this text, my head snapped up as I stared at her with a disgusted expression on my face.

As if! I wouldn’t touch Easton would a ten foot pole if it were up to me.

She raised her eyebrows at me before holding up a finger and typing down on her phone again.

You so have! Your face says it all, you minx!

I felt my mouth drop open upon reading this but before I could type out a response, I felt my phone being snatched from my hand.

“Hey!” I protested as I turned to see who had taken my phone. I watched in horror as Easton passed my phone over to Sebastian who happily took it from him. Not caring about the ruckus we were making, I leapt up from my seat and leaned across Easton’s lap as I attempted to take it from Sebastian’s hand.

“Give it back, you ogre!” I growled at him as I swatted at his head. I felt a smile creep on my face as I heard the sounds of Sebastian’s yelps each time my palm made contact with his skin.

“Okay okay! Stop.” Easton stated as he took the phone from a pouting Sebastian and handed it back to me. I aggressively took it from his hands and gave him the stink eye before turning to stare at Sienna who had been watching the ordeal with wide eyes.

Quickly shutting my phone off, I slid it into my backpack where I knew it would remain safe from any thieves. “If I didn’t know any better love, I’d think you were talking about me.” Easton lowly said into my ear as Sebastian complained to Sienna who was attempting to, but miserably failing, to conceal her laughter.

“You wish.” I scoffed loudly as I looked up at Easton who was grinning down at me. I tried, but failed to shove him away from me and eventually gave up despite the flutter in my chest. His close proximity was doing nothing but making me nervous, and I didn’t know what worried me more, the fact that it even made me nervous in the first place or the fact that I couldn’t do anything but stare into his orbs that seemed to intrigue more than anything.

His eyes remained locked onto mine as we continued to stare at one another silently. My eyes unwillingly began roaming around his face as I studied my features but we were suddenly snapped out of the trance we had fallen into when the chair across from us screeched loudly.

My heart lurched in my chest as I watched Cole take a seat in the seat beside Sienna, the one that was also directly across me. I could feel Easton’s eyes burning a hole on the side of my face as I stared at the newest addition to our table.

“Hey guys.” He greeted as he turned to in his seat to peck Sienna on the lips. I immediately turned to look elsewhere as I heard her happily greet him. I was fiddling with my thumbs underneath the lunch table when I suddenly felt a strong arm wrap around my shoulder. I glanced up at Easton with a surprised expression on my face but he simply disregarded it and winked at me before hugging me closer to his chest. Normally, I would be fighting him off, but in this moment, I was more grateful for Easton than I had ever been. His gesture was his way of comforting me while Cole was around Sienna, and I couldn’t have been more thankful to have him around.

I tugged on his sleeve to grab his attention and he gave me a small smile as he stared at me with a questioning look on his face. I flashed him a grateful smile and mouthed a quick ‘thank you’ to him before turning back to the table. Immediately upon turning, my eyes fell on Cole who was eyeing Easton’s arm around my shoulder. I watched as he gave me an odd look before he responded to Sebastian who had asked him a question about their game tonight.

“Are you two coming to cheer us on tonight? Sebastian questioned as he took a massive gulp out of his water battle. While Sienna said yes, I simply shrugged my shoulders which resulted in a dry look from Sebastian, Easton, and Sienna.

I held my hands up in surrender as I watched Sienna turned to Sebastian, “We’ll be there.” She sternly said as Easton let out a small chuckle.

“Are you going to perv on me again?” Easton whispered into my ear. I quickly glanced around the table and noticed that everyone was watching something on Sebastian’s phone, before turning to look at Easton with an unamused expression.

I opened my mouth to say something snarky back to him when Michelle, the head cheerleader interrupted us. She wore a sweet smile on her face as she stood beside Sebastian’s chair, “Hey guys, what’s up?” She happily greeted as we all flashed her smiles.

Michelle wasn’t the typical cheer captain you’d seen in movies. She was incredibly sweet with a hint of spice when it was necessary. Not only was she on her way to becoming the valedictorian of our school, but she went out of her way to make sure everyone in the school felt included and had a friend if they needed one. Because it was game day, she and the rest of the cheerleaders were dressed in their uniform that represented the school colors, which where red and gold.

The bright colors of the cheer uniform strongly complimented her dark skin complexion and I couldn’t help but feel envious of her beauty.

“Que pasó, mi amor?” Sebastian flirtatiously said as he stared up at her with his infamous grin. I watched as Michelle rolled her eyes in response before turning to stare at us all with a small grin on her face.

For the past two years, Sebastian hadn’t gotten over his little crush on Michelle. I would witness him attempting to grab her attention each time she would pass by us in the halls. It was pretty entertaining to see a guy like Sebastian, who had a flocks of girls wanting him, chase after the one girl who wouldn’t give him the time of day.

“Sebastian.” Michelle curtly responded without a single glance in his direction. I watched Sebastian pout slightly before getting up from his seat and offering it to Michelle. At this gesture, she gave him a small smile before sliding onto the chair. “I came over here to invite you all to the party I’m throwing after the game.” She stated as she ran a hand through her hair which was tied in a high pony tail.

Immediately, my eyes flashed over to Sienna who was grinning ear to ear as she excitedly nodded at Michelle. If there was one person who loved going to parties, it was Sienna, and if there was one person who always got dragged along, it was me.

Just as I was about to turn back to Michelle who was giving details about the party, my eyes locked onto Cole’s who had already been watching me. I felt my heart lurch in my chest as we shared a smile with one another before I turned away.

Ignoring the nagging feeling in the back of my mind, I diverted my attention back to Michelle and Sebastian who were engaging in a playful banter, “If I go will you save me a dance?” Sebastian questioned as he took a seat on the table so that he was directly facing Michelle.

Michelle let out a scoff as she leaned back in her seat and began examining her nails, “Come on Sebby, when are you going to give it a rest?” She asked as she attempted to plaster a serious expression on her face which I completely saw right through.

As much as Michelle tried to hide it, even I could tell that she secretly loved the attention Sebastian gave her and maybe even shared the same feelings as him.

I had come to that conclusion last year when I caught her staring over at Sebastian and I during a biology lab. He and I had completely destroyed our experiment and were being obnoxiously loud due to the long laugh we shared. I had caught Michelle looking over at us with a small crease between her brows and a small frown on her face, and after class she had come up to me to ask if he and I were dating.

Despite the initial disgust I felt at her suggestion, I felt ecstatic for my best friend because the girl he liked was actually showing some interest.

“Let me take you out, and if it’s a terrible date, I’ll leave you alone for good.” Sebastian suggested as he leaned closer to Michelle with a hopeful look on his face. I could feel Easton’s hand slightly squeeze the side of my stomach as we all silently watched the exchange. Ignoring the flutter of my heart as Easton’s arm tightened around me, I turned my attention back to Michelle who was staring at Sebastian with a thoughtful look plastered on her face.

“Fine, one date.” Michelle finally said as Sebastian whispered ‘yes’ to himself. I watched as she slightly shook her head at him before giving us all a wave as she made her way back to the table where the rest of the cheerleaders were seated.

“After two years, she finally agreed!” Sebastian happily said as he flopped down into his seat. I gave Sebastian a massive grin as Easton held out a hand for them to do their ‘man shake’.

“I’m happy for you Seb.” I said to him as he turned over to me with an ear to ear grin on his face.

“Me too, Seb, and we can all celebrate tonight by winning that game and going to Michelle’s after party!” Sienna announced loudly as she stared at all of us with an excited gleam in her eyes.

“Ready for step 2 tonight?” Easton lowly said into my ear as I scrunched my nose and looked up at him nervously.

He simply stared at me with a mischievous look in his eyes before turning his attention to the guys who were discussing their match tonight.

Looking down at my hands, I let out a loud sigh.

Remind me again why I decided to team up with Easton?

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