Damage Control

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Trust Me, I Knew I Was In Deep Shit

“How the hell did you even pass your drivers test?” My sister screamed from beside me as I dodged another car while pulling into the school. I could hear the loud honks from beside me as I pulled into my parking space.

It wasn’t my fault that people sucked at driving and I was simply marvelous at it.

Turning to my sister, I lightly tapped her nose and plastered a sickeningly sweet smile on my face before leaning in, “Maybe I’m just trying to kill you and you don’t know it.” I said in the most serious tone I could muster. Avery simply glared at me before shoving me away from her and stomping off into the school as I quietly laughed to myself.

She was just too easy to mess with.

Grabbing my backpack from the backseat, I stepped out of the car and made my way towards the doors of Westbridge High School, stopping here and there to say hi and chat with a couple people lingering around the parking lot.

I mentally braced myself for another draining day at school as I made my way towards my locker, which was luckily on the first floor. I quickly put in my combination before coming face to face with an array of photos of me with my siblings, mom, and a couple of my friends. I began transferring a couple things in and out of my locker and was lightly humming a song to myself when a loud familiar voice from across the hall caught my attention.

“Theres my best friend!” The voice of my crazy best friend hollered as she made her way down the hall.

Ladies and gentleman, here I present to you, my childhood rock and best friend, Sienna Williams. Her long chestnut hair flowed down her back in waves as she strode over to me. As soon as she reached me she pulled me into a tight hug, acting as if it had been years since she had last seen me.

“I missed you!” She exclaimed as I rolled my eyes at her dramatic behavior before hugging her back.

“It was just the weekend.” I deadpanned to which she responded by slapping my shoulder.

“Shut up. You refused to hang out with me every weekend since this school year began.” She huffed, crossing her arms across her chest.

“School only started two weeks ago.” I reminded her as she merely rolled her eyes at me before slapping my shoulder once again.

God, she was violent;.

“Okay okay! I was kidding! You know my mom was busy this weekend so I had to watch Brandon but I promise you, this weekend is all yours.” I laughed as she dropped the frown from her face and began grinning at me.

I turned back to my locker to finish grabbing some stuff as she towered over me. While I was a mere 5′5, Sienna stood at a whopping 5′8. Despite her tall height, it suited her because her height gave her gorgeous long legs that I envied.

Sienna was the golden girl to put it slightly. She was extremely gorgeous and had a killer body. Not to mention the fact that she had an infectious bubbly personality everyone loved.

“Guess what I heard?” She excitedly asked me as I looked through my locker in search of my notebook for my first class.

I turned to her and raised an eyebrow in response as she clapped her hands together.

“Harrison Reid was talking about you and from what I heard, he’s got the hots for you.” She said as her eyes shone excitedly. It had been Sienna’s life long goal to get me a boyfriend, and even now as seniors, she’s relentless.

Harrison Reid was probably the biggest tool in our school, and I’m not just saying that because I’m not interested. The amount of things I’ve heard about this guy seriously makes me wonder how he still manages to get girls to fall at his feet.

To go with his long list of admirers, he also has an entourage of girls who absolutely despise him.

How do I know this, you ask?

It all began when one day when I was bored in English class and decided to wander around the school. Upon entering the bathroom, I was met with loud sobbing which belonged to a girl who was seated on the floor crying into her hands.

Though I was taken aback at first, I sat down beside her and asked if she was okay.

She responded by sobbing even louder.

Me being Mallory, awkwardly patted her back until she finally calmed down. As soon as she sobered up, I got up to leave when she began rambling about the reason behind her breakdown.

Low and behold, Harrison Reid was the reason.

Long story short, he humped and he dumped.

A mix of curiosity and pity urged me to stay in the bathroom with her so I sat down beside her and began giving her advice on the situation. Despite our odd way of meeting, she was actually a pretty cool person.

We soon parted ways after I realized how long I had been in the bathroom for and the menacing glare I would get from my teacher upon reentering the room.

That hag never liked me anyways.

Not long after that incident, more girls began coming to me for advice.

Apparently word had spread about my meeting with the sobbing bathroom girl and now everyone wanted advice about any of their issues.

That was last year, and now a year later, things hadn’t changed one bit.

Both girls and guys would come to me about anything and everything and I would tell them what I thought about it and what they should do.

At first it felt weird talking to random people, but after a while I didn’t care anymore. It was actually mind blowing some of the things the people came to me about and all the lessons I had learned through them.

You’d be surprised the things people say from in between sobs.

Because people came to me about their problems, I usually got the inside dish on certain people, and Harrison Reid was definitely not someone I wanted to get involved with from what I had heard.

“I’ll pass.” I said to Sienna who let out a deep sigh and glared at me.

“Come on Mallory! Any guy I try to set you up with you refuse! Is there someone you like? Is that why you won’t go out with anyone?” She questioned as her crazed excited look once again remerged.

Before I could respond and brush her off, my eyes landed on a certain someone walking down the hall. My heart suddenly picked up speed as I watched him make his way towards our direction. His sandy blonde hair rested neatly on his head as a bright smile marred his face.

I couldn’t tear my eyes off him for the whole time he walked in our direction and only snapped out of it when he stopped in front of us and leaned down to land a kiss on Sienna’s forehead.

I quickly diverted my eyes and began rummaging though my locker for nothing in particular as Sienna excitedly turned to greet her boyfriend.

I know what you’re thinking.

What the hell Mallory?

Of all the advice I’ve given, and all the drama I had been witness to, how could I let myself come to this point.

How could I break the number one rule in the universal best friend handbook?


I liked my best friend’s boyfriend.

I don’t know how it happened, but it did.

Maybe it was when he offered me a ride home after my friends had ditched me at the game, or maybe it was when we became partners in math class where we constantly talked and cracked jokes.

Either way, I had messed up.

Not a single soul knew about it and nobody ever would because I knew it could never happen, Despite all the daydreams, I loved Sienna like a sister and could never do that to her.

So I took it like a champ and ignored what I felt because trust me, I knew I was in deep shit.

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