Damage Control

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Skinny Dipping Isn't Illegal Right?

“Everyone sit in a circle! Seb, grab that empty bottle from the couch!” Michelle instructed as I pulled Easton down to the floor beside me. Glancing around at all the faces, I recognized a couple people and flashed them a smile as my eyes searched the room for Sienna and Cole.

I hadn’t seen them the whole time we had been here and they had just crossed my mind. I felt a small smile enclose my face as I realized that in all the fun I had been having with Easton, I hadn’t once thought about Cole.

I guess Easton’s plan wasn’t so bad after all.

“A penny for your thoughts?” I heard a husky voice whisper in my ear as my smile widened. Bumping my shoulder with his, I kept my lips sealed and shook my head before turning back to the center of the circle where Sebastian clapped his hand to get everyone’s attention.

“Alright! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should all know what truth or dare is. Remember, if the bottle lands on you, the person spinning can ask you which you’d prefer to do and it’s up to you to choose. If you choose truth, you cannot lie and for my daredevils out there choosing dares, just know, once you’ve been dared, there’s no backing out.” Sebastian explained with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

A girl named Abby volunteered to go first. She had been attending Westbridge with me for the past four years but I wouldn’t consider us friends. We occasionally said hi to one another but that was all there was to it.

She spun the bottle and we watched as it landed on an unfamiliar guy who had been standing in the group with Noah earlier. He cockily announced that he wanted to do a dare and was ultimately dared by Abby to strip down into his underwear. Weston, the guy whose name I now knew, was more than willing to do this and even shook his body like a stripper as he did so.

I glanced over at Sebastian who jokingly placed a hand over Michelle’s eyes to conceal her from watching. She let out a loud laugh at Sebastian’s overprotective behavior before pushing Sebastian’s hands away. Suddenly, my vision turned to black as Easton mimicked Sebastian’s actions and placed a hand over my eyes as well. I let out a small giggle at this and shoved Easton’s hand away while shaking my head at him.

“My body is way better than his.” Easton scoffed as he leaned back on his hands. I raised my eyebrows before glancing over at Weston who was waving his shirt that he had just taken off in the air.

“I don’t know..that six pack looks pretty convincing to me.” I drawled as I peeked over at Easton from the corner of my eye. His eyebrows were furrowed together and he had a small pout on his face. I waited for him to respond with something snarky about Weston but he simply crossed his arms across his chest like a six year old and continued to sit there like a sad puppy.

Truth was, Easton’s body was no doubt netter than Weston’s. Maybe I was biased since I was the slightest bit attracted to Easton, but I would never admit it out loud to him.

That was basically an invitation to get taunted for the rest of my life.

“Hello..? Earth to Easton!” I said while waving a hand in front of his face. His gaze never faltered from the wall he was staring at and I had to force myself not the release the loud laugh that threatened to bubble out of my chest.

He was such a child.

“Okay fine, your body is better than his.” I admitted, knowing that deep inside, I wasn’t just saying it so that he wouldn’t be mad at me anymore, I actually meant it.

I stared at Easton, waiting for him to respond to me but he continued with his childish antics and kept his gaze firmly on the wall. Letting out a sigh, I glanced back to the circle where Weston finally took a seat before spinning the bottle. I watched the bottle rotate around the circle before slowing to a stop in front of Michelle.

Michelle flashed everyone a bright smile before confidently saying her choice, “Dare”

Weston rubbed his hands together as he thought of a dare and I could practically see the wheels turning in his head as his face lit up with a wolfish grin as he looked over at Michelle, “I dare you to kiss someone in the circle.”

I watched as Seb’s head shot up in the air as he sent a glare in Weston’s direction. I could hear various guys around the circle offering their ‘services’ but Michelle simply shook her head with a sly smile on her face. I could feel Sebastian’s anxiety from across the room as he anticipated Michelle’s choice. I could feel my heart thundering in my chest in fear for my best friend who could either be experiencing the best or worst moment tonight.

I watched as Michelle’s eyes roamed all over the possible suitors and nearly felt my heart stop when her gaze briefly stopped on Easton. I felt an ugly sensation wash over me at the thought of Michelle and Easton possibly sharing a kiss.

I could feel a small voice in the back of my mind asking me, ‘what does it matter to you? You guys aren’t even dating!’ But I simply ignored it. I don’t know why I hated the idea of Easton kissing someone else but I just did.

With a thudding heart, I watched as Michelle sent a small wink my way before turning away from an oblivious Easton and back towards Sebastian who was watched her with nervous eyes. I felt my shoulders sag in relief as she leaned towards him and placed a chaste kiss on his lips.

It was an innocent kiss, but the red twinge on Sebastian’s face told me that it meant so much more to him. I couldn’t help but feel ecstatic for my friend who had just received a kiss from the girl he had been chasing for years now.

“He looks like a kid in a candy store.” I heard Easton say beside me as I nodded in agreement. Turning to look at Easton with raised brows, I watched as he looked completely normal now, his earlier tantrum gone.

“So you’re speaking to me now?” I questioned as he shrugged his shoulders.

“I wasn’t even mad, I was just messing with you. You and I both know you’re secretly obsessed with me and my body. After all, you are my personal stalker.” He arrogantly said smirking down at me. Rolling my eyes, I smacked his arm, but didn’t bother correcting any of his earlier statements. He seemed to always turn deaf when it came to debunking any of his comments about me being obsessed with him.

It was now Michelle’s turn to spin the bottle and I watched closely as the bottle spun in circles for a good amount of time before the bottle landed in between Easton and I. Immediately, everyone began shouting out either mine or Easton’s name to choose either truth or dare.

“Do you want to do it?” Easton quietly asked as everyone began chanting both of our names.

“How about we both do it?” I suggested as a smile lit up on Easton’s face.

“I like the way you think.” Easton said before holding a hand up in the air to signal everyone to stop yelling. Easton waited for the noise to die down before announcing, “We both choose dare.”

I nearly got whiplash from how fast my head turn to look at him.

We never agreed that we would be doing dare!

That insufferable despicable human being!

Easton, who must have felt my glare on him, glanced over at me with a mischievous look in his eyes, “Time to let loose, Evans.” He simply stated with a wink, before turning over to Michelle who was quietly speaking to Sebastian.

“I hate you.” I hissed at him to which he responded with a loud laugh. There was no doubt that Sebastian and Michelle would choose something crazy for us to do, and I could feel my heart beat accelerating at all the possibilities.

Before I could place more thought into it, Michelle loudly cleared her throat as all the attention returned back to her, “I dare the two of you to go skinny dipping in the lake behind my house.”

I could hear gasps and cheers around the room as everyone excitedly began gathering their belongings to go watch us complete the dare. I nervously glanced over at Easton who flashed me a reassuring smile before getting on his feet and holding out a hand for me to take.

Taking his hand, I rose to my feet and smoothed down my clothes before turning to Easton, “Skinny dipping isn’t illegal right?” I whispered in his ear as we slowly made our way out of the basement.

“Oh, it’s definitely illegal, but that isn’t gonna stop us.” Easton responded with a boyish grin on his face as he squeezed my hand. I could feel my nerves catching up to me as I pictured myself behind bars in jail.

Okay, maybe I was being a bit dramatic, but I had never done anything like this. Easton however, remained unfazed and I couldn’t help but wonder how many illegal things he had partaken in from where he moved here from.

“C’mon Evans, lighten up. I promise you nothing bad will happen and even if something does, we’ll find a way out of it.” Easton reassured as he pulled me closer to his side. He must’ve sensed my fear seeing as I hadn’t said a word the whole time we maneuvered through Michelle’s home.

A crowd had formed in front of the lake and I wrapped my arms around myself as the chilly breeze whisked past me.

There was no way I’d come out of the water without hyperthermia or the flu.

“Since it’s chilly out, we’ll cut you guys some slack and let you guys go in without stripping.” Michelle announced as Sebastian pulled her closer to his side. Everyone was bundled up in jackets and sweaters as they all walked towards the lake dock.

Making our way to the dock of the lake, Easton and I began taking off our shoes and putting down our keys and phones. As we made our way down to the end of the dock I could hear the party goers hollering and encouraging us to dive in. Glancing down at the dark water, I looked back over at everyone who had pulled out their phones to record. I suddenly felt an adrenaline rush and my earlier fears subsided. For once in my life, I wanted to try something crazy and I’m pretty sure this fit into the guidelines. Tightening my hand around Easton’s, I gave him one last look before we both simultaneously jumped into the water.

I could hear everyone around us cheering in delight as my body came in contact with the freezing water. After a couple seconds being under the water, we both emerged from the lake as my eyes immediately locked onto Easton.

I suddenly felt a surge of happiness flow through me as I let out a squeal of joy and wrapped my arms around Easton’s neck as I pulled him in for a hug. At this exact moment, I felt more free than I had ever felt before, and I owed it all to Easton. He pushed my buttons like no other, but he urged me to try things outside my comfort zone and I couldn’t thank him enough for that.

“Sheesh, if I had known bringing you to a lake would finally get you to be nice to me I would’ve brought you ages ago.” Easton joked as he tightened his arms around my waist.

Letting out a laugh, I slapped his shoulder lightly before glancing up at him. Even though his hair was messy and wet, he still looked as perfect as ever. Small specks of water trailed down his chiseled face as we held on to one another.

I don’t know what came over me in that moment but I suddenly found myself edging closer to Easton’s face. The sounds of the party music and those around us drowned out as I focused on just Easton in front of me. As the proximity between us lessened, I could feel my heart beat accelerate at an unhealthy pace. Just as my eyes began to flutter shut, I could hear the sound of police sirens ringing in the distance, breaking both Easton and I apart.

“Shit” I heard Easton curse as he pulled away from me to glance over at everyone who was now running away from the house and into their cars to escape any trouble.

I felt panic wash over me as the serenity I felt moments earlier drifted away. My mother would absolutely kill me if she had to pick me up from the police station this late at night. Not only would she kill me, but she’d bring me back to life, lecture me, and then kill me again.

Easton must’ve seen the panic on my face as he turned to me with a calm expression, “Hey, don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen.” He reassured me as he cradled my face in his hands before pulling me into his embrace once again. I still wasn’t convinced as the sounds of police sirens got considerably closer to us.

“Lay low in the waters until they leave.” Easton instructed as he ushered for me to swim underneath the dock. We both quickly made our way under the dock and stuck close to one another as the wind breezed past us. I could hear my teeth chattering as we heard the police shutting the party down a couple feet away from us.

“Shit Mallory, you’re freezing.” Easton exclaimed as he looked over at me with concern in his eyes.

Admist my shivering, I managed to let out an eye roll, “Thank you, captain obvious.” I said, my voice shaking, as Easton let out a small chuckle.

“Still as sassy as ever.” He commented before swimming over to me and pulling me into his chest. Although he too was wet, I felt considerably warmer being wrapped up in his body. We remained underneath the dock for a good fifteen minutes before we heard complete silence from Michelle’s home and made our way out from under the dock.

“C’mon, let’s go.” Easton said as he pushed himself onto the dock before leaning down and lending me a hand. Pulling me up, we grabbed our phones and shoes before jogging to the front of the house where Sebastian’s car was still parked.

Tossing our stuff into the back seat, Easton pulled his duffle out of the car as I stood there with my arms wrapped around myself. Glancing around Michelle’s house, I cringed as I saw the aftermath of the party. Cups were scattered all across the lawn and there was trash littered all over.

I made a mental reminder to myself to ask her the next morning if she needed help cleaning up.

“Here, change into these.” I heard Easton say from behind me as I turned around towards the car. He held a sweatshirt and pair of sweatpants out towards me with a small smile on his face and I felt my heart flutter at his gesture as I took the clothes from him.

“What about you?” I asked, knowing that he too must be feeling cold.

Pulling out a pair of workout shorts and a dry shirt from his bag, he held it up with a smile on his face, “Already one step ahead of you, Evans.” He jokingly said as he shut the car door, “You can change on one side of the car and I change on the other. I promise not to peek if you don’t” He said causing me to let out a small laugh into the silent night.

Making my way around the car, I quickly stripped out of the damp clothes and slipped into Easton’s clothes. I was immediately engulfed by Easton’s scent as I wrapped his sweatshirt tighter around me. His clothes were humongous on me, but for some reason, they were incredibly comfortable. Maybe it had to do with the fact that it was covered in his scent or the that I had been shivering in wet clothes just a second before.

“You done?” Easton asked from across the car as I stared over at him in his dry clothes. He had a hand over his eyes as he waited for my response.

“Done.” I responded as he removed his hand and made his way over to me. Taking my clothes into his hands, he tossed them into the backseat before rounding the car and opening the door to the passenger seat. Holding the door open, he waited for me to get in as I flashed him a grateful smile before slipping in.

As soon as Easton got into the car, he blasted the heater and turned the radio to some random station before pulling into the road towards the direction of our house.

“Thank you for tonight, I had a lot of fun.” I quietly said as he glanced over at me with a small smile playing on his lips.

“Anytime, Evans. There’s nobody else I’d rather go skinny dipping with.” He answered as he flashed me his infamous wink. A silly smile remained on my face as I stared out at the dark night as we made our way home, the events of the night swimming around in my mind.

No words were said between us for the remainder of the ride and I felt more at peace than I had ever felt. It wasn’t long before I felt myself being lulled into a well anticipated slumber, but not before I felt a feather light brush of a kiss being placed on my forehead.

Thank you all for being so patient with me on these updates.

I have been incredibly busy and I know I have been slacking, but I have been reading all your kind comments and I hope you all know how much it means to me to hear your feedback!
Thank you so much for your endless support and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.
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