Damage Control

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A Bit Cliché Don't You Think?

“This is ridiculous, Easton! They’re going to know!” I exclaimed as Easton ignored my protests and continued dragging me along with him. We were headed towards the cafeteria where Noah and his crush, whose name we learned was Danielle, had just entered as we tailed them like stalkers. Easton was hell bent on us becoming cupid’s minions as he forced me to come along with him.

Easton had come up with what he claims to be a ‘fool proof plan’ of us pretending to be a couple and inviting Noah and Danielle on a double date. He insisted that it would work, not realizing that everyone in this school knew that he was single!

I swear his brain lags during 95% of our conversations.

Digging my heels into the tile beneath me, I pulled my hand out of Easton’s grasp as he finally turned to face me with his arms raised in question, “How would they know we’re fake dating?” He questioned as he crossed his arms across his chest.

Have his arms always been that sculpted?

Focus Mallory, now is not the time to ogle Easton!

“Oh I don’t know...maybe the fact that you’re friends with Noah?!” I exclaimed as Easton remained unfazed, staring at me with his eyebrows raised.

“You’re seriously worried about Noah? Trust me, he won’t say a word.” Easton brushed off as I tapped my foot on the ground. Of course he would say that, it was Easton after all, the same person who blasted music at the ass crack of dawn, with no care of others!

This was a bad idea.

A very bad idea.

“You know that one famous saying everyone always preached about?” I drawled as Easton waited for me to proceed, “It went something like, ‘mind your own business’!” I shouted at him as he jumped towards me, placing his hand over my mouth. My muffled curses went unheard as Easton hissed at me, “Quiet down, woman! Do you want them to figure out the plan?” He exclaimed as I finally shoved his hand off, a death glare emerging on my face.

“They’re inside the cafeteria, how the hell would they hear us?” I shot back as he placed his hands on his hips and just stared at me with a dumbfound expression.

Hah! That’s what I thought!

“C’mon shortstack, don’t be dramatic. We’re just going to invite them on a double date.” Easton urged as he plastered a puppy fog expression on his face. I kept the glare on my face as I ignored his theatrics, wondering why he even thought it would work on me.

Pinching the space between my eyebrows, I stared at the ground for a second before looking up at him again, “Okay, say we do go and ask them, where would this hypothetical date even take place?” I asked, knowing fully well Easton had not thought this through.

I didn’t even know why I was entertaining his ideas, but somehow, someway, I always found myself wound up in the midst up Easton’s ridiculous plans.

“The movies, it’s the ideal date” Easton finally said after a short pause as he stared at me with a victorious expression. I raised an eyebrow at his suggestion as I tried my best to keep the distasteful expression from emerging on my face.

“The movies? A bit cliché don’t you think?” I asked with my hands on my hips as I moved away from the cafeteria door, which people kept entering and exiting from. Glancing down at my phone, I saw that we only had about twenty more minutes until lunch ended so if Easton and I didn’t come to a consensus soon, we’d lose our window to ask them.

That wouldn’t be that bad of a thing now that I thought about it...

“Cliché? The movies are romantic!” He protested as I snorted loudly. Tilting my head to the side, I raised my brows as Easton avoided my gaze, knowing fully well what I had said was true. He and I both knew the movies was not the ideal first date.

“Okay fine! It’s not the ideal date, but in case you haven’t noticed, it’s pouring outside.” He pointed out as I glanced over at the window directly in front of us which was covered in rain droplets. The rain had briefly slowed, and it was now sprinkling outside as dark clouds still took refuge in the sky.

He had a point. The temperature had dropped significantly this past week and the rain was relentless. It was Thursday and I doubted that the weather would clear up in time for the hypothetical date this Friday.

Personally, I hated the rain. Everything smelt gross, my hair looked a mess, and I hated getting wet. There was nothing more than cold feet and soaked clothing that irked me more.

I hated to admit it, but maybe Easton was right about the movies being our best option. I let out a deep sigh before motioning towards the cafeteria door, “Fine, let’s get this over with.” I said as as a smile clouded over Easton’s face.

“I like the way you think, babe.” Easton said with a wink before slinging his arm across my shoulder and leading me into the cafeteria. I refrained from saying anything about his arm over my shoulder, knowing fully well that he would say something about us needing to make it ‘believable that we were a couple’. The cafeteria was bustling with people as we made our way to the lunch line where Noah and Danielle were standing and talking quietly amongst each other.

I could see curious glances being thrown our way as we made our way through the packed cafeteria Since it was raining outside, there was more people than usual, which meant that there were more eyes on us. I didn’t blame people for being curious seeing as Easton, also known as Mr. Hotshot, currently had his arm around me, the same person everyone thought was his sworn enemy.

I mean, I was still his sworn enemy, but occasionally we got along.

Emphasis on the occasional.

As we made our way through, a couple of Easton’s friends and teammates threw greetings our way. I waved back to them with a warm smile on my face before my eyes landed on the back corner of the cafeteria where I knew Sienna would be seated. Just as my eyes landed in that direction, I immediately locked eyes with Sienna who watched us with wide eyes. She didn’t appear to be breathing as she repeatedly slapped Sebastian, who appeared unfazed as he took another bite of his sandwich. I shook my head slightly to Sienna to debunk any fantasies she was creating in her head, before my eyes briefly landed on Cole. He had a straight look on his face as his eyes followed me and Easton. I could tell that he too had questions, but I ignored his gaze as I turned to face the front once again. Peeking up at Easton, I could see a relaxed smile on his face as he remained unfazed by the eyes following his every move.

He was used to this. Since transferring here, he was treated like a king at this school.

It was ridiculous.

We soon reached Noah and Danielle who were still engrossed in a conversation as I turned to Easton, wondering how exactly we would even bring the date up to them without looking like a bunch of weirdos. I could hear Easton clear his throat from beside me, as I braced myself for what would come next, hoping to every god above that we could pull it off.

“Hey Noah, funny seeing you here.” Easton started as he clapped his hand on Noah’s back as greeting. Turning around to face us, Noah gave us both an odd look before greeting Easton with a hand shake.

Seriously Easton? That was the best he could do?

I forced myself not to smack Easton right then and there as Noah responded, “Hey guys, what’s up?” He greeted as he nodded his head towards me in greeting. Flashing a smile to both Danielle and Noah, I discreetly wrapped my arm around Easton’s waist before slightly pinching him. If I was being honest, slapping him would’ve been the ideal option, but we needed to keep not professional so I refrained from doing so. I could feel him fidget from my pinch, but he remained silent as he continued looking at Noah. I could tell Noah was confused and wanted to ask questions, but he remained silent as he shoved his hands into the pocket of his jeans and watched us.

“We haven’t met, but I’m Easton, and this is my girlfriend, Mallory.” Easton introduced to Danielle who had silently been watching the exchange. I had never spoken to Danielle before, but I had a feeling we had shared some classes across the years since she looked familiar. She seemed to be more on the quiet side and kept to herself, but she still seemed really sweet as she flashed us both a warm smile.

Waving to her as greeting, I kept a small smile on my face as I glanced over at Noah who stared at us with his eyebrows raised. He had a small smirk on his face and I could tell he wanted to call us out on our bullshit, but he thankfully didn’t.

There was a brief silence, and I knew Easton was going to ask them about the movies, but his acting skills were less than impressive, so I quickly took control. “We actually came over here to ask you two if you wanted to join us tomorrow night to go see that new Joker movie. Easton said you had been wanting to see it since it came out” I pointedly said to Noah, hoping he’d catch on and go with it. I could see understanding flash across his eyes as he nodded his head, a small smile on his face as he turned to look at Danielle.

“What do you say?” He asked as her cheeks slightly reddened. She quickly nodded as an answer as my smile widened. I could see Easton smirking from the corner of my eye as he briefly squeezed my shoulder. I knew he wanted to gloat about his plan working, but I ignored it as I kept the smile on my face. As ridiculous of an idea this was, at least we knew that we didn’t do it nothing. It was no secret that Noah liked Danielle, but it was pretty obvious she reciprocated those feelings.

“Great! It’s a plan.” Easton said as the lunch bell sounded. Saying our goodbyes to both Noah and Danielle, I watched as they walked to their next class as Easton stood beside me, his arm still wrapped around my shoulder. Turning to face me with a small smirk, he said, “See? Was that so hard, girlfriend.” He teased, as I rolled my eyes in response. Shoving his arm off, I hoisted my bag up my shoulder before heading towards the cafeteria doors. I could feel Easton’s eyes on me as I made my way towards the exit, and just as I made my way through the double doors, I turned back to face him with a sickly sweet smile. Raising my middle finger up in the air as goodbye, I flipped my hair over my shoulder for emphasis before making my way to my next class, Easton’s laughter resonating behind me.


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