Damage Control

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Smirking Asshat

“Avery! The money’s on the kitchen counter, pay for the pizza when it comes!” I shout from the top of the stairs to Avery who was currently seated criss cross on the couch watching some random cooking show.

“No.” She answers flatly, her gaze never faltering once from the TV.

Feeling my irritation spike at her rude behavior, I stomp down the stairs and take a seat on the couch beside her. I turn to face her and burn holes into the side of her face which she completely ignores as she closely watches the lady on the TV ramble about the benefits of buying some random frying pan.

“God, you’re infuriating.” I mutter, not even bothering to argue with her seeing as it’ll only end in a petty cat fight. Wandering off into the kitchen, I grab the 20 dollar bill I had left on the counter after arriving back from school and slide over towards me . It was nearly 7 p.m and the pizza should be here any minute now. I still hadn’t finished my homework despite working on it all day but decided that I needed a break from the various calculus problems that had fried my brain for the past couple of hours.

I will never understand why teachers felt the need to excessively assign homework problems.

I had a life too!

Okay maybe I just wanted to laze around and watch TV all day but that was still doing something.

I was seated on the kitchen stool scrolling through my phone when the door bell finally rang. Hopping down, I took the money in my hand and made my way to the door where Brandon already stood conversing with the pizza man.

The delivery guy appeared to be in his early thirties and looked like all he wanted to do was go home. As he saw me approaching, he sent me a relieved smile, most likely ready to get away from my little brother who was currently educating him on the secret life of superheroes.

“It’ll be $13.28.” He informed as soon as I reached him while he pulled the hot pizza out from his carrier and handed it to me. Nodding my head, I took the pizza and handed it to Brandon who slowly waddled towards the kitchen, his small hands struggling to get a grip on the box as Avery followed close behind.

“Keep the change. Thanks” I said, handing him the twenty dollar bill. He sent me a grateful smile and wished us a goodnight before zipping up his carrier and walking down the steps towards his car parked by the curb.

Shutting the door and locking it, I quickly turned around and sprinted to the kitchen, ready to stake my claim on at least three of the pizza slices.

“If there isn’t any left for me you two will reach the gates of hell earlier than you expected.” I threatened as I made my way towards the closed box of pizza. Avery and Brandon simply ignored me as they continued munching happily on their pizza, as the delicious smell of pizza filled the room.

A satisfied smile took over my face as I opened the box and was met with three lovely slices of pizza.

“Come to mama.” I creepily whispered while piling the pizzas onto a plate. I ignored the condescending stares coming from my siblings as I took a seat on my stool beside Avery. Bringing the pizza to my mouth, I took my first bite, practically moaning out loud at its taste.

“You look like a horse while you eat.” Avery insulted causing Brandon to giggled lightly at her remark while giving her a high five. I let out a mocking laugh at the two spawns of satan while sticking my tongue out at them before taking another big bite.

Pizza was truly a god send.

Nearly fifteen minutes later, I had scarfed down the pizza and was making my way upstairs for some peace and quiet time to finish my homework before I would finally be able to sleep. Upon nearing my room, I could hear the soft thud of loud music outside of my door as I slowed to a stop in front of my door.

Entering inside my room, the sound of music became much clearer and considerably louder as I furrowed my eyebrows in both annoyance and confusion

Was someone throwing a party?

On a Monday night?

Hoping the music would die down soon, I ignored it and plopped down onto my bed and pulled my calculus textbook onto my lap as I began to attempt my next problem. I sat there staring down at the jumble of letters and numbers for a solid five minutes before tossing the book off my lap and sliding off my bed. There was no way in hell I could ever finish these problems with the music blaring so loudly. Tracing the sound to outside my window, I stalked over angrily opened it up, ready to scream at whoever it was that was blasting music so obnoxiously.

Not to mention the fact that the music was terrible too.

I would have at least given brownie points had the music been of quality.

Cringing slightly at the loud beat, I dramatically held my hands over my ears as I peered into the room across from mine. I had a direct view of the bedroom that was currently occupied by stacks of boxes lined up on top of each other and in the far corner, I could see a large speaker which was the source of the loud music. Looking more closely in the room, I tried to catch a glimpse of anyone inside so I could voice my irritation about their music playing.

“Hey! Hello! Is anybody in there?” I hollered, leaning dangerously far out the window. The cool September wind flowed through my hair and across my face as I stared into the room across from mine, awaiting a response.

It was silent for a couple of seconds before the music shut off and and a guy who looked to be the same age as me sauntered over. A smirk marred his perfectly carved face as he ran a hand through his tousled brown locks.

I’ll be honest with you.

He was hot.

I couldn’t exactly pin point where he was from but from the looks of it he look just like those male models from the GQ magazines.

And did I mention he was shirtless?

Before I could stop myself, my eyes unwillingly wandered down his athletic build, silently appreciating his well toned out body along with his abs that were fully out on display.

His impressive body however didn’t change the fact that I was incredibly irritated by his loud music playing.

“Anything I can help you with sweetheart?” He questioned cockily while propping his tan arm onto the window ledge. I watched him closely as his eyes wandered over my face before slowly roaming down my body and stopping at my exposed legs. I could feel heat rush through me at his heated gaze as I nervously shifted from one foot to the other.

Feeling conscious of his gaze that still hadn’t left me, I crossed my arms over my chest and loudly cleared my throat. Mustering up the meanest glare I had in me, I stared over at his figure that was still leaning over the window ledge.

C’mon Mallory, do not get distracted by the abs, the sparkly green eyes, or his cute messy hair...

“Yes, actually you can. Would it kill you to turn the music down? Its too loud and I’m trying to get some work done here” I demanded hoping that the irritation I was feeling was clear through my words. It had been a long day and my crankiness was at an all time high as well. All I wanted to do was finish my homework and get some sleep.

He simply grinned at me without saying a word before standing up to his full length which appeared to be nearly a foot taller than me.

“Is the music bothering you?” His deep velvety voice questioned as amusement coated his words. His eyes remained locked onto mine as I squinted them in annoyance at what he had just asked.

Didn’t I just say that dimwit?

“Ouch.” He suddenly said as I stared at him confused. I tilted my head to the side before suddenly realizing I had said my last comment out loud.


“Yes, it’s bothering me. Could you please turn it down” I spoke up firmly as I laced my words with as much kindness I could muster at the moment, hoping that he would take the hint and hopefully tone it down a notch.

He sent me a sweet smile and I felt relief wash through me at the fact that I would finally be able to finish my homework and sleep. I opened my mouth to thank him when he finally spoke up, “Well thats too bad. Its staying on.” He simply said, a mischievous smile coating his face. I opened and closed my mouth as I attempted to voice a response but he simply sent me a wink before turning the music back up and walking away from the window.

And just like that he wasn’t attractive anymore

Okay maybe he still was but that didn’t change the fact that he was a complete and utter asshole.

Remain calm, Mallory.

“How dare you!” I screeched loudly, causing him to look up at me with a raised eyebrow. I stood there with my arms still crossed over my chest waiting for him to lower his music all while wearing a nasty scowl on my face.

He didn’t lower it.

“Sweet dreams neighbor” He happily said as he stalked over to the window once again. He shot me an innocent smile right before flashing me a wink and shutting the curtains in my face.

I could practically feel my blood boiling in my body as I glared holes into the curtain hoping that it could miraculously fall so I could give him a piece of my mind.

After standing for a good two minutes, listening to the sound of his horrendous music, I let out a loud groan before slamming my window shut and stomping towards my bed and laying down.

Who the hell was this kid and what nerve did he have messing around with me like that?

Rubbing a hand over my tired eyes, I glanced over at my unfinished homework and debated for a while if I should continue doing it.

At the rate that he was playing his music, I would never be able to concentrate so I decided to just toss my books aside and lay down on the bed all whilst plotting different ways to murder the smirking asshole next door whose music didn’t shut off until the late hours of the night.

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