Damage Control

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The New Kid On The Block

“Woah someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” Avery muttered as I slowly entered the kitchen. Trudging towards the stool, my angry gaze immediately met hers and she must’ve seen the possessed glint in my eyes because she simply held her hands up in surrender and turned back to her cereal.

To say I was grumpy would be an understatement.

I was on a war path.

That idiot of a neighbor kept me up all night with his music and destroyed any and all hopes of a peaceful sleep.

If I catch glimpse of him today in his room, I would be sure to give him hell for it. Crossing Mallory Evans should be the last thing on his mind and I would make sure he knew that.

“Good Morning love, did you forget to run a brush through your hair this morning?” My mother innocently questioned as she moved the coffee mug in her hand towards her lips to take a long sip, her gaze not faltering once from mine.

My family was just so hilarious today.

I simply gave her a flat look before dropping my backpack onto the stool beside me and taking a seat.

I knew my hair was a mess.

Hell, the whole me was a mess.

Upon waking up, all I did was rinse my face and brush my teeth before throwing on a random pair of jeans with a top along with my favorite pair of converse.

“That sorry excuse of a human and a neighbor kept me awake all night with his horrendous music playing.” I whined, laying my head down on the cold granite table. I closed my eyes slightly and relished the feeling of peacefulness as I let myself doze off for a couple minutes. I was drifting off into a deep sleep when a hand loudly slammed down beside my head.

“Time to go!” Avery cheerily said, plastering the fakest smile she could before taking her bag and sauntering over towards the door. My siblings had certainly made it their life goal to torture me.

I scowled at her disappearing figure before sitting up and placing my head in my hand as I stared at my mother who had an apologetic smile plastered on her face.

“You’ll live.” She soothed, running a hand through my hair before grabbing her mug and purse and making her way into the living room towards Brandon.

“You’ll live.” I mimicked her voice mockingly before grabbing my bag and following Avery out the door. How was it that they had all slept peacefully whereas I was barely running on two hours of sleep?

On my way out, I made sure the give the house beside me a hard glare, hoping that maybe something in there that was big and heavy would drop on the head of that arrogant boy in the room across mine.

Taking a seat in front of the wheel, I quickly pulled out of the driveway and made my way to the school, not bothering to play any music because of the pounding headache I had. As soon as we arrived, Avery jumped out of the car and made her way to her emo friends that were lingering around the courtyard.

I still don’t understand why she made the drastic change towards the emo/goth side last year.

She had great friends during her Freshman year but things changed out of nowhere before the start of this school year.

I liked to say it was a phase, but truly I had no idea what had ensued between her and her friends that she no longer speaker of.

Brushing off the thoughts, I took my bag from the backseat and slung it over my shoulder before making my usual walk into the school.

For some reason today seemed odd. Girls were whispering happily to one another and there was a loud buzz going around the school. I was confused, but my tiredness dominated my curious thoughts as I ignored the sound of gossip and continued on my way to my locker where Sienna and Sebastian already stood.

As soon as she saw me approaching, she turned towards me with the widest grin on her face.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Guess what!” She squealed as she held my shoulders in place while jumping up and down excitedly.

Shooting a questioning glance to Sebastian over her shoulder, I raised an eyebrow hoping he could explain her behavior. He simply shook his head and rolled his eyes at her jumping figure before leaning against my locker.

“What’s got you all happy?” I laughed while holding out my arms to steady her hyper figure.

“A new kid just transferred and he is DELICIOUS.” She revealed, placing emphasis on the last word. Leaning a shoulder against my locker to mimics Sebastian’s stance, I watched as she fanned herself, acting as if any moment now she would faint.

God she was dramatic.

“I think it may have slipped your mind that you have a boyfriend, but its fine because I’m here to remind you.” A voice belonging to Sebastian stated as he pushed off the locker and came to stand beside me. Slinging an arm over my shoulder, he pulled me away from the locker and closer to his side as we both continued to watch Sienna who wasn’t finished freaking out.

Yeah, she had a boyfriend.

A great one who was sweet, kind, caring, good looking...

Okay, Mallory stop!

Sometimes I wished I could tell Sebastian and vent about what a terrible person I was for liking my best friends boyfriend but he was also Sienna’s best friend and it wouldn’t be fair to him to get dragged into this mess.

“She’s psycho.” He whispered in my ear causing a laugh to bubble out of me while I hummed in agreement.

I opened my mouth to speak when she suddenly squealed loudly once again.

“OMG! There he is!” She whisper yelled as she gripped my arm tightly while turning to face the direction of the main doors of the school.

Following her movements, both Sebastian and I turned to see what all the ruckus was about. The loud chatter that had been there when I entered the school now turned into hushed whispers as the schools newest topic made his way down the hallway.

Instead of feeling my heart jump or flutter like the various other girls standing by, I felt my blood boil inside me as my eyes landed on him.

My asshole of a neighbor,

Who was apparently also the new guy in town.

At least he had a shirt on this time.

Though he was dressed in a simple t-shirt and jeans, I could hear girls from beside me fawn over his whole look, whether it was his hair, lips, eyes, or outfit.

Too bad they didn’t know what a terrible, horrible, vile person he was.

He walked down the hallway with Noah Shaw by his side, another student that had transferred to Westbridge around two years ago. Noah quickly gained recognition and popularity for his notorious player ways and hilarious pranks he constantly pulled on the staff.

Of course those two would link up immediately, they were practically a match made in heaven!

He walked down the hallway with a massive smirk on his face, most likely loving all the attention he was receiving from everyone in the school.

Arrogant Jerk.

As he got closer, I watched him send a flirtatious smile towards a group of girls standing on his right. Mildred Balkins, who was also standing there froze in her spot for a millisecond before holding up a massive camera and snapping a photo of him.

I guess we knew what the topic for the newspaper this week would be.

Scoffing loudly, I crossed my arms over my chest while staring over at him.

He must’ve heard me make that noise because barely a second later, his gaze landed on mine. Recognition flashed through his eyes as his smirk visibly widened. I could feel my scowl deepen as he slowed down beside us.

“Nice seeing you again sweetheart.” His deep voice lowly said as I flashed him a disgusted look. He didn’t wait for a response and simply chuckled quietly to himself before flashing a quick glance over to Sebastian standing beside and continuing his way down the hallway.

All eyes were on me now as the sound of hushed whispers increased around me.

The schools newest hot shot had stopped to say something to me knowing and seeing as he had the eyes of the whole school on him, I would be forced to spend the rest of the day hearing various rumors about how he and I knew each other.

Lets see how creative they would get this time with the gossip.

“I’m going to kill him.” I whispered, only loud enough so Sebastian and Sienna could hear.

Turning to face them, I was met with silence and their confused faces as their eyes flashed back and forth between mine and the jerk that was still walking down the hall.

“Its a long story.” I sighed as I turned to face my locker. Punching in my combination, I quickly opened my locker as the sound of chatter audibly increased around the hallway.

Today was going to be a long day.

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