Damage Control

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Calculus and Paper Toss

“So what you mean to tell me is that fine piece of ass is your next door neighbor?” Sienna questioned in awe while pointing in the direction the jerk walked through earlier that morning. Her eyes were as wide as saucers and she had a devious glint in her eyes as she awaited my response.

I knew that look.

It was the look Sienna always had before she had an idea that sounded good to her, but in reality was terrible.

“He is not a fine piece of ass, he’s despicable, arrogant, and all around horrible.” I concluded as I slammed my locker shut. The bell for second period had just rung and my next class was Calculus, which unfortunately, I did not share with Sienna or Sebastian.

“Thats what you may think, I on the other hand am paying your house a visit this weekend.” She announced while placing a hand over her heart dramatically. Her eyes were sparkling with excitement and she appeared to be starstruck ever since the morning.

“You have a boyfriend.” I reminded her jokingly as she scoffed to herself while waving her hand in the hair as a gesture to brush me off.

“It doesn’t hurt to look.” She said as we slowed to a stop in front of my classroom.

That girl was something else, but her weirdness was one of the reason why I loved her.

“Hey, so we’re still going to Sebastian’s soccer try outs right?” Sienna asked as we leaned on the wall next to the door of the classroom. I could hear the loud sound of conversation flowing throughout the room from where I was stood outside and attempted to take a peek inside but ultimately turned away to answer Sienna’s question.

“He would throw the biggest tantrum if we didn’t show up.” I responded as memories of Sebastian’s angry face clouded my mind. He may have the body of a teenage boy, but his mind was underdeveloped and resembled that of a 4 year olds.

“True.” She laughed loudly before glancing down at the watch latched onto her thin wrist. “I should get going now before Mr. Flemming blows up on me again for coming in late.” She mentioned as she hoisted her bag up her shoulder. Mr. Flemming was the French teacher at our school and he would scream in French for a solid five minutes if you did something to anger him. I had personally witnessed his wrath when accompanying Sienna to his classroom aftershcool one day. I swear I could practically see the steam coming from his ears as his face turned a deep shade of red.

“I’ll see you at lunch.” I smiled at her before before we both bid our goodbyes and made our way into our classes.

Ignoring the ruckus coming from the back of the room, I plopped down into my seat and let out a deep breath before pulling out a pen and notebook that would be used for the hour long lecture we usually had.

I didn’t necessarily hate math but I didn’t love it.

I wasn’t super good at it but I wasn’t super bad either.

I was average.

That however didn’t change the fact that the class practically sucked the soul out of me and bored me to death everyday.

Propping my head into my hand, I tuned out the incessant chatter going on around me until my teacher, Mrs. Lewis finally arrived.

“Good Morning class.” She greeted while dropping the stack of papers she had in her hands onto the desk. She gave us a warm smile as each student returned to their respective seats for the daily attendance.

“Oh, we have a new student.” She announced, looking up from her screen to scan the room.

Please don’t tell me...

“Is there an Easton Davis here?” She asked as the class turned to face the last row, the one directly behind the one I was seated in.

Shutting my eyes, I sent out a prayer to practically every god above.

Please don’t let it be him. Please don’t let it be him.

“That’s me.” His deep voice said from behind me as I physically restrained myself from slamming my head on the desk repeatedly.

Why me?

Just why.

“Welcome to Westbridge High, Easton. Would you mind telling us where you moved from?” Mrs. Lewis questioned as the whole class turned to face him. Despite not wanting to turn around, I did anyways.

Immediately, he and I locked eyes as he sat up in his seat with his wide smirk still in tact.

What was with him and smirking?!

“I’m from California, ma’am.” He answered as his gaze flickered over to the front of the room where Mrs. Lewis stood smiling.

I could hear the sighs from the girls surrounding him and couldn’t stop the eye roll that ensued.

He wasn’t anything special so what was the deal with everyone treating him like a celebrity?

If only they knew that he was a sleep wrecker.

A despicable human that enjoyed making humans suffer.

He was the exact reason I wouldn’t be turning him my homework assignment today and have an extra load of problems to do tonight.

“Well, its great to have you here.” Mrs. Lewis concluded happily before turning her attention back to her computer to finish up the rest of the attendance.

Turning back towards the front of the room, I crossed my arms over my chest and waited for the lesson to begin while ignoring the loud chatter coming from behind me. As I waited, I could hear various girls complimenting and questioning Easton about literally everything.

“Oh, Easton your hair is so soft!”

“Easton is such a hot name.”

“Can I come over to hang out with you?

I could feel my irritation spike at their ridiculous comments, but more so, I felt angered by the pair of eyes I could feel on the back of my head. I was tempted to turn around and give him a piece of my mind, but ultimately decided against it due to Mrs. Lewis finally turning the projector on and getting started on the notes.

We were halfway through an explanation of derivatives when I felt something hit the back of my head. Turning around swiftly, I centered may gaze on Easton who stared up ahead, a slight smile on his face. After he avoided my angry gaze on him for a solid minute, he finally glanced over at me, an innocent smile on his face as if he hadn’t just thrown a paper ball at me. He gave me a wink as a wolfish grin enveloped his face before he turned his attention back to the board.

Argh! How childish of him!

Picking up the piece of paper that fell on the floor, I rolled it into a tight ball before throwing it back at him. A satisfied smile clouded over my face and I did an internal dance when I saw it had hit in smack dab in the middle of his face.

If he wanted to be childish, then bring it on.

“Real mature.” He quietly said as he leaned over to get closer to me. He kept his gaze firmly on me as he rolled up another wad of paper. I narrowed my eyes at the paper and sent him a warning glance which he completely ignored as he threw the paper at me again, this time hitting the corner of my mouth.

Just as I was about to throw the paper right back at him a loud voice echoed through the room.

“Mallory? Is there a reason why you aren’t facing the front?” Mrs. Lewis asked, her eyebrows raised in question. She was a sweet woman who rarely got angry in the two weeks we had her, but she was pretty strict when it came to paying attention.

“No, I’m sorry.” I apologized before turning the face the front. I could hear the sound of snickering behind me and couldn’t stop myself when I held up the middle finger behind my back.

The distant sound of a gasp caused a smile to take over my face as I once again picked up my pen and began to take notes again.

Take that jerk.

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