Damage Control

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Prying Eyes

“He is so infuritating! How dare he do that?” I growled to Sienna as I gripped my lunch tray tighter. It was finally lunch which meant I could finally let out the frustration that had been building up inside me for the last couple of hours. I damn near sprinted out of my class when the lunch bell rang because I knew I would snap if I heard one more person talking about Easton freaking Davis.

Turning to face Sienna who had been relatively silent since I began my rant, I saw that she had a funny smile plastered on her face. She kept flashing me little side eyes looks as we walked passed the masses of students lingering around the cafeteria.

Ignoring whatever evil thoughts she had brewing inside her pea sized brain, I glared down at my marinara pasta on my plate as we finally made it to our usual lunch table where Sebastian was sat munching on an apple.

“What’s got her panties in a twist?” Sebastian questioned as soon as he got a good look at my face. Giving him a flat look, I plopped down into the seat beside him while tying my hair into a ponytail. As I finished putting my hair up, I heard the loud sound of slurping and munching from beside me as Sebastian took a massive bite of his apple. I gave him an irritated look from the corner of my eye which he completely ignored as he continued devouring the apple.

Sebastian ate like a complete pig.

Whether it was at home, in public, or at school, he didn’t care, he would eat as loudly and obnoxiously as he possibly could.

Not only was he aware of the way he ate, he knew how much it irked me. If I’m being completely honest, I think he just does it now to irritate me.

Mission accomplished, asshole.

“She and Easton Davis got into it during math.” Sienna informed while wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Shifting my glare to her, I stabbed my fork into my pasta before shoveling it into my mouth. I was no doubt angry about the events earlier today, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to eat.

My stomach didn’t deserve that kind of punishment.

“Oh him? I met him in English earlier. Cool guy.” Max said simply, tossing his apple core into the trash bin beside us.

I opened my mouth to debunk his comments about the devils incarnate when suddenly the chatter in the cafeteria grew significantly louder. Snapping my mouth shut, I turned to face the entrance of the cafeteria where everyone’s attention had diverted to. I instantly rolled my eyes when my gaze landed on the arrogant jerk from earlier, or who now had a name to him, Easton Davis.

You could tell just by his name that he was a total jackass, an arrogant one at that, and it’s no surprise that he was the reason everyone was freaking out in the cafeteria.

Walking in beside him was Noah Shaw and Harrison Reid as they made their way towards the center table where all the jocks and athletes usually sat.

Now don’t get me wrong, Westbridge wasn’t super stereotypical with each clique sitting together and treating every other group like dirt, but the athletes usually surrounded themselves with the athletes as did the band kids, theatre students...the list goes on.

Despite this, everyone was relatively friendly to one another if we’re not counting the occasional petty fight here and there.

Flashing a sour look to his smiling face as he sat in the center of the table conversing with the rest of the students, I looked back down at my tray of food and continued stuffing my face, all while ignoring the squeals of excitement coming from each end of the room. Of course he’d immediately become friends with everyone within his first couple hours here.

The buzz soon died down and the conversation at our table diverts from the topic of Easton to Sebastian instead, who was currently giving a very vivid description of what he had discovered in his little brothers bedroom.

“It was in a plastic bag and it was thick and so slimy.” He said, his eyes wide as he stole a carrot from my tray before bringing it up to his face and chewing on it.

“And you came to this conclusion just by looking at the bag?” I asked, not quite wanting to believe that Sebastian would touch a random bag he found in his siblings room. I don’t mean to sound rude when I say this but Emanuel, Sebastian’s younger brother was...odd. In the many times he’d graced us with his presence while over at Sebastian’s house, I had come to the conclusion that he was a conspiring sociopath, but then again, I could be wrong.

“Of course not chica, I obviously opened it to investigate.” Sebastian said as if I had just asked the dumbest question known to mankind.

I restrained myself from reaching over and smacking Sebastian before turning to Sienna who had the same horrified look on her face.

Sometimes I truly did wonder if he was dropped on the head as a child.

“Where’s your hot shot boyfriend at?” Sebastian asked, completely ignoring the looks we gave him seconds earlier.

“He should be here.” Sienna drawled as she leaned her head up to scan the room. “Oh! Speak of the devil and he shall appear.” Sienna exclaimed, a bright smile illuminating across her face. Keeping gaze slowly on my pasta, I continued eating my food, trying my best not to latch my eyes onto the one guy I shouldn’t be pining after.

“Hey guys.” His deep voice greeted as he plopped onto the seat in front of me, beside Sienna. My head shot up just in time to see him turn to Sienna and give her a quick peck which I quickly forced my eyes away from as I began randomly looking around the lunch room. Sebastian was completely distracted occupied by his phone, most likely watching some random video about sports or the latest soccer news.

“Hey, we were just wondering where you were.” Sienna said as she laid her head on Cole’s shoulder. He flashed her a soft smile before sitting up straight to look at us.

“Coach wanted to see me. He thinks I should try out for soccer.” Cole announced, causing Sebastian’s head to shoot up.

“Really?” He asked, disbelief etched onto his face. Cole was solely into football despite various soccer players encouraging him to join the team for the past few seasons, Sebastian included. That’s why it came as such a surprise to all of use when he said this.

“That’s great! We’ll be there to cheer you and Sebastian on, right Mal?” Sienna exclaimed as her excited eyes shot to mine.

Plastering a small smile on my face, I nodded as Cole’s smile widened.

If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t want Cole to join. It would only make it harder for me to get rid of this crush on him if I was watching him at games and practices.

“I could use the support. Thanks guys!” Cole said, his beautiful eyes flashing to mine across the table. I shot him a smile in return before quickly looking away.

I hated how my heart fluttered each time he was near or how special I felt when he would flash me a smile with his perfect white teeth.

I hated how my brain went haywire each time he spoke and how he left me feeling speechless and nervous.

I hated how much I liked him.

And I hated how it made me feel as a person.

Sienna was an amazing friend and I was a terrible person for secretly liking her boyfriend.

I let out a deep sigh before looking up at the ceiling.

God Mallory why do you have to be such a shitty person?

Ignoring the random conversation going on between the three at the table, my eyes wandered around the cafeteria before landing on the table in the center that was suddenly crowded with random people here and there.

My eyes unwillingly inched where Easton was sitting and I was surprised when I saw that his gaze was already firmly planted on me. Despite the various people around him calling his name and trying to get his attention, his eyes remained locked onto mine.

He had a look in his eyes.

It was a look that unnerved me.

The kind of look that screamed ‘I know your secret’.

It freaked me out but I decided not to let it bother me too much because he was probably just messing around with me.

I squinted my eyes and furrowed my eyebrows at him to which he simply responded by flashing me a knowing smile.

Looking away, I turned my attention back to the conversation, all while feeling Easto’s heated gaze on me for the duration of lunch.

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