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Insignificant Piece of Baloney

“It’s about time! I’ve been waiting here for so long!” Sienna whined as she pushed herself off the tree she was leaning against. Bending down, I put my hands on my knees as I struggled to catch my breath. I had just run halfway across school and back, and that’s pushing me to my very limit because I was probably the least fit person on campus.

“Sorry, I was trying to find Avery.” I informed in between breaths as Sienna’s hand reaches out to hand me a bottle of water. “Thanks.” I said without looking as I swiftly opened the bottle and began taking large gulps to quench my thirst.

“Did she find a ride home?” Sienna questioned when I finally stood up straight to my full length. Running a hand through the ends of hair that was still tied in a pony tail, I nodded.

“Yeah, but not after screaming an array of profanities at me for making her wait.” I replied as a small laugh bubbled out of Sienna and I. “But my mom’s home early today so she’s picking up Avery and Brandon, so we’re settled.” I concluded as Sienna nodded her head.

“Awesome! To the field we go!” She announced happily as she pointed her arm towards the football field where soccer try outs were being held. Clutching my bag tighter on my shoulder, we made our way towards the bleacher while Sienna rambled on about one of her teachers.

“Woah, what’s with the massive crowd this year?” I questioned loudly as my eyes landed on groups of girls occupying nearly half the bleachers. You would think that this is their first game rather than tryouts with the amount of people that showed up.

“No idea.” Sienna shrugged, also looking as confused as I was. Squeezing past the girls, we made it to the first row near the boy’s bags and plopped down into our seats. I squinted my eyes against the sun and held a hand up to my forehead as I scanned the field for Sebastian and Cole. My eyes soon landed on their figures a few feet away from the bleachers and watched they both warmed up together along with a couple other guys.

“Alright bring it in boys! We’re getting started!” The coach screamed as he trudged to the center of the field, a bag of soccer balls in his arms. I leaned back in my seat as the coach barked instructions to the guys. I fiddled with the bottle of water in my hand, and glanced over at Sienna who was tapping away at her phone.

I was purposely avoiding looking up for too long because my eyes would only wander to a certain someone.

The guilt felt ten times more worse knowing that I was staring at Cole while his girlfriend, and my best friend was sitting right beside me, completely oblivious to it.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of Sienna’s voice in my ear, “I hope Cole does alright. He was pretty nervous about it for the rest of the day” She said, her eyes locked onto his figure that was huddled around the coach as they all listened in for instructions.

I gave her a stiff nod and opened my mouth to respond when I was interrupted by both squeals and the sound of coach yelling. “Davis! Get over here now! You’re late!” He strictly said as I watched Easton jog across the field towards all the guys. He was dressed in a tight workout shirt along with what appeared to be an old pair of soccer shorts. I could hear various people behind me scream with joy and it was only then that I realized that the large crowd was here for Easton.

I kept my eyes glued on his figure all while shaking my head and whispering ‘no’ again and again while Sienna watched, a huge grin etched onto her face.

“Not him!” I exclaimed as I physically face palmed myself. Of all the people to try out, of course it had to be him!

I was fed up with seeing him today! His stupid smirk pissed me off and I could not stand the sound of girls squealing with excitement each time he passed by.

“This practice just got so much better!” Sienna excitedly said while clapping her hands. I gave her a flat looked didn’t respond as I turned to stare ahead where the boys were now lining behind one another in front of the net.

“Alright, you’re up first Torres.” Coach stated as he moved towards the edge of the field.

I watched as Sebastian stepped up and set his ball onto the line before pulling his leg back and kicking the ball as hard as he could. It reached the net easily as Sienna and I clapped along with a couple of the girls seated on the bleachers.

There was no doubt Sebastian would make the team. He was one of the best players and brought the team victory nearly every year.

Cole was up next and I watched carefully as his ball also reached the net. At this, Sienna clapped loudly and cheered as I watched Cole jog to the back of the line where Sebastian was waiting to high five him.

A couple more guys went trough when it was finally time for the smirking jerk to make his way up to the line.

I really hoped he was a terrible player and would immediately get cut.

I quietly prayed this to myself as I watched him set his ball down at the line just as every guy had done before him. Easton took a couple steps back before jogging up to the ball and kicking it. I watched as the ball flew above the goalies head and straight into the net just as screams and squeals erupted form behind me.


Just great.

He’s a star athlete too!

Its like the universe was trying to tell me that there was no way anyone would despise him because he was simply the golden child.

They did another round of this before coach announced a small break. Each of the guys broke away to either grab some water or huddle around the field as they waited for their next exercise. I gave Sebastian and Cole the stink eye from afar as I watched them speak to Easton.

Just as I was about to occupy myself with the company of my phone, I heard Sebastian yell out mine and Sienna’s name from across the field. He and Cole waved at us as Easton’s head turned to our direction. His eyes landed on me and I watched as grin erupted on his face before he held his hand up to give me a small wave.

“Oh my god! I think Easton just waved at me!” A high pitched voice screamed as I tightly pinched my lips together to stop myself from laughing.

“Wave back!” Another voice encouraged as giggles erupted behind me.

Rolling my eyes, I remained silent and ignored his wave. I was fine with letting the girls behind me believe that the wave was intended for them. It clearly made them happier than it would ever make me. I wanted nothing to do with that jerk.

Quickly waving back to Sebastian and Cole, I avoided Easton’s heated gaze on me as I pulled out my phone and began scrolling through it.

“I’m going to go talk to Cole. Wanna come?” Sienna questioned as she placed her backpack on the spot beside me.

Shaking my head, I kept my eyes glued on my phone. “I’ll pass. You go! ” I said, not exactly wanting to witness Cole and Sienna’s affection or be around Easton.

I scrolled through a couple of messages from a couple people asking for help out something and was in the middle of responding when I felt a shadow loom over my head. Slowly lifting my head, my gaze landed on a sweaty Easton who was smiling down at me. I could hear the hushed whispers from behind us as he placed his hands on his hips and stared down at me.

“What do you want.” I hissed at him, not liking the attention he had just brought upon us. I could practically feel every girl behind me glaring daggers at my back for talking to their potentially future boyfriend.

“You really couldn’t get enough of me that you had to come stalk me at my practice too?” He asked as he took the water bottle out of my hand and took a massive sip out of it. My mouth dropped open and I remained frozen in my seat as I watched him take the last of my precious water.

“You insignificant piece of baloney! Give that back!” I growled at him as I got up in front of him He pulled the empty bottle away from his lips and raised an eyebrow at me as I crossed my arms across my chest.

Staring up at his insanely tall figure, I gave him the best glare I could before I snatched my water bottle back from him. “Baloney? Really sweetheart?” He asked, amusement dancing through his eyes. Ignoring his remark, I huffed out loud before angrily sitting back down in my seat.

I watched as he ran a hand through his damp hair and continued looking down at me, a stupid grin on his face. For someone covered in sweat, I’ll have to admit, he still looked pretty good.

Wait what?

Stop it Mallory! You can’t perv on the enemy!

I opened my mouth to tell him to get lost when the sound of coaches loud voice echoed across the field.

“Alright bring it in!” He announced as Easton glanced back at him before turning back to me. I flashed him the stink eye causing him to chuckle quietly before he leaned down beside me.

“Try not to eye rape me too much from here. It makes me uncomfortable.” He lowly said in my ear as my eyes widened.

“You-” I began to say but he simply stood up straight, flashed me a grin, and ran back to the field where the guys were lining back up for the next exercise.

That despicable human!

I watched with hooded eyes as Sienna ran like a mad woman towards me, most likely ready to hound me with questions about Easton and what had just transpired between us.

I let out a loud groan before placing my head in my hands.

This day just got a whole lot longer.

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