Second Soul

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A man finding himself containing a second soul inside of him hoping to help her pass on but he will soon find out things are not that easy even the dead and the living be it from different time periods is it possible for love to spark in the two souls of 1 body

Romance / Scifi
David Woods
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Wake up call

"wakey wakey" she says again as he turns in the bed "oh come on David get up I know your not sleeping" David sits up in the bed and looks around the empty bed "I was trying to sleep but someone kept yelling in my ear" David yawns and stretches and starts to get up

"well you don't need to lay around in bed all day" the voice says "well today is my day off" David replies "you promised we would hang out today" the voice counters "oh fine Matilda I guess we can hang out today" David walks to the kitchen and begins to make coffee

"but how do I hang out with someone I can't hold" David whispers as he knows Matilda can hear him but She doesn't reply "w-we could watch TV" David smiles "ya I guess that works too" David sits on the couch and sighs "Matilda are you happy with our situation?" David waits for a reply and finally "well ya its nice but its also painful at the same time" David feels a cold breath on his neck and a cold breeze

"I know Matilda" David reaches for a non existent hand on his shoulder "we will always have each other" David smiles and stretches "alright time to get up" David smiles and he stands up "now what are we going to do today?"

David sighs "try to find a way to send you to the other side" David feels Matilda's sadness "you want to get rid of me?" David sighs "no Matilda i know you don't wanna leave but this isn't natural you know that" David sighs again "I don't wanna lose you either but its going to happen at some point"

"I know David but still" Matilda sighs and hugs David "I wish I knew you when I was alive" David then holds her non-existent hand "I do too" David starts pacing the room as he looks around the room and sits back down at the couch "Ill figure it out tomorrow" David smiles

Matilda giggles "of course you will" David smiles as they sit on the couch together "how about we take as trip today and try to relax?"

David stands up and walks to the door grabbing his jacket "how about the park Matilda?" Matilda laughs "well sure the park sounds great" David begins walking towards the park smiling hoping the happy times like this never end.

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