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Chapter XI


When Amara and I had got back from our honeymoon a few days ago Sam called me wanting to meet up. I tried to push it back but he said it was urgent and that we needed to meet up soon. As much as I didn’t want to leave Amara to unpack alone, she convinced me to go. “My favorite boxer.” Sam said looking up from his phone when I sat across from him at his desk.

“What’s so important that you called me away from my wife?”

“I know, I’m sorry but some shit has hit the fan. Have you checked any of your social media accounts lately?”

“You know I haven’t. Amara and I had our phones off the majority of our honeymoon and have been in our own little world since we got back. Between packing, training and Amara’s doctor appointments I haven’t had time to relax. Or look at whatever bullshit some reporter has posted about me. Amara had to force me to even come to this meeting.”

“Congrats on the new house by the way. I’ll have to get you two a house warming gift. But I’m asking because your ex is trending.”

“What did she do?”

“She’s claiming that you’re not the father of Amara’s babies and that your marriage is fake.” He pulled out his phone and showed me what Melina had posted a few days ago. It was of a picture we had taken when we first met at a photoshoot.

@melinaluvsu I gave this man my everything. I was the perfect girlfriend and he treated me like I was nothing. I wanted to meet this “friend” you told me not to worry about. I put my all into our relationship and you leave me the minute she tells you she’s “pregnant” with your baby then marry her. You wouldn’t even take me on a real date yet this “friend” gets a destination wedding. Seems like someone’s hiding something. There is no way she’s having your babies or for your “marriage” to be legit. We hadn’t even broken up yet and I found out you got her pregnant and proposed to her. ON SOCIAL MEDIA! You couldn’t come to me like a man and tell me the truth. I deserve the truth and I’m not afraid to expose your lies. #luvhurts

“I’m not going to worry about it. The people that know us know the truth and that’s all that matters.” I said handing him his phone back.

“You aren’t going to do anything?” Sam asked shocked at my calm response.

“Nope, I’m happy with my life and don’t want to waste time on her bullshit. People will realize she’s lying and not giver her the time of day. Amara and I were together for months before she got pregnant. And I proposed a few weeks after the fight. The last I spoke to Melina was a year ago and that was to end it. She didn’t get treated like a girlfriend because she wasn’t one. And she knew that, she’s the one that tried to put herself in a role that wasn’t meant for her.”

“Marriage has helped you control your anger a lot better. I should’ve married you off to Amara a long time ago. Would’ve stopped a lot of your unflattering moments with the paps.”

“Shut up man, I got to go.”

“Another appointment?”

“Yep.” I smiled, excited to see my boys in action today.

“I proud of you man, I know I may not act like it sometimes but I am.”

“I appreciate that coming from you.”

I left out of Sam’s office and headed over to my apartment. Since the house wasn’t ready yet, Amara and I were staying at my place. We would’ve stayed at her house but it was currently full of unopened wedding gifts and baby stuff. I suggested going through everything but Amara wanted to wait until we moved into the house.

“Babe I’m back.”

“I’m in the kitchen, our wedding pictures came this morning. And the maternity ones we took on our honeymoon came too.” She handed me the huge box with photo albums in it.

“How handsome do you make me look?” I said picking up the album with our honeymoon pictures.

“Eh, I look like a chocolate whale next to you in that one.”

“A sexy chocolate whale. You won’t believe what Sam told me this morning.”


“Melina is accusing us of faking our marriage and thinks that I’m not the father of our children. She actually thinks you’re not pregnant.”

“If this isn’t real then these stretch marks must be an illusion along with the movement in my stomach.”

“I know babe, I told Sam I wasn’t going to worry about it. I’m content with everything and want to focus on moving into our new home. As well as making sure that you’re okay so that our sons arrive healthy. I’m not focusing on her bullshit and neither should you. We know the truth and anyone that believes her is an idiot.”

“But if I wanted to be petty you wouldn’t get mad?”

“Have you been drinking my tea Miss. Piggy?”

“Only a little bit Kermit.” She smiled and got up from the table to finish getting ready for her appointment. While I was waiting on her I noticed my phone going off with notifications.

@amaramiller tagged you in a photo, I opened it curious to see what my petty wife was up to. The picture was one we took during our honeymoon shoot. It was black and white and we were sitting together naked. I was behind her holding her breasts in my hands while she cradled her belly. I remember whispering in her ear how beautiful she looked because she did and deserved to know.

@amaramiller Our attempt to make pregnancy look sexy, how’d we do?

@killermiller pretty damn good if you ask me

“I see this is going to be a day full of shade.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about darling husband of mine.” She kissed my cheek and walked to my car. I followed behind her wondering what she had planned in that head of hers.

We made it to her appointment on time and got a good report from the doctor. Afterwards we went over to our new house to start unpacking.

“Is it national throw shade at your ex day?” Val asked handing Amara a box for her to go through in the kitchen.

“No why do you ask?” my wife asked with a smile on her face

“I’m not stupid, those pictures you and Kason have been posting today are for Melina and her fake ass tears. It’s cute that you both are on the same level of petty.” I laughed thinking about the picture I posted shortly after Amara. It was one we took the morning of our wedding after feeling the babies kick for the first time. Right before she left to meet up with her mother while we were getting dressed I took a picture of me kissing her belly. She hated when I did that but I wanted a picture of the special moment I had with my sons.@killermiller She hates when I do this but I can’t help it. #babymamasosexy😍

@amaramiller #babydaddysofine😍

I also posted a picture of the night that I am certain we conceived our sons. We were getting ready for a charity event and before we left I had to take a picture my gorgeous girlfriend. That entire night we flirted with each other and couldn’t keep our hands off one another when we got home. That night was also months after I had broken up with Melina and made Amara my girlfriend. Shutting down Melina’s claim that I had cheated on her with Amara. And that my sons weren’t mine.

@killermiller the look that got her pregnant😋😎

@amaramiller with twins👶🏽👶🏽

Shortly after I posted that, Amara posted a picture of me working out shirtless.

@amaramiller daddy🤷🏿‍♀️

@killermiller damn right😎


“We have no idea what you are talking about. Speaking of pictures I need to do something right now.” I said scrolling through my phone, looking for a picture I had saved earlier. It was another one that we had taken during our honeymoon photoshoot. Kason and I were sitting down together kissing. It was an intimate moment that the photographer caught and one of my favorite photos from the shoot.

@amaramiller When he still finds you sexy stretch marks, cravings, and all. #gotmeakeeper

Kason had also joined in on my day of petty and posted a picture he had taken of me recently. We were getting ready to go somewhere and I had been standing in front of the window in my bra and panties. I couldn’t find anything to wear and complained to Kason that I didn’t want to go because I was fat. He told me that I was beautiful and took a picture of me because he loved how my body looked.

@killermiller all mine and so damn fine.

“Y’all better stop playing these games. Got me all in my feels.” Val said laughing while opening another box to unpack.

“A couple that shades together stays together 😎”

“Because I love you guys, I’m joining in on the fun. And that bitch was wrong posting that shit about you guys.” She said typing away on her phone. When I looked she posted a picture of a drawing of an interracial couple. The woman had curlers in her hair and was giving the man a haircut. The man had tattoos but not as much as Kason did.

@valerielee Am I the only one that thought of The Millers after seeing this pic? #relationshipgoals #tatscurlersandall

@amaramiller You have no idea...

@killermiller Need to add two little boys running around...

I scrolled to see that even Leo and Jake joined in on the fun. Leo had posted a picture of a t-shirt that said “Daddy’s boxing buddy.” Jake posted a picture of a child holding a can to a woman’s baby bump trying to hear the baby.

@leothetrainer Guess I’m training two new guys in two months #westartemyoung

@jakethesavage Me whenever I see @amaramiller and the little Millers #canyouhearmenow

We were all having fun unpacking when I saw my phone lit up.

“She posted again and had the nerve to actually tag me.” The picture she posted was of her and Kason. I had to admit they looked great together and I felt bad that Kason led her on. But he did end things with her before getting serious with me. And the fact that she’s lying to make Kason look like a bad guy pissed me off.

@melinaluvsu Sad that you have to post posed pictures @amaramiller. But even worst you had your friends to join in. Until I see REAL proof your pregnancy and marriage are illegitimate to me. Hey @killermiller I make great wifey material and we make one sexy couple. (Both in and out of the bedroom)😉

“That’s it the bitch wants to die.” I was livid that she was still trying to say Kason and I were lying. The fact that we had posted pictures that proved her wrong. And showed how our relationship progressed over the past year made me want to slap the shit out of her.

“Babe, calm down. Don’t let her get to you, she’s saying shit now to make you snap at her. Which will only make it look like she’s right.” Kason said rubbing circles on my back in attempt to help me calm down.

“I’m not going to calm down Kason, she disrespected our marriage and our family. I brushed it off at first but now shit is getting out of hand. If I wasn’t so pregnant I’d kick her ass.”

“Don’t worry about it, I got this. Go lay down for a little bit, Jake and I will finish unpacking the rest of this stuff.” I nodded my head and went upstairs to our room to rest for a little. Val came up with me so while I laid in bed she sat in one of the couches we had in the room. We went over details of my baby shower as well as made finishing touches to the baby registry.

“Amara look at this.” Valarie held her phone out in front of me and I started tearing up when I read what Kason posted.

@killermiller One night I got bored and bet Amara that I could balance her engagement ring on her stomach. I won. A few weeks later I bet her again. I won. Then again. I won. Each time I’d win until one night she won. I don’t know why but I got excited, but I was because that was the same morning I felt our boys kick for the first time. That night I had both our rings on her stomach was our wedding night. Those rings represent our union as man and wife. Those kicks I felt represent the love (and hard work😜) from that union. You can say anything about me and I wouldn’t give a damn. But when it comes to my wife and our sons that shit isn’t tolerated. Our love is real. Our marriage is real. Her pregnancy is very real (or I wouldn’t have to deal with these crazy ass cravings and hormones, but I still love her). What I am trying to say is that I love my wife and our sons and no one will stop me from doing that or deny the love I have for her.

He also posted a picture of me from when I wasn’t showing as much but wanted to document the growth of my bump.

@killermiller the smile that makes my entire day. #mywife

By the time I’d finished I was balling like a baby and Kason had walked in giving me a hug. “Why are you crying beautiful?”

“It was sweet of you to say that Kace.”

“It’s the truth, people can believe whatever they want. But I know that I love you and am glad that I get to experience this with you. Now I came up here to take a nap with my wife. This day of pettiness has worn me out.”

“And that’s my cue to leave. I’ll talk to you tomorrow Amara. Bye Kason.” Val said walking out of the room, closing the door behind her. I waved bye and patted the spot next to me for Kason to join me.

“I love you.” I kissed his cheek after he got comfortable next to me in bed.

“I love you too my wife, mother of my children, best friend, trainer, confidant, and most of all my unexpected love.”

Before I went to sleep I posted one last picture of my handsome husband.

@amaramiller Kason, you’re my best friend, baby daddy, partner and husband. You always know how to make me feel like most beautiful woman in the world when I feel like I’m not. You continue to love me even when I get on your nerves with my mood swings, cravings, and back pain. You’re my pregnancy pillow and the greatest masseuse in the world. I love you @killermiller, with all my heart and can’t wait to see what the future holds with you. #myhusband

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