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Chapter XIII


“Damn my baby mama is so fine.” I rolled my eyes at my husband, who was currently taking a very good look at my ass as I put on my dress.

“Will you stop checking me out and help me put on my shoes.” I said sitting down on the couch at the foot of our bed. I could no longer see my feet to put on matching shoes and needed help to put them on. As well as help picking things up or doing something that required me to bend over. Being in my third trimester was uncomfortable and has me over being pregnant. As much as Kason and our parents tried to make things easier for me I was still irritable and in total discomfort. The babies were kicking more often which was cute at first but now started to get on my absolute nerves. I had also started having the constant need to clean and organize things around the house. And only wanted to go out for my doctors appointments.

But my mother and Val planned a wonderful baby shower for the twins and I promised to try and enjoy myself. But we all knew that I would rather take a nap with Kason as my body pillow.

“Someone’s feeling a bit feisty today.”

“I have a headache. And I am not looking forward to everyone trying to touch my stomach so they can feel the boys kick. I get that it’s fascinating but I hate it when people touch me.”

“You let me touch your stomach. It can’t be that bad.” He said trying to see if they were moving now, which made me glare at him because they had finally settled down. I loved feeling the babies kick but their kicks were getting stronger and hurt after awhile.

“Yes but with you they don’t kick as hard when I’m lounging. Or when you’re the one touching me with strangers they like to kick them hard and it hurts after awhile.”

“If it makes you feel better I got you this.” He handed me a button that said “Yes I’m pregnant, No you may NOT touch my belly!” and I couldn’t help but give him a kiss.

“That’s adorable, thanks babe.” He helped me put it on and we headed downstairs to say hello to some of the guests that already arrived. We went around saying hi to everyone and made conversation with most of them. I was sitting with my Nana, watching everyone play a game my mom had come up with.

“I always knew you’d marry him.” She said smiling at Kason who was playing “guess what’s in the diaper” with Jake as his partner. They were currently winning but were arguing about Jake’s wrong answer.

“You dreamed it didn’t you.”

“Of course I did, I also had a dream of two blue fish and you’re pregnant with two boys. Don’t make fun of Nana’s dreams, they are more accurate than science.”

“I never make fun of your dreams Nana, they are always right.”

“See, that’s why you’re my favorite granddaughter. But be careful. Life will try and break you two apart but the key is remember how much you love each other and your five children.”

“Five, Nana your dreams got that wrong. There is no way I am having five kids.”

“No I saw five curly haired babies running around my house in my dream. You would’ve had six but you miscarried one. The rest is kinda blurry after that but that means I’ll only get to see five of my great children before I go.”

“You sure you haven’t been forgetting to take your medicine.”

“Yes, remember what I said. I know I’m not going to be around for long Amara. Your grandfather and I are content with our lives and are enjoying the moment. Now, I’m going to go find your grandfather and see if he’s won me anything. You keep taking good care of my granddaughter young man.” She hugged me then Kason and left us alone to go find my Papa. He sat down in the chair she was sitting in and put my feet in his lap.

“They’re almost ready for you to open gifts babe.”

“Okay. My feet are swelling again.” I said looking at my swelling feet wanting nothing more for Kason to massage them.

“Want me to help take your shoes off?”

“Please.” It’s my house, so I can walk around barefoot if I wanted to. At this point in my pregnancy I didn’t care what anyone thought. As long as I was comfortable, I was happy.

“Did Nana tell you we were going to have five kids?” he asked massaging my feet causing me to moan in approval.

“Yes, one of her dreams she saw five curly haired babies running around her house. She said it would’ve been six but I miscarried one.”

“Do you believe her?”

“Most of her dreams are pretty accurate, although everyone passes it off as her being a crazy old lady.”

“Five kids huh.”

“Don’t think that because she told you that doesn’t mean we have them all in the next three years.”

“Of course not, I always wanted a big family. Plus making them is my favorite part.”

“You’re such a man.”

“It’s true and you look very sexy pregnant with my babies.”

“But you aren’t the one that’s going to go into labor and have something the size of a watermelon come out of you.”

“You had to ruin my moment to seduce you.”

“I’m starting to think you are addicted to having sex.”

“Only if it’s sex with my beautiful wife. She does this thing with her hips that drives me crazy and don’t get me started on that magic between her legs.”

“You are a freak, come on let’s see how spoiled our boys are going to be.” Most of the gifts were outfits for them to wear, bottles, cute baby toys, and even a few blankets.

Over the next few weeks we focused on making sure the nursery had everything we needed for the babies. And that we had our hospital bag packed for whenever I went into labor.

“We need to create a birthing plan.” I told Kason one night while we were going over the things we needed for when we go to the hospital.

“Simple your water breaks we go to the hospital, few hours later you push out the boys, bam we’re parents.”

“If only it were that simple babe. We have to think about complications that might happen among other things. The doctor told us that my pregnancy is high risk due to us having twins. I could lose a lot of blood, one of the babies might go into distress and I’ll need an emergency c-section. We have to prepare for these things and cover all our bases. I need for us to be on the same page because I’m more likely to die during childbirth.”

“Don’t think that way. You are going to deliver two healthy babies with no problems.”

“I know it may seem like it’s that easy but it’s not Kace.”

“Alright we’ll make the birthing plan, but I’m positive everything will go fine.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, what do we need to do.”

“Well first we have to note any conditions I have and what we plan for the delivery to be. Then decide who we want in the room.”

“Alright that’s easy me and our mothers.”

“I don’t want our mothers in the room.”

“Why not they’ve done this before.”

“I know I want it to be us, my mother is terrible in stressful situations and loves to give her two cents. I don’t want that. I love your mom but I don’t want her to see me cuss out her son.”

“Alright only us in the room during delivery. What’s next?”

“Pain medication or no pain medication?”

“I hate seeing you in pain but it’s your choice.”

“I want drugs babe, it’ll wear off by the time I have to push so if I break your hand. I apologize in advance.”

“I doubt that but okay.”

“Do you want to catch the babies?”

“I love you but I am not going down there, I’ll cut the cord like all the other dads and smile like an idiot when I hold them.” We went through the list of things and finished it with Kason having a few suggestions of his own.

“I’ve been thinking about a name.”

“I’d love to hear it babe.” We both agreed to each name a twin, I had baby A, Kason had baby B.

“Kellan Patrick Miller.”

“That’s a nice name babe, for a second I thought you were going to name him after yourself.”

“I’m not that cocky, Kellan is my dad’s name. After our talk I realized I needed to let go of the anger I had towards him. I called him up and we had lunch, mom came to. Gave him one helluva slap but I feel a lot better after talking with him. I’m not saying we’re going to have a buddy buddy father-son relationship but it’s a start.”

“I’m glad you reached out to him babe.”

“Figured the boys deserved to know each of their grandparents. He wants to meet you soon.”

“I’d be happy to, whenever you want is fine with me.”

“Lunch next week?”


“Have you thought about your name?”


“Are you going to tell me?”

“Knox Chandler Miller.”

“Kellan and Knox, the Miller boys. I like it.” I liked it to.

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