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Chapter XIV


“You know I read exercise is a great way to help with labor.” Kason said walking into the living room with his gym bag on his shoulder. I was currently sitting on the couch trying to get comfortable but couldn’t due to my baby bump. The twins were more active than normal due to the fact that there wasn’t much space left for them. They were both growing at a healthy pace and I had scheduled to be induced in two weeks. At this point in my pregnancy I was struggling to get comfortable. had been getting on Kason’s nerves complaining about it. But like the good husband he his, he tried to help being my human body pillow and giving me massages.

“And your point is?”

“Let me be your trainer.” I looked at him as if he’d lost his mind. I’d tried to workout with Kason before I got pregnant and gave up during warm-ups because of how intense he was. There was no way my pregnant ass was going to work out with him so close to my due date.

“Have you been drinking?”

“No, come on it’ll be fun. I even found a good work out routine that we can do together that won’t put to much strain on your body.”

“Because I love you, I’ll do it. But the minute you start getting intense I’m quitting”

“I’m okay with that.” I changed into workout clothes with the help of Kason putting on my shoes and left for the gym. He kept his promise but my body was not excited about exercising. The minute we started I started getting pains in my lower back and side. The pain was bearble at first but soon became too uncomfortable for me to continue.

“I quit.” I said after doing a few of the exercises with him. I felt a little better but I was tired and the pains in my side were getting worse.

“You haven’t even got to the workout yet.” he said laughing at me.

“Don’t laugh at me. I’m eight months pregnant and could deliver any day now, this is the most I’ve exercised in almost three months.”

“Are you feeling any better?” he asked with concern while helping me sit on an exercise ball.

“A little. If it helps you can be my trainer again after I give birth, gives us both the chance to burn the extra energy we’ll have.”

“Six weeks and that ass is mine.”

“Yes, you sex craved man.”

“I’m your sex craved man. Are you ready to go home or are you okay with me working out for a bit?”

“It’s fine with me, we need to buy an exercise ball for when I go into labor. It’s kinda fun rolling around like this and it’s very relaxing.” He laughed and went to go start on his workouts. I sat and watched him and couldn’t help but stare at his body. I have one thing to say my husband is

F-I-N-E, if I wasn’t already pregnant and about to give birth to his children...

“Stop staring.” Kason said snapping me out of my thoughts happy thoughts.

“I’m not staring.”

“Now you’re lying, you sure you can handle me training you. I feel like you’ll be undressing me with your eyes the entire time.”

“Yes, I can withhold my urges, unlike you.”

“Can’t help it that I find my wife to be sexy as hell.”

“Are you done yet?”

“One last set then we can go.” He said kissing my forehead

“You know what would be really funny.” I soon realized that the pains I was having were actually contractions.

“What babe?” Kason asked putting up the weights he was using.

“If I went into labor right now.”

“It would be.”

“Then you’re about to laugh your ass off.”


“I’m in labor.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I thought they were back pains then they started to get intense. Jesus this hurts.”

“Remember deep breaths.” Kason said kneeling in front of me holding my hand, I nodded my head and focused on my breathing.

“Kason I refuse to give birth in this gym.” I said looking at him in the eye after my contraction ended.

“Right, shit I left your hospital bag at the house.” He helped me up from the medicine ball I was sitting on. When I stood up he started to rub circles on my back then we started to walk towards the exit to his car.

“Does it look like I give a damn right now.” I stopped when I felt something wet trickle down my legs. I also felt another contraction and squeezed Kason’s hand.

“Ow, did your water just break?” He asked looking down.

“No, I stepped in a puddle. Yes my water just broke, get me to a fucking hospital now!” Something must’ve snapped him in gear because he lifted me up in his arms and raced towards his car. We finally made it to the car and almost got a speeding ticket but we made it to the hospital. After helping me out the car, we walked up to the front desk who then told us to go to the maternity floor. When we got there we were greeted by a woman who looked like she spent most of the day putting on her makeup.

“My wife is in labor and her water just broke.” Kason said catching her attention. She completely ignored me. The pregnant woman in labor that was very much in pain and had the nerve to adjust her shirt to show off her cleavage.

“I’m going to need you to fill out these forms, handsome.” She said touching his arm. If I wasn’t in so much pain I would’ve slapped that look off of the nurses face. I was about to cuss her out when I heard someone call my name.

“Amara Simms it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you.” I looked around Kason to see Dr. Madeline Golden. We went to the same medical school and also happened to complete our residencies at the same hospital.

“It’s actually Amara Miller now I got married a few months ago, it’s good to see you Maddie.”

“Congratulations, I see you’ve been busy.”

“I have, Maddie this is my husband Kason. Kason this is Madeline Golden.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“You to, you can fill out those forms while I check on your wife. Tracey I got this one. Can you get Mrs. Miller a wheelchair please.” She said to the nurse that looked like she was about to cry when Maddie held up my hand to see my wedding rings.

“So what are you having?” She asked as Kason wheeled me down the hall and into the examination room Maddie lead us to.

“Twin boys.”

“Congratulations, Dr. Carter is on vacation still so I’ll be delivering you today. She left a copy of your birthing plan so we’ll try to follow that as closely as we can. I want to do an ultrasound to check on both babies to make sure they’re in position for a natural birth. Then I’m going to track your contractions as well as the babies heartbeats to make sure they’re not going into any distress. And finally check to see how dilated you are.”

“Did you ever marry that guy you were dating back in med school?”

“I did, we have a beautiful daughter named Marisol.”

“When I don’t have two babies trying to come out of me, we should have lunch.”

“I would love that. Alright everything looks good to go. But because you are having twins your chances of having a c section are much higher.”

“Dr. Carter and I discussed that. And we were going to go natural way first and if any complications arise go for a c section. We just want them both here healthy.”

“That’s good to know, you’re about 5 centimeters dilated. Did you want an epidural?”


“Alright, I’ll go let the anesthesiologist know and have you sign a form and you’ll be good to go.”

“Thank you Maddie.”

“You’re welcome, you rest up you’ve got babies to deliver. I’ll come back to check on you soon.”

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