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Chapter XVII


“Get up babe.”

“Can’t we take a morning off.”

“No days off remember.”

“I’m regretting the decision to let you be my workout partner.”

“Come on, you’re so close to your goal. There’s no reason to slack off now.”

“You’re right, I’m up.”

“Good I’ll meet you downstairs with the boys.” After our argument a few months ago we went to my doctor and she diagnosed me with postpartum depression. She recommended that I go to therapy and talk about the problems I’d been having since giving birth. Kason came with me to a few of my sessions, it helped us work through a few problems we’d been having for the past few months.

Part of our plan was for us to work out together four days a week, starting with a jog every morning. Some days we brought the boys some days they spent the morning with Val or Kathleen so that Kace and I could have alone time. Something I loved about our morning jogs was how freeing it was and when we walked back home together we talked about any and everything like when we first met.

“Someone is very excited this morning.” I said as we did our stretches.

“I’ve got a lot to be happy for. I have a beautiful wife, two amazing sons, I’m at the top of my division. What more could a man ask for besides more kids?”

“I can think of something.”

“And what would that be?”

“Being nominated Men’s Health Man of the Year.”

“I guess that’s pretty nice.”

“Nice, babe this is big.”

“I know it is but you know I’m not an awards person.”

“True but be excited for me at least.”

“I’ll try, how are you feeling today?” It’d become a routine for Kason to ask me how I’m feeling when I first wake up and again before I went to sleep. It helped me talk about my frustrations and feel better knowing that he cared enough to listen and reassure me when needed.

“Much better than I have these past few weeks. Thank you for dealing with me, I know I can be difficult at times.”

“I love you and I told you I’m here for better or for worst.”

“Morning breath, stretch marks and all.”

“If it means being with you, I’m okay with it. Now come on, you have a doctors appointment.” We made it back home in enough time to take a shower before the boys woke up.

“Don’t rush me.”

“I’m not, our six weeks are finally up and that ass has been looking amazing during our workouts.”

“I told you being workout buddies was not going to work.”

“A man can’t help it if he finds his wife to be sexy. If you quit playing games we could be working on baby number three.”

“We agreed to wait until the twins were potty trained before we have another baby.”

“Doesn’t mean we can’t practice.”

“You’ve gotten in enough practice sir, your trophies are sleeping in the room across the hall.”

“I love you.”

“I love you to. Can you see if the boys are up while I finish getting ready?”

“You’re trying to get rid of me.”

“What, never.”


Today was Amara’s birthday. And of course she doesn’t want anything special because of my award ceremony tonight. But she deserved to celebrate her day. “Happy Birthday beautiful.” I handed her a bouquet of her favorite flowers as she finished getting ready for her appointment.

“Thanks babe.”

“You’re welcome, I know I have my awards ceremony today but I still want to do something special for you.”

“Aww thanks babe.” We went to her doctors appointment and got the okay to finally have sex again. Making my plans for tonight even better.

“You can get that smile off of your face Kason.”

“I can’t help it, I’m ready to make love to my wife again. You better take a nap because I don’t plan on us getting any sleep tonight.”

“So you’re planning on checking on the babies when they cry throughout the night and let me sleep. Thanks for the birthday gift babe.”

“Very funny, our moms are going to watch the twins while I take you somewhere nice to celebrate your birthday. Which is why we’re going shopping.”

“I haven’t lost all the baby weight yet.”

“Babe you’re at a healthy weight and you look incredible. Let me treat you for your birthday.”

“Since you put it that way I will. But the minute I feel uncomfortable I want to go home.”

“Alright.” We bought clothes for the boys first because they seemed to be growing so much everyday then shopped for Amara. It took a lot of reassuring but she found a dress to wear to my awards ceremony. After our shopping trip we spent some time with the boys before our mothers came so that we could go out to dinner with a few close friends before heading over to my awards ceremony.

Of course I had to post a picture of my beautiful wife and let everyone know that after having twins she still had it.

@killermiller Happy Birthday to my beautiful, sexy wife @amaramiller. Don’t have to much funbecause I plan on making baby number three tonight.😜👀

Really Kason.”

“What you know I am, so don’t act surprised that I said it.”

“I love you.”

“I love you to.” When the announcer called my name I gave Amara a kiss before walking up on stage.

“First I’d like to thank Men’s Health for this award, my trainer Leo for keeping me in top shape. As well as my fans for always supporting me. I’d also like to thank the two most important women in my life, my mother and my wife. Mom, we may not have seen eye to eye but you were always there for me and I thank you so much for backing my dreams and patching me up whenever I came home. Amara, thank you for being my best friend, biggest fan, and mother to our handsome sons. Without you I wouldn’t be the man that I am today, I love you so much and Happy Birthday babe.”

When I got back to my seat Amara gave me a hug and whispered in my ear “Might have to work on baby number three tonight.” I smiled at her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. For the rest of the night we’d been flirting with each other but finally made it back to the hotel room I had reserved for the night and made good on our promises.

“God I missed that.” Amara said while I was laying on my back with her draped over my chest, we were both catching our breaths to tired to move.

“I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have another member in the family soon.”

“I will not be opposed to doing that again if we don’t. I loved your speech by the way.”

“Thank you, I hope you know I meant every word.”

“I know you did, because if you didn’t you’d be on diaper duty for the next six months. You know I never did thank you.”

“Thank me for what?”

“Saying yes to being my baby daddy.”

“You actually did, by saying yes to being my wife and dealing with me for the rest of your life.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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