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Christmas with the Millers


Trying for a new baby was a lot easier than the first time around but proved to be a huge test to our relationship. After finding out I was pregnant again things were a bit hectic around the house. The boys were still growing and I had opened another practice in the city. We were both happy about the new baby and were getting used to the idea of having three kids when I miscarried. It was tough to deal with because we were ready to have another baby in the house after holding it off for three years. The boys were getting older and I was ready for them to have a little sister.

With Kason getting ready for his next fight. Me working and making sure the boys were set for school life got in the way of our romance. I was feeling down from my miscarriage and had been seeing my therapist to help cope with the loss. Kason went to a few sessions and it was then we decided to change things up this Christmas to help us get back to being us. Instead of staying home we decided to take a much needed vacation. And there was no better place than where we got married. I was glad to go back to the place that held my happiest memory with Kason and couldn’t wait to make new ones with the boys. I also knew that it would give me time to let the romance flow with my husband.

The boys loved the idea of going on a trip for Christmas and excited that they get to see all their family. They were even more happy to know that Jake and Valerie’s son Devin would be coming to.

“Are the boys packed for the flight?”

“Yes, although it took some time to get them to pick which toy they wanted to bring with them.”

“They are definitely your sons.”

“Do you need this many bags? Because once the boys are asleep it’s you and me mama and we won’t be needing clothes for what I want us to do.”

“I’ll need clothes for when they’re awake and want to do something. And you know my mom has planned stuff for us to do as a family.”

“Very true, I know I don’t say it often but I’m very grateful for everything that you do.”

“Thank you babe and you don’t have to. I know it’s been hard these past few months but we’ll get through it like we always do.”

“I love you.”

“I love you to.” Kason leaned in to kiss me but before we could get to far our sons decided to make an appearance.

“Mommy, daddy. We’re ready!” Knox said running into the room with Kellan right behind him.

“That’s great buddy, you guys promise to behave on the flight?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Good then I’ll think about letting you guys ride the jet ski’s by yourselves.”


“Mommy, daddy promised.”

“Don’t give me that look.”

“Come on Amara if they behave that’ll be a great reward and I’ll be on it with them until they get the hang of it.”

“Fine, don’t let them go too fast.”

“Yay, let’s go!” Knox said pulling me off the bed. We made it to the airport with enough time to make sure the boys used the bathroom and had a snack to eat.

Knox and Kellan slept through most of the flight and everyone was able to catch their flight on time. After we all settled in and unpacked we had dinner then went to relax on the beach. As Kason promised the boys rode jet ski’s as well as other things that he planned for us to do.

“This brings back some great memories doesn’t babe.”

“It does.” It was the end of Christmas Day and Kason and I finally had time to ourselves that wouldn’t have to deal with anyone. I loved our family but the point of the trip was for Kason and I to regroup. Although we planned to spend a lot of time together as husband and wife. We hadn’t due to everyone pulling us in different directions. We were walking the beach and happened to stop at the spot where we exchanged out vows.

“I’m ready for us to try for another baby.” Kason said stopping to look me in the eyes.

“Are you sure? I mean I know we joke about nana’s dream but do w want five kids?”

“Yes, babe this miscarriage was hard for the both of us. And we’ve been working through it together but what I want for Christmas is for us to try again.”

“I want the same thing but a baby isn’t going to fix all our problems.”

“I know but it could be a start, and you have to admit we make pretty cute kids.”

“We do, don’t we. I guess having another baby won’t hurt.”

“Hell yeah, thank you baby.”

“You’re welcome, I’m glad we let the kids have their own room next to our parents.”

“I like the way you think Mrs. Miller.”

“We have another baby to make Mr. Miller. Let’s get some fruit, chocolate and wine and have some fun.”

“Already ahead of you babe it’s in the room ready for us.”

“I love you.”

“I love you to.”

We made it back to our room without getting interrupted or waking up anyone. Once we were in our room I went in the bathroom to freshen up while Kason set the scene. When I came out Kason was sitting on the bed holding a glass of wine for me.

“Damn, I’m lucky.”

“You like, I bought it a few weeks ago.” I said modeling the lingerie set I had bought a few weeks ago. It was simple black bra and panties that I had covered with a silk robe.

“I love it, but you look much better naked.” I walked towards him slowly taking off my bra and panties before I stood between his legs. I playfully pushed him on the bed and climbed on top of him. We started kissing softly before things got more heated. “As much as I would love to take things slow I want to make love to you right now. It’s been too long since I’ve been in my wife.” Kason said teasing my core.

“Mhmm I won’t argue with that.” Since I was on top I was able to tease him more by slowly inserting his member inside me. We both shared a groan and before moving slowly.

“Sweet Jesus I’ve missed this.” I started to grind my hips on top of him.

“Fuckin so good.” We went slow at first before picking up speed, meeting each other’s thrust each time. “Babe I’m close.”

“Fuck, don’t stop.” A few thrust later we both came and we’re about to go for round two when Kason flipped me on over and we were almost reconnected when a little voice interrupted us.


“The moment when your son doesn’t want a little brother or sister.” Kason said getting out of the bed to put on his underwear. After he stood up he went in the bathroom to cover his friend while I got up to see which twin was at the door.

“Shut up, yes baby.” I went to put on my robe and open the door. Knox walked in with the giant teddy bear he’d gotten for his first Christmas. I squatted down to his height and picked him up.

“What’s wrong Knox?”

“I don’t feel so good, can I stay with you and daddy?” He gave me the cutest face that I couldn’t resist while putting his head on my chest.

“Go stay with Grandma Liz.” I looked back at Kason glaring at him and felt Knox’s forehead, it was warm but I still wanted to check his temperature. Kason got out of the bed to get the medical bag I always brought with me out of my luggage.

“She went out with Grandpa Leo.” Leo and Kason’s mom got married two years ago and seemed to still be in the honeymoon stage of their marriage.

“Is your brother sleeping?” Kason asked handing me the thermometer.

“Yes.” He said before I placed the thermometer in his mouth.

“I’ll go check on him, while you take care of our little blocker.” He laughed walking out of the room, I threw a pillow at him as he walked out and took the thermometer out of Knox’s mouth.

“Does your throat hurt?”

“No, my head and tummy.”

“That’s good, you’re temperature is a little high though. I’m going give you some medicine then you can go to sleep.” Kason came back with a sleeping Kellan in his arms

“Might as well have both with us.” With both twins between us we all went to sleep.

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