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Chapter II


I was glad that Kason agreed to father my baby. And had been doing a lot of research to prepare for getting pregnant. One of those things was getting a check up to make sure we were both healthy. I made an appointment with a fertility doctor for Kason to get his sperm count checked. I know it may be extreme but I wanted to make sure we were in the clear to have a baby. I managed to tricked him into thinking the appointment was for me. Although I had already had mine last week. Because I knew how much he hated getting checkups that weren’t boxing related. Which is why he was glaring at me like a little kid that couldn’t get dessert.

“Will you stop looking at me like that?”

“No, why are we even doing this?” He asked as we sat in the waiting room. I watched him as he filled out the paperwork the receptionist handed him when we checked in.

“We’re making sure everything is okay for us to have a baby.”

“I’m pretty sure my boys and I are fine Amara.” he said with a huff

“We can never be too sure Kace.” A few minutes later the nurse called his name. Instead of sitting in the waiting room until he finished with his sample as I had planned he pulled me up to go with him. Telling the nurse that his lovely wife was his motivation. Once she gave him instructions and pointed to where we would go to speak with the doctor I smacked him.

“Hey if I’m going to suffer through this you’re going to have to make it enjoyable for me.”

“I’m not helping you jack off.”

“You in that dress is helping enough baby girl.”

“I told you to stop calling me that.”

“Us arguing is not helping.”

“Fine, what do you need me to do?”

“Remember that one night on the balcony of my penthouse.” He said smiling at me.

“We are not having sex right now,” I said glaring at him.

“No bend over and I’ll visualize the rest.” I held in my comeback and did as he asked, once he finished he came up behind me.

“Sure I can’t change your mind?”

“Forget about it Kason.” I stood up straight and left him to readjust himself. When he was ready we walked over to the exam room and waited for the doctor.

“I’m positive that you will get pregnant after our first or second try, extra rounds will be for insurance.”

“What do you mean ‘extra rounds’?” I asked him confused about what he was trying to imply.

“You do know where babies come from right Mara?” he asked me as if I were stupid.

“Of course I do I’m a -oh my god.” I put my face in my hands realizing what he meant.

“What, we’ve done it before. I see no problem with us doing it now. It makes since for us to have sex because the goal is to get you pregnant.”

“Kason we are not having sex to get me pregnant.”

“Then how else will you get pregnant.”

“The doctor will take your sperm and insert it with a syringe, no sex required.”

“You’re correct Dr. Simms, hi I’m Dr. Carter and you must be Mr. Miller.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to have sex. It’s what got both of us here and it seems like a much easier process. And more enjoyable for everybody.” He said to the doctor ignoring my glare.

“To be completely honest. Your chances of getting pregnant the first try with either method is the same. I recommend most of patients to try the natural way first if they are able. Then use the insemination method if they are going to have difficulties conceiving.”

“See the doctor agrees with me.”

“I’m not saying intercourse is the best option I’m saying both will give you the same result. It’s whatever you two are both comfortable with doing. Let’s run some tests then come back and talk about which option is best that you two want to try.” She continues on telling on us what we needed to do to increase our chances of getting pregnant. And then set up an appointment to discuss our test results for two weeks from now. Kason sat quiet the entire time and I knew he would want to know my reasoning for us not to have sex.


“What pissed you off today?” My trainer Leo asked after we finished our last set for the day. After my appointment with Amara I went straight to the gym to work off some of the frustration I had been feeling.

“Nothing,” I said wiping the sweat off my face with the towel he handed me.

“Man, you only train this hard when you are mad, what’s up?”

“It’s Amara.”

“Okay, what about Amara? She didn’t back with that idiot Marco did she?”

“No, hell no. She asked me to get her pregnant.”

“She what?!?!”

“Not in a groupie way, she feels a baby is missing in her life and asked me to be the father.”

“Why can’t she get a puppy?”

“She’s allergic to dogs, found that out when I bought her one a few years ago.”

“No offense but why did she choose you?”

“She trusts me and thinks I’d make a great dad to her kid. I would make a great dad right?” I asked, he was the only person I confided in about my father and fucked up past. So he knew my reservations about becoming a father. And why I had been so adamant about not getting in a serious relationship. I also considered him to be more of a father than my actual sperm donor so his opinion mattered the most to me.

“You’d make an awesome dad man. I’m happy that you want to do this, but you still haven’t told me what’s got you so pissed.”

“She wants to get inseminated.”


“The doctor takes my sperm and inserts it into Amara with a syringe.”

“Fancy, no feelings involved sounds like your type of deal. Unless you want to have sex with her. Do you want that type of complication added to your friendship?”

“I mean we’ve had sex before we became friends and a few times after and things aren’t complicated between us. What’d make this any different?”

“When the fuck did you two have sex?”

“After a few of my fights, we’d celebrate at my place or I’d help relieve some of her stress, no big deal.”

“This is different than a celebratory fuck or stress reliever Kason. You two are trying to conceive a baby that’s going to be apart of both of you Kason. There’s more emotions involved.”

“It’s the same thing as us having sex any other time but with no condom or worry about needing to buy Plan B pills.”

“You’ve gotten hit in the head too many times, there is a reason Amara doesn’t want you guys to have sex again. How long has it been since you two had sex?”

“Since before she got with Marco. Do you know something that I don’t know?”

“Not my place to tell if I did.”

“I’m going over to her place to talk to her.”

“Whatever you do, do not pressure her it’ll only make her rethink her decision.” He patted my shoulder before leaving me to think. I decide to visit Amara and talk to her after taking a shower and changing.

“Honey I’m home!”

“That key is for emergencies only.” She said looking away from what she was watching on tv. She moved over on her spot on the couch and I sat next to her, putting her feet in my lap and started massaging them.

“This is an emergency, why don’t you want us to have sex? We’ve done it before, what’s changed?” I said looking at her face to see her reaction.

“Nothing’s changed I want this to work.” She said ignoring eye contact.

“You’re hiding something from me, Amara Lynn.”

“No I’m not Kason Daniel and even if I did its none of your business.”

“It has something to do with that jackass Marco isn’t it.”

“No it has nothing to do with Marco, can we please drop it.” I knew she was lying when she tensed up on her side of the couch and moved her feet out of my lap. She often moved away from touch whenever someone mentioned Marco around her. Or asked about their breakup, I knew it was a sensitive subject for her but didn’t know why. From what I heard, she caught him cheating and ended things.

“You’re lying to me. What did that son of a bitch do to you, Amara?” The way she was acting let me know that Marco had done something to more than cheat on my best friend. And if he had put his hands on her, I was going to fuck up his already ugly face. At first, he and I were cool when they first started dating. But one day I heard the way he talked about her and saw how he treated her and it made me want to kill him. But I respected Amara’s wishes and stayed out if it because she cared for him.

“Tell me, Amara,” I said in a softer tone when I saw the tears in her eyes I knew something bad had happened.

“He used me as his personal punching bag, and one night he took things to far and I ended up in the hospital. After that, we broke up and he threatened to ruin you if I told anyone. Are you happy now?”

“Why didn’t you tell me anything?”

“I knew how you’d react and I didn’t want anything to happen to you. I know how much your career means to you and would never want your dream to end because of me.

“Don’t worry about me and my career. If anything were to happen I would be okay. I know I may be a pain in the ass sometimes but it’s because I love and care for you so much. I don’t want you to feel like you can’t tell me anything when you can.”

“I know, I was mad at myself for letting it go on for so long. I wanted to tell you but I didn’t know how.” By this point, she was sobbing so I pulled her closer to me on the coach and comforted her. When she finished she’d fallen asleep so I pulled a blanket over us and fell asleep with her in my arms. It was at that moment I knew I was falling deep for my best friend and couldn’t hide those feelings any longer. And in order for me to act on those feelings I needed to clean up my act. And show her that I could be more than the father of her baby.

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