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@killermiller 10 years of marriage and 6 kids later wifey still got it, might have to work on lucky #7 while on vacation. Happy Anniversary beautiful!

If anyone would’ve told me that Kason and I would be married with six kids, I’d told them that they were crazy and needed help. But now ten years into our marriage I’m happy. After the second set of twins were born, Arielle and Acacia. The fifth baby of the bunch and tie breaker Kane was born two years later. But our little princess Amaya being born a year and a half later was a big surprise coming a few months after my Nana had passed away. With a house full of curly haired babies and Kason retiring from boxing my life never had a dull moment and I loved it.

Kason wanted another baby and I wasn’t planning on having another baby anytime soon. My last two pregnancies were difficult and had me strict bed rest for most of my third trimester. I didn’t want to go through that again or have Kason that worried.

“We are not having any more kids Kason.”

“Come babe on, one more.”


“Babe, look at how cute they are.” He handed me a picture frame that he had of the kids on his nightstand each them were smiling and looked adorable in their matching outfits.

“Don’t use our children against me to get what you want.”

“We need a tie breaker.”

“No we don’t, you said that about the original one and I ended up pregnant again a year later with Amaya.”

“Can’t help the fact that I enjoy making babies with my wife.”

“Yes you can, it’s called a vasectomy.” He winced and grabbed his crouch at my suggestion.

“Ouch, you didn’t have to go there babe.”

“I’m being serious Kason I want you to get a vasectomy. Then you can have all the sex you want and I won’t have to worry about getting pregnant again.”

“But babe me and KJ have been through so much together.”

“Please tell me you did not nickname your penis KJ.”

“I did, but that’s besides the point.”

“Kason please, I know you want one more but I just don’t think it’d be a good idea. Kane and Amaya took a lot out of me and you hated seeing me so uncomfortable.”

“I know but you still managed to look beautiful every time.”

“There’s this thing called makeup.”

“Not funny, let’s make a deal. One more and then I’ll shut down the factory for good.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Good, while you think look at this picture. One more little one could be added with those cute smiles.” I hit him with a pillow before turning around to go to sleep. The next morning I woke up to an empty bed but could hear Kason in the bathroom, I smiled getting out of bed to join him. When I walked into the bathroom I took a moment to enjoy the view of my sexy husband before going in the shower to join him.

“Good Morning beautiful.” he said turning around to give me a kiss.

“Good Morning, I’ve been thinking about what you said.”

“You have?”

“One more and that’s it for real this time. You have to promise me that you’ll get a vasectomy.”

“I promise. What made you change your mind?”

“I had a dream.”

“What was it about?”

“Well we finally let the kids have a pet, but the pet was a blue fish.”

“You’re telling me that you decided to have another baby because you had a dream about a fish.”

“Yes, but you still have to keep your end of the deal.”

“I will but I think we should start trying right now.”

“Oh really.”

“Mhmm.” I smiled following him out of the shower and into the bedroom.

1 year later...

“Kason get up.” I tapped Kason on the shoulder trying to wake him up, as promised I was pregnant again with our last child and Kason got a vasectomy like he promised. We decided to wait to find out the sex of this baby so that we could be surprised when I gave birth. The kids were excited to get another brother or sister and had a little competition going on. All the girls thought it was a boy, and all the boys thought it was a girl.

“Are you in pain? Shit the baby’s coming, I’ll go get your bags and wake the kids.”

“No babe calm down, I’m not in labor.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

“I’m hungry.”

“Okay, what do you want?”

“Peanut butter and pickle sandwich please.”

“I can’t believe you like that.”

“It tastes good, and some ice cream would be nice to.”

“How about I give you some peanut butter ice cream and pickles.”

“That sounds pretty good actually, thanks babe.” He got out of bed and went into the kitchen.


“Daddy.” I looked up to see Arielle and Acacia walk into the kitchen. I couldn’t help but smile at my little girls in their matching pajamas.

“What are you two doing up?” I asked hoping they didn’t see the ice cream and wanted some to. Amara would kill me if she knew I gave them ice cream this late and I had a problem with saying no to my girls. They all had their mother’s eyes and I could never say no to her when I looked into them.

“We wanted to see if the new baby came yet.”

“Mommy and I have to go to the hospital and get the new baby.”

“Can we have ice cream to?” Arielle asked peeking up at me.

“It’s late and past your bed times.”

“Please daddy.” Acacia said giving me the puppy dog eyes I couldn’t say no to.

“I want ice cream to.” Next into the kitchen was Kane followed by Knox and Kellan, guess everybody had a craving for ice cream tonight.

“Alright you all get one scoop then it’s back to bed.”

“YAY!” they all said going to take a seat at the table

“I see what’s taking you so long. What are all you munchkins doing up?”

“Hi mommy!” the girls said getting up to give Amara a hug.

“They cornered me babe, and you know I can’t say no to them.” I said handing her, the ice cream she wanted.

“I know but after this everyone needs to brush their teeth and go back to bed.”

“Yes ma’am.” We all sat at the table and ate our ice cream enjoying the kids talk about random things. The main topic for discussion was names for the baby, we decided to let the kids pick the name for the new baby. We’d gotten some interesting suggestions but later came up with two choices, Analise Kameron if it’s a girl and Kolby Alexander if it’s a boy. As we all finished our ice cream something about Amara felt off.

“You alright babe?”

“Kace, baby.”


“Baby.” I knew what she meant when she looked me in the eyes I knew the baby was coming, after six kids I’d become a pro at this. I took a deep breath before giving each child a task to do.

“Alright guys remember when daddy said mommy has to go to the hospital to get the new baby, well we have to go now. Kellan call Grandma Miller, Knox call Grandma Simms tell them that mommy is going to have the baby. Ace and Ari I need for you to stay here and keep mommy company while I go upstairs. Yell for me if you need something, Kane you come upstairs and help me.”


“Yes bud.”

“Is mommy going to be okay?”

“She’s going to be fine, can you take your sister downstairs for me please.” He nodded and I grabbed Amara’s overnight bag then looked around to make sure that I had all the stuff we needed for the hospital before going downstairs. I loaded all the kids in the car with the help of Knox and Kellan then went back inside to help Amara into the car.

“Shit.” she said as another contraction hit

“You’ve been holding that one in.”

“Can’t scar our children.”

“The last Miller child will be born today.”

“You say it like it’s a bad thing.”

“It’s not but it feels weird knowing the next time we go to the hospital for a baby it’ll be because we’re going to be grandparents.”

“Well we’ve got years until that happens so enjoy this while it lasts.” I helped her into the car and we were headed to the hospital. After we made it to the hospital we got checked in and the kids sat with our parents while Amara went through labor. Out of all the children this one had to be the quickest to deliver, five hours later Kolby Alexander made his entrance into the world. The kids all made their way into the room and loved the sight of their little brother. I smiled at Amara glad that our family was complete.

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