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Chapter VIII


It had been a month since Amara and I decided to postpone the wedding until after the babies were born. It surprised me when she said she wanted to wait but I knew she wasn’t happy with the decision. So being the good man that I am, I called the wedding planner and planned a dream wedding for Amara. I still wasn’t able to get the venue she wanted but I was able to get something better.

When we were talking about places to have the wedding we had gone through a various amount of locations. Amara wanted a destination wedding but didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. Especially if they couldn’t afford plane tickets and a hotel. Since we didn’t plan on inviting a lot of people, I managed to get all flights and hotel arrangements settled. Everything was set except for her dress, which is why I needed the help of her friends to get her to go buy one. She hadn’t been in much of a mood to shop lately and I was sure it was because most of her clothes weren’t fitting her anymore.

As much as I tried to tell her how beautiful she was everyday. She needed someone other than me to tell her that and her friends were the ones to get the job done.

“I need your help.”

“What did you do wrong Kason?” Valarie asked

“Nothing I need you to distract Amara for a couple hours and brighten her mood a little bit.”

“What do you have up your sleeve Kason Miller?”

“I know Amara wanted to get married before having the babies so I’ve been working on making that wish come true. I need you to take her dress shopping and distract her for a couple hours while I get a few more details done. But don’t tell her a thing about the wedding I want to surprise her tomorrow.”

“What if she catches on?”

“Distract her, pregnancy brain is real and wrecking havoc on my fiancé.”

“Alright, but you better hook me up with one of your hot boxing buddies at the wedding.”

“I got you.”

“Bye Kason.”

“Bye she’ll have my card to pay for whatever you guys do, make sure she uses it. My girl deserves to a good spa day before her wedding day.”

After hanging up with Valarie I called the wedding planner. So that we could talk about all the last minute details for the wedding.

“Everything is set for tomorrow. I’m flying out tonight to make sure everything is set for the rehearsal dinner and to see if any guest have arrived.”

“Thank you so much Selene for getting all this done in such a short time.”

“No problem Kace, Amara deserves this and I’m glad you two finally got together.”

“Well I have to go get my tux, see you tomorrow.”

I hung up from her and went to my car to go meet up with the guys so that we could get our tuxes.

“Kason you are one smooth motherfucker. How did you manage to plan an entire wedding without Amara and the media knowing?” Jake asked looking at himself in the mirror.

“Well I have the best agent in the world. Who helps distract press whenever anything major needed to get done. And Amara knows about the wedding she doesn’t know that it’s in a few days.”

“I appreciate that comment Kason.”

“You’ve been there for me since my first fight and have always kept me out of trouble. Hell you all have had my back even when I was a complete jackass and didn’t have my shit together. The least I could do ask you guys to be groomsmen.”

“Amara’s pregnancy is making Kace soft.”

“Don’t get twisted I will still kick your ass.”

“We’re messing with you man, we are all happy for you and Amara. If anyone deserved all this happiness, it’s you two.”

“I appreciate it guys.” After we all finished getting fitted, we went out to eat then I left to go home.

Once I made it home I made sure that I put the tuxedo in my man cave. When I walked into the house I had to duck due to a vase almost hitting me in the head. This woman had a serious problem with throwing things at my head.

“What the fuck?”

“Are you cheating on me?”

“No Amara, why would you ask that?”

“Explain this.” She handed me her iPad.

Ain’t that a bi-!

Light weight champion Kasonthe Killer” Miller has been out with many women this week. All who were not his fiancé and looked real cozy with each of them. Word is that wedding plans have stalled making the relationship strained. Sources say this is because Kason still has feelings for his ex, Supermodel Melina Paul. That’s right the same ex who left Kason for his rival Marco Cruz. Paul ended the relationship with Cruz after his loss to Miller. It seems that the loss made her want the old thing back and Kason was feeling the same. If this is true, I hope he did not propose to his girlfriend because she got pregnant. I am down with the swirl and hope that these two work it out.

“Babe I am not cheating on you.”

“Who are those women? And have you been talking to Melina?”

“They’re Sam’s assistants, they’ve been helping with a big project I have coming up. And I haven’t spoken to Melina since that day at the restuarant.”

“What project?”

“I can’t tell you but I promise when you find out what it is I’m working on you will love it.”

“You better not be lying to me Kason Daniel.”

“I’m not Amara, come on Valarie is going to take you dress shopping then you guys can go to the spa.”

“I don’t feel like trying on dresses babe.”

“Please for me.”

“Only if you come with us.”

“I can’t, the groom isn’t supposed to see the dress and I also have somethings I need to finish up with Sam.”

“Fine, I doubt I’ll find a dress I want but I’ll go.”

“That’s my girl. Take my card to pay for everything. Have fun alright, I love you and I’ll see you when you get home.” I gave her a kiss and made sure she was gone before making a few phone calls.


“Something is up with Kason and he’s not telling me.”

“Why would you think that?” Val said looking through the rack of dresses. I wasn’t sure why she wanted me to try on maternity gowns or any gown for that matter.

“Someone sent me a link to an article and got me thinking about his strange behavior. Kason might be cheating on me Val.”

“No he’s not, trust me when I say you have that man whipped.”

“So it could all be a front this is a guilt shopping trip and spa day. He never gives me his card. He comes home late some nights and when he gets a phone call he walks out of the room. Kason is cheating on me Val.”

“You do realize that you’re talking a bunch of shit right. You guys are about to be husband and wife, what’s his is yours and what’s yours is his. He’s”

“Still doesn’t feel right.”

“Come on everyone is waiting for you to try on dresses.”

“What do you mean everyone? The wedding isn’t for months.”

“Come on, we all wanted to get our dresses now since everyone is in town this weekend.”


“Stop stressing, it’s bad for my nephews.”

“I’m not stressing over anything- oh that dress is so pretty. To bad it’ll fit different after I give birth.” I said pointing at a lace mermaid style dress that had thick straps and wasn’t too puffy at the bottom. I knew with my baby bump any dress that clung to my body wouldn’t look good so I didn’t bother to bring it to the dressing room.

“Why don’t you try it on to see.”

“No what’s the point in getting my hopes up when I know it’ll look ugly on me.”

“You must be Miss. Simms, I’m Luana I’ll be helping you today. Your party has started trying on some of the dresses you picked and are waiting for you to see them. Did you want me to add this dress to your dressing room?”

“Yes please. Come on, you’re getting married be happy.” Val said before I could tell Luana no.

“Fine, I’ll try on the damn dress.”

“Yay, let’s look some more.”

We picked out two more dresses and then went to see my other bridesmaids. Valerie was my maid of honor and Tiffany was my matron of honor. My bridesmaids consisted of Cyrene, a sorority sister I was close to and my cousin Alyssa. We went with simple dresses since the venue we wanted was near a beach. The dresses were blush and also gave them enough room to have fun on the dance floor. I also had a seamstress come in to make adjustments to the dresses so that it fit to each of their bodies.

The first dress I tried on my mother picked and it looked terrible on me, the second dress couldn’t zip which made me cry. When it came to the last dress I didn’t even want to try it on but my mom and Val managed to convince me to.

“Amara you look amazing.” Alyssa said when I walked out in the last dress. I admit it was beautiful but I knew that it wouldn’t look the same on me after I gave birth. Which only mad me sad because my original plan was to get married before having the babies.

“This dress could be the one.” Luana said adjusting the dress on me.

“It could but by the time the wedding happens my body will be a lot different after giving birth.”

“It’s still a beautiful gown Mara, what about this one?” Tiffany said holding up another gown that I hadn’t seen when I was looking.

I tried the dress on and was in love with it the moment I saw myself in the mirror.

“By the look on your face I can tell this is the one.”

“I love it.” I couldn’t stop smiling after we left the dress shop and went to get something to eat then went to the spa. Where I got a nice massage, manicure, and pedicure. When I got home Kason was on the phone but hung up as soon as he saw me.

“I see you got your dress.”

“Yeah, I’m going to go put it in the closet and don’t you dare try to peak.”

“I won’t. I was thinking we could order your favorite Chinese for dinner.”

“You hate that place.”

“I like their egg rolls.”

“Mhmm. You’re up to something and I’m going to figure it out.”

“Those hormones have you thinking things babe.” Little did I know my gut was right and I was in for a huge surprise.

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