Her Irksome Admirer (Love and Lust #2)

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Chapter 11

Her eyes were closed and she had stopped breathing. Her skin felt on fire and she was overwhelmed. His mouth was hard on hers. Punishing and demanding.

Her first real kiss.

He broke off, keeping his body pressed to hers.

" Kiss me, Zara.“, he murmured into her ear, not letting an ounce of space come between them.

Unconsciously, she began pushing against him. It was ineffective. He bent his head and dropped a soft kiss on her lips. This time she was shocked to realize, her own had puckered up.

" Open your mouth.“, he said again, his voice rough, like the stubble that was brushing her sensitive skin.

Zara tried to turn away, the alarm bells going off in her head. He didn’t let her. His fingers delved into her hair that she had let down for the evening and he grasped her tightly. The next moment, his thumbs dropped to her jaw and pressed down, opening her mouth. That was all he needed.

Zara let out a muffled cry when his lips descended on hers again and she felt the tip of his tongue invade her mouth. The cry morphed into a soft moan. It seemed to encourage him. He kissed her repeatedly, unknowingly breaking down all her defenses as she felt her head get lighter. He smelled like aftershave and coffee and before she knew it, Zara began to respond.


He felt it the minute she relaxed in his grip. A low groan erupted from his chest and he deepened the kiss, trying like hell to be gentle.

She was soft all over and fit perfectly in his arms, like she was made for him. Teasing his tongue along the crease of her lips, he suddenly pushed through harder and was rewarded. His tongue searched the recesses of her mouth. She tasted sweet and tangy. Grasping a fistful of her thick hair, he tilted her head to get the perfect fit. Trailing one hand down her body, he skimmed her breast, feeling the edges of the sequins on the top.

His erection was cradled between her legs and he desperately wanted to throw her over his shoulder and take her home where he could spend the rest of the night with her in his arms. He had figured out by now that she didn’t know how to kiss. He tried hard not to think of what it meant. So he froze when he felt her tongue hesistantly touch his.

Oh fucking hell.

He snaked his arm around her waist, settling it on the swell of her butt and then he squeezed. She arched into him and he felt her arms wind themselves around his neck. At the same time, it was as if she had shed all her inhibhitions.

The next second, her mouth had opened wider, giving him unhindered access and she was kissing him harder, her fingers tugging on his hair.

He grabbed hold of her and lifted her up, hooking her legs around his waist, simultaneously making it easier for them to kiss inspite of the height difference. Pressing her into the wall, he kissed her like he had always fantasized. The only sound he heard was the pleasurable ragged breaths that she drew in and the pounding of the blood in his ears. His hands were free to explore and he didn’t waste any time.

Slipping them inside her shirt, he ran his fingers over her soft belly. She wasn’t toned like most of the girls he had slept with in the past. Moving higher, he shuddered when his fingers found the outline of her ribcage. Her skin erupted in goosebumps and through the haze, he felt smugness.

His kisses became gentle. She didn’t seem to like it. She murmured a soft protest, her teeth biting down on his lower lip. It turned into a gasp when his fingers grazed the curve of her breasts. He pushed his erection against her core, trying to ease the pain and arouse her at the same time. It didn’t take much, he realized. She was very responsive. She broke away from his lips and collapsed against the wall, her fingers digging into his shoulders.

" Let me touch you, Zara.“, he rasped into her ear, his body tethering on the verge of losing control as he cupped a breast in his palm, marvelling at the perfect fit.

She didn’t seem to register his words. He opened his eyes to find hers closed, her head thrown back against the wall, her lower lip caught between her teeth. He felt his cock jerk at the sight.

Her neck was open for him. Leaning down, he kissed the hollow at her throat, feeling her pulse beat wildly.

" I need to touch you, Zara.“, he was begging.

Trailing his lips to her nape, he bit down on the flesh, her moan sounding like music to his ears.

" Do you like that?“, he did it again, this time harder.

Her fingers in his hair tightened and he felt the sting of the pull. His hand squeezed the breast it held.

"Oh.“, she gasped as he felt her begin to grind atop him.

His fingers bit into her waist.
Slowly, he trailed his hand down her stomach to the waist band of her jeans, his thumb carressing her skin. He sucked on her skin, licking it like a starved man. Her hair teased his nose and she tilted her head to give him easier access. He sucked till he knew it would leave a mark. Only then did he let go. Pressing his forehead to hers, he took short breaths, his libido demanding that he sink into her right now.

" I didn’t like him touching you.“, he confessed, the ache in his chest needing to be relieved.

She instantly froze in his arms.

Her eyelids fluttered open. Dark grey eyes stared at him in confusion. She didn’t answer.

" I’ve never felt this way before.“, he said softly, his mind and heart confused at the realization that for the first time in his life, he had gotten jealous.

His eyes implored hers, ” Do you feel anything at all for me?”

He cringed at the way he sounded. Desperation and insecurity laced his words and the look in her eyes told him that she had heard it.

And yet she didn’t answer him.

He felt the first hint of discomfort. Was he wasting his time? Between the two of them was he the only one with this shit in his head?

He shut his eyes as he felt his heart slow down. He had to get out of there.


The words were soft. His eyes flew open.

Zara was staring at him, apprehension stark clear in her eyes. For the first time since he’d known her, she looked vulnerable. She looked away from him instantly, focusing on his collar.

Nathaniel felt the first flare of hope.

" Say that again.“, he asked softly, leaning forward, his lips almost touching hers.

She looked at him and then shifted in his arms.


He cut her off with his mouth. They kissed in a frenzy, each trying to show the other that they were truly being honest.

Nathaniel tightened his arms around her, breathing easily for the first time in a long while.

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