Her Irksome Admirer (Love and Lust #2)

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Chapter 15

When she woke up the next morning, the first thing Zara felt was the sweat on her brow. Her body felt overheated and for a second she panicked and assumed that she had somehow gotten a fever. When her eyes adjusted to the morning light, she found herself staring at the lavender colored wall. It was only when she shifted, trying to get more comfortable, that she realized something was pressing down on her, the source of the scorching heat that seemed to seep right through her tshirt.

Her eyes popping open in confusion and fear, she abruptly turned around and began pushing.
A second later she heard a low groan and then a cry of surprise as something landed with a dull thud on the floor.

“What the fuck?!”

Zara clamped a hand over her mouth when she realized her mistake. Staring over the edge of the bed, she watched Nathaniel sit up and look around in a dazed manner. When he turned and caught her staring at him, his eyes narrowed.

Zara started in a breathless voice, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize it was you-”

“Did you just-“, he interrupted her, his mouth open, already straightening up, a look of utter disbelief on his face.

"Sorry!“, she snapped, her mind hyperactive when she realized she had, for the first time in her life, woken up in bed with a guy and he had just seen her morning face which she knew wasn’t a pretty picture.

Without further ado, she scrambled off the bed, her hair a mess around her face and practically ran to the bathroom before he could say anything more or make a grab for her.

Shutting the door, she leaned against it.

Holy crap!

Last night came rushing to her and she felt her cheeks get warm.

He had given her an orgasm.

An amazing one.

She locked the door and then went to stand before the mirror.

Her eyes were puffy, her lips swollen and her hair stuck out in limp strands all over her damn face.


Absolutely fucking great.

He probably didn’t want to see her after this.


“Zara open the fucking door.”

She jumped, toothbrush in her mouth when she heard Nathaniel’s voice hiss through the door. Relieved that she had secured it before, she turned back to the mirror and continued her routine without bothering to answer him.


She rinsed her mouth.

“Go away!“, she yelled.

“Why the heck would you lock me out?“, he screamed back.

“Why do you think?”


When he didn’t respond and merely tried the handle of the door, unsuccessfully, she took a deep breath and began brushing her hair, determined to make herself look presentable.

The swollen lips and puffy eyes couldn’t be helped.

Midway, she frowned at her reflection.

Why the fuck was she beginning to care about what Nathaniel thought about the way she looked?

Because you fucking like him!


For a girl who hadn’t ever had a boyfriend, it was unnerving that she felt at ease around Nathaniel, so much so that she had spent the night in the same bed with him, with her clothes on.

Was it because she had seen him so vulnerable last night? Did that make her defenses shut down or was it just him?

She began brushing her hair all over again.

Just go with the flow, Zara.

She saw her father’s face smiling down at her mum’s on their wedding day. And then the same face looking at them as though they were a curse, an extra weight to get rid of as quickly as possible.

And don’t let your heart get hurt.

She tied her hair in a band at the base of her neck, brushing away a few unruly strands. Dark grey eyes stared back at her. She knew what she had to do.

The wall around her heart would stay.


Nathaniel was in the midst of making coffee when he heard the door open.

He quickly poured out two cups for both of them and then turned around.

He bumped straight into Zara.

She looked up at him in confusion and slight diffidence.

“Sorry”, she mumbled as she made to move past him.

His hand shot out and grabbed her upper arm, pulling her back and taking her in his arms.

“Good morning.“, he smiled down at her upturned face.

She remained stiff, her hands on his covered chest.

“Morning.“, she said with a slight smile.

Nathaniel frowned.

“Are you pissed at me?”

Her eyes widened in surprise.

“What? No!“, she attempted to push him away.

When his grip didn’t loosen, she slumped back.

“Breakfast isn’t going to prepare itself.“, she snapped, her grey eyes settling on his lips for a second before she hastily looked away, her cheeks turning a slight shade of pink. He smirked.

Her eyes fell on the coffee pot and she paused.

“You made coffee.“, she sounded like she couldn’t believe it.

His hand travelled lower before they settled on the swell of her butt.

“You’re anxious.“, he said, leaning down and pressing a kiss to her forehead, letting his lips stay there.

If it was possible, she stiffened even more.

“I’m not.“, she snapped again.

“Yes you are.”

“Let me go.”

“I don’t think I can do that.”

“Why the fuck not?”

He laughed at the way she could get riled up so easily.

“Maybe because you haven’t kissed me yet.”

She went still in his arms, her breaths increasing in pace.

“You haven’t brushed your teeth.“, she stated a bit breathlessly.

“I just finished a cup of coffee.“, he shifted his lips to her ear and nipped the delicate flesh. “My breath is the last thing you need to be worried about.“, he laughed into her ear.

His arms tightened around her when she trembled. God, she was so reponsive. He craved it already.

“I really need to g-get some breakfast going.“, she seemed in a daze, her body seeming to counterreact.

Her arms slipped around his waist and her head tilted to one side, bringing her mouth to his.

Nathaniel leaned back and looked at her. Really looked.

Her eyes were half shut. Her mouth slightly open. Her breath fanning his skin.

He wanted her like this when he finally sunk inside her.

His cock pulsed with need, straining against the fly of his jeans.

“Do you want me to kiss you, Zara?“, he murmured in a husky voice, his fingers caressing her neck.

He felt it the moment she leaned into him fully. His arm caught her waist and he secured her body to his. She was pressed up against him in all the right places and he had to control the urge to move his hand lower and cup her between her legs.


“Yes.“, she breathed, her face tilted up, completely at his mercy.

He took in a ragged breath when her fingers slipped inside his tshirt and she gripped his lower back.

“Open your eyes.“, his voice was rough.

They fluttered open and those grey irises stared back at him.

“I’m going to fuck you soon.“, he bit out, shocked at his own crudeness.

Her eyes widened for a fraction of a second and she looked surprised.

It disappeared when he leaned down and kissed the corner of her mouth.

She let out a tiny moan in response, her stomach pressing harder against his bulge.

He felt the need to keep going.

“I’m going to strip you naked and lick every inch of your warm sweet skin.“, he stepped forward, taking her with him.

She tightened her hold on him, only to keep from falling. His hand cupped her neck and he dug his fingers into her waist.

“I want everything, Zara.“, he growled as he took two more steps forward and she was pressed against the marble surface of the counter.

He lifted her up and placed her on top, coming to stand between her legs.

The hand that held her neck slipped down, between her breasts, across her soft stomach and then he cupped the spot he wanted so desperately.

“I want to taste your pussy.“, he growled almost animal-like at the same time that he bit into her shoulder, eliciting a whimper from her. Her fingers caught in his hair as she pressed his face more firmly to her skin.

Nathaniel stroked his thumb over her sex, his tongue licking a trail to her ear.

“Would you like that, darling?“, he whispered into her ear, kissing it once and then leaning back to look at her.

She had her bottom lip between her teeth and he watched in fascination as she moved forward, burying her face in his neck and moved her hips at the same time.

He groaned in surprise and elation when she reached down between them and took his hand, pressing it more firmly against her core.

He almost came in his pants when she moaned out loud and he felt the dampness beneath his fingers.

“You are so fucking responsive.“, he growled.

He reeled back in shock when she deftly undid his jeans. Before he could stop her, the little witch had slipped her hand inside his boxers and her fingers enclosed his shaft.


His head dropped down to her shoulder.

He was rock hard and she was fumbling, her fingers losing their grip when he stroked her harder, feeling the dampness between her legs increase till she was wet. Her hot skin on his cock felt like heaven and he was on the verge of losing it, when she began taking strokes. Hesitant and novice strokes.

It turned him on even more.

Her breath was hot against his neck and his mouth was open on her shoulder.

On impulse, he lifted her shirt and began to slip his hands inside her shorts. But her arm shot out and stopped him.

He growled in anger.

“What the fucking hell-”

She leaned back and looked at him almost pleadingly.

He wasn’t letting go.

“Get your hand away, Zara.“, he fumed.

She shook her head in a silent protest.

“Why can’t I fucking touch you when you can have my cock in your tight little- shit!”

She had just stroked the head with her thumb. He could swear he saw her smile when he gripped the table with one hand and grabbed her through the material of her shorts.

She moved her hand twice only, her mouth latching onto the side of his neck.

Nathaniel pressed his thumb to her mound, desperately trying to make her come before him.

But then she licked his skin and stroked at the same time and he lost it.

His hand grabbed her junction hard as he spurted warm, sticky semen onto her hand, expletives pouring out of his mouth.

He clung to her with need. Only then did he feel the pulsing between her legs and realize that she was coming with him.

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