Her Irksome Admirer (Love and Lust #2)

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Chapter 29

They didn’t speak much through dinner.

Words seemed to weigh them down and were a hindrance to other things.

Like touching.

It felt like an invisible thread had bound them together.

Finn didn’t let go of her hand. She didn’t ask him to.

He had changed, gotten rid of his shirt and trousers and was wearing a tshirt with a pair of shorts similar to the ones she was wearing.

Zara had texted Susan to let her know where she was, assuring her that she’d explain everything once she got home.

The pizza arrived shortly.

Finn had tugged her to him where he sat on the couch.

With her legs tucked beneath her, Zara had helped herself to a slice, her appetite long gone.

Finn’s hand ran up the length of hers a few times, before he laid it at her waist.

The silence was heavy. The only sound coming from the occasional traffic that passed by below.

When they were done, she helped him dispose off the empty cartons, her limbs feeling weary.

Finn had led her to the master bedroom, ushering her in.

They went over to the bed at the centre of the room.

Zara climbed atop it and sat down, resting against the headboard. Finn followed her, coming to rest beside where she sat.

“Do you want a glass of water or something?“, he asked, his hand adjusting the frame of his glasses.

Zara shook her head, leaning against him.

“I’m fine, thanks.”

He pulled her closer, his head resting atop hers.

Zara placed her hand on his thigh, palm facing upward.

She felt it when he relaxed even more, placing his palm on top of hers.

“When will you tell them that you’re taking the job?”

His breath tickled her forehead.

“Tomorrow, when I get to work.”

She was silent.

Then he surprised her.

“Have you ever been in love, Zara?”

She stilled, her thumb tracing his knuckles.

Tilting her head up to look at him, she pursed her lips.

“No. Have you?”

Finn kept his eyes focused on her as he took off his glasses and placed it on the bedside table.


Zara blinked, her mind straying to her parents for a second.

Had her dad ever been in love with her mom?

Beside her Finn was speaking.

“I wasn’t the most sociable person when I was a teenager.“, he said with a slight smile.

Zara couldn’t stop her lips from curving.

“It’s hard to imagine that.“, she said softly.

He laughed.

“No, I’m serious. Talking to girls freaked me out.”

Zara placed her hand on his chest, her fingers feeling the vibrations when he spoke.

He covered her hand with his.

“I remember this time I had been dared by a friend in school to ask a pretty girl out for the school dance, I barely managed to walk up to her without breaking a sweat.”

Zara laughed.

“You’ve got to be joking! Any member of the female species would have to be crazy not to agree to go out with you.“, she said.

Finn ran his fingers through the hair that had come lose at the back of her neck.

“Do you really think that?“, he whispered teasingly, his gaze darting to her mouth that was easily within his reach.

Zara retained her position, loving the light banter between them.

“Yes.“, she murmured, biting her lower lip suggestively.

Finn froze for a second and then he chuckled.

“You little nymph.”

Zara laughed when he slipped his fingers inside her band, untying it deftly, making her dark hair fall loosely around her face.

"Finn!“, she exclaimed, trying in vain to reach for the band that he hid behind his back, clenched in his fist.

He hugged her to his side, not giving her any opportunity to squirm out of his hold.

“I love your hair like this.“, he said.

Zara stopped.

“Do you?”

He kissed the tip of her nose.

“Uh huh. Very much.”

Zara blushed when he sifted his fingers through her locks again.

“I’m going to miss you so much.“, the words were out of his mouth the very next second.

The playful retort died on her lips.

When she looked at him, she realized he was surprised himself.

He hadn’t meant to say it out loud.

Zara felt the pain in her chest resurface.

“I’ll miss you too.“, she whispered, her hand wrapping around his waist, her head dropping to his shoulder.

Finn suddenly shifted, bringing her between his legs, so that she was surrounded by his body.

“I can’t believe this is actually happening.“, he muttered, his arms wrapping her in an embrace.

Zara trembled.

“Are you cold?“, he asked.

“No.“, she said quickly.

He pulled the sheets up around their tangled legs.

Zara pulled it further, bringing it to her waist.

“Have I told you that you smell like sunshine?”

Zara’s head whipped around to meet his gaze.

“No.“, she said in surprise.

Finn shrugged and kissed her shoulder through the tshirt.

“You do.”

Zara leaned back against him and he instantly had his face in her hair.

“I like the way you kiss me.“, he said again.

This time Zara turned to her side, looking up at him.

“You do?“, she asked in stunned surprise and elation.

Finn nodded.

He lifted his hand, placing a finger over her lips. Slowly he traced the cupid’s bow of her upper lip.

Zara felt a pleasurable tingle snake up her spine.

“Like you really want to.“, he murmured, his thumb now tracing her full bottom lip.

Zara puckered her lips and kissed his fingers.

She watched, stunned, when his eyes seemed to turn a dark shade of blue.

“What else do you like?“, she couldn’t help asking.

His words were making her feel all warm and lovely and she didn’t want him to stop.

She had a few confessions of her own.

Finn smiled.

“I like how you listen, really listen to me when I’m speaking. It’s very attractive.“, he kissed her temple.

Zara waited.

“You make me think that loving is easy.”

She froze when she saw the sincerity, the honesty in his eyes.

Her heart swelled.

“I like the way you make me feel when you’re holding me close.“, she whispered, sitting up straighter.

Finn stared at her, the rise of his chest quickening in frequency.

“I love how you kiss my eyebrow.“, she smiled.

His chest rumbled in a light chuckle, as he leaned in and did just that.

Zara pushed him back firmly, determined to finish what she had to say.

“I’m eternally grateful that you came to my apartment that day. The day I questioned you about your intentions.“, she repeated his words, smiling ruefully.

His smile evaporated.

Zara leaned in and placed a tender kiss on the corner of his mouth.

Before she could move away, Finn caught her face in his hands, tilted his head and kissed her square on the mouth.

Zara lost her grip on the sheets.

Her fingers grasped his wrists.

The kiss was sweet, unhurried, lingering.

Finn kissed her repeatedly, tracing his tongue over the contours of her mouth, licking the corners that lifted in a smile.

In the back of her mind, Zara knew that whatever life brought her way, Finn was the one of the persons she’d always be grateful for.

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