Her Irksome Admirer (Love and Lust #2)

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Chapter 42

Susan picked up Amy’s sleeping form in her arms as she stepped out of the car. “Where’s your mom, Zara?“, she questioned, watching as Matt got out the bag having Amy’s clothes and the two new Barbies that Zara had purchased for her.

Nathaniel stroked his thumb across the back of Zara’s palm, his dark gaze settled on the top of her head. “Does she know about us?“, he asked her softly, his breath causing the strands of hair on the top of her head to flutter. He saw the telltale blush coating her cheeks and felt a surge of triumph and relief at the sight. He was making progress.

She looked up at him and gave him an almost shy smile. “Yeah, I spoke to her last night and mentioned that you were coming.” She paused in her stride and regarded him uncertainly, “Is that okay?”

Nathaniel had to fight the urge to wipe off the doubtful expression from her face with his lips. Instead he settled for a peck on her temple. “It’s perfect.“, he smiled at her before gathering her to him, tucking her into his shoulder.

Matt reached the door first. Before he could press the buzzer on the frame, the door was flung open and a petite woman with dark hair and a bright smile beamed at them, her eyes lighting up when she caught sight of Zara.

“Hey, mom.“, Zara waved, as Nathaniel let go of her, making his way toward the porch.

The woman hugged Matt, planting a kiss on his cheek and then wrapped Susan in a fierce hug, her eyes gazing down fondly at Amy who was asleep on her shoulder, her thumb in her mouth.

Finally she took Zara in, burying her face in her hair and kissing her soundly.

“I’m so glad you’ll are here for Thanksgiving this year!“, she looked at Nathaniel pointedly, a hint of amusement in her eyes.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Taylor.“, Nathaniel extended his hand out to her, feeling as nervous as he had been on his first date with Zara.

Zara’s mother merely looked at him, her eyes never wavering.

“What are your intentions with regards to my daughter, young man?”


Ignoring Zara’s outburst, her mother almost glared at Nathaniel.

He didn’t flinch nor was he surprised. It was the least that could be expected from a parent who had a child like Zara.

Unrepentantly, he grinned.

“I just want to see her happy.”

For just a second, he thought he saw her eyes soften, but it was gone just as quickly.

“Good. Because if you hurt her, ever, I will make you wish you hadn’t met her.“, she said.

Behind her, Susan and Matt were staring between the three of them with wide eyes.

Nathaniel smiled, “I promise you it won’t come to that.” Not in this lifetime or the next.

She held his gaze for a few seconds more and then she smiled at him, the way she had smiled at the others.

“Come on here.“, she extended her arms.

He felt like a child again, his gaze automatically searching Zara’s. He saw her stifle her laughter and he felt his heart soar at the sight. Yes, he was a goner when it came to her.

Her mother stepped back and touched his cheek, “Call me Rachel.”

Then she turned her attention to Amy, crooning and exclaiming how beautiful the little girl was. Nathaniel followed them inside the house, grabbing Zara’s hand as she moved past him.

“Where do you think you’re going?“, he teased softly, bringing her palm to his mouth. She gave him a look of censure, glancing back to look at the others as they moved away.

“Inside?“, she responded in a huff, her eyes dancing with humor. He smiled, his lips quirking at one end. “Sorry about my mom.“, she apologized quickly, watching as he placed a kiss in the centre of her palm, his lips lingering there, brushing against her skin and sending an arrow of heat straight up her arm.

“Don’t be.“, he kissed her wrist bringing her to him for just a moment before following her through the door.

“She’s just a bit protective.“, Zara said softly, her fingers linked with his as he lay his arm over her shoulder.

“I get that and I admire it-“, he began. Then he tilted her chin toward him and ran his thumb over her lower lip. “Since I’m the only one you’ll ever have.“, he teased, chuckling when he saw her eyes narrow in warning.

“Don’t count on it.“, she pushed at his side, a slight smile on her face.

Still laughing, he caught her face in his palms and placed a lingering kiss on her full lips.

“Mmmm. I do. I totally do.“, he whispered against the corner of her mouth.

“W-what?“, her voice came out breathy, husky.

He couldn’t stop himself from smiling wide. “I’m counting on it.“, he said before he kissed her again, this time slowly and thoroughly, glad that they had a moment alone.

Her arms had just begun circling his neck when he heard his name being called out. Suppressing a groan, he pulled back and stared at Zara’s upturned face, her lips in a half-pout, begging to be kissed. Before he could fall to temptation, again, he bent his head to her neck and bit her lightly. Her eyes sprang open as she let out a soft protest. Glaring at him, she lifted her hand to punch him in the chest. He simply captured her much smaller fist in his own and brought it to the heat of his mouth, the tip of his tongue darting out for a quick taste. He saw her eyes widen and then the flush of color crept up her cheeks, turning her skin a shade of pink. Swearing under her breath, Zara pushed at him and stomped away, leaving a chuckling Nathaniel behind her.


The inconspicuous van on the road outside the house continued for a few meters before it took a short turn and veered off the road in a dirt path that was used very infrequently. The man at the wheel, his eyes, mottle red and beady, took in the surroundings. He ran his fingers through his cropped hair, a spattering of dirty blond. His clothes, a leather jacket and pants, clung to his body with sweat. The interior of the vehicle stank of cigarette smoke and the stench of drugs. He hardly noticed the syringes thrown at the other end of the seat. A thick wad of dollars, spilled out of the glove compartment.

He had seen her today, after almost a week of waiting.

In his pants, he felt the swell of his cock, a release that he desperately needed. He had watched the taller guy who seemed to follow her everywhere. They seemed to be a thing.

So she was right.

The other couple were of little importance to him. So was the child.

He thought about the raven haired one. He fantasized about her wanting him. Her lush curves, her perfect ass. She was just what he liked. He had seen her kiss the taller guy, had seen him kiss her. What would she feel like?

He thought about grabbing her perfect tits, making her scream as he slapped her again and again.

His cock hardened to the point of pain, the image of the raven haired girl underneath him, in his power, making him lose all control.

He often indulged in his fantasies, but never twice in the same place. It was too risky.

But he knew that they liked it. Loved it even, when he battered their bodies mercilessly.

There was a thin line between pain and pleasure. And he would cross it. Move way beyond it.

With her.

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