Her Irksome Admirer (Love and Lust #2)

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Chapter 52

Nathaniel shifted in bed, his arm reaching out on his side to touch Zara. His eyes flew open when he came in contact with empty space.

He sat up so quick, his head spun. He heard the sound of water running in the bathroom and his shoulders slumped in relief. He lay back down on the bed, stretching his arms over the pillow.

He heard the door to the bathroom open slowly and he turned his head in that direction. He saw Zara holding a sheet tight around her chest, the edge dragging along the floor, as she shut the door behind her. She was trying to be quiet and it wasn’t working. He smiled when he saw the mess her hair was in. he vaguely remembered running his fingers through the dark strands till he could finally sleep.


She turned to look at him, her eyes going wide in surprise. “Hey, I didn’t mean to wake you.” She said in a soft voice, making her way toward the bed.

He sat up when she reached it, his hands going to the sheet around her body. He slipped his fingers underneath her arm that held it tight and tugged on the material.

Zara laughed when he pried the sheet open, letting it fall around her waist, simultaneously putting his hands on her hips and pulling her to him. “When did you wake up?” He murmured against her mouth right before he kissed her, morning breath and all.

He hummed lightly, letting his palms roam over her body, holding her close to him. “A while ago.” She smiled when he kissed her cheek, one palm coming to her front and enclosing her breast. His cock jerked. God, she felt so perfect.

He stroked his thumb across her nipple and her arms around his neck tightened. Nathaniel leaned back and looked at her. Waking up naked with Zara was his favorite moment now.

“Hmmm.. how do you feel?” He asked, settling her between his thighs, her center brushing very lightly against his cock.

“I’m okay.” She smiled at him, letting her palms come to rest on his chest.

“Do you feel sore?”

He saw the rise of a slight blush. She shrugged. “Just a little. Not too much.”

Scooting over closer, she kissed his throat. “We could do it again today.” She looked up at him, her grey eyes slightly wide.

Nathaniel could swear that his cock stood at attention instantly. He groaned and covered her mouth in a kiss. “Zara, you’re killing me.”

He felt her smile against his lips, her hand already slipping down his chest and stomach, down to his groin and then he felt the brush of her fingertips against his erect cock. She wrapped her palm around him and Nathaniel cursed when he felt precum slip down the head onto her fingers.

Zara let out a soft sound of surprise when he broke the kiss, slipping one hand between her legs and cupping her mound.

He almost growled when he felt her spread her legs even wider, moving closer to him. He let his fingers play with her folds, his other hand cupping the back of her head to tilt it so that he could kiss her better. When she moaned into his mouth, he slipped his thumb over her clit, slipping his finger into her entrance.

Zara’s palm around his shaft tightened and she began moving, her grip turning him on more than he thought possible.

Nathaniel groaned when his finger entered her with hardly any resistance. “You’re wet already.” He said with approval, his hips jerking when her pace increased.

“I was dreaming about you.” She said softly, kissing him back with hunger, her tongue licking his.

Nathaniel rubbed her walls, strumming her clit in a steady pattern. “What did you dream?”

He heard Zara draw in a breath. “I dreamed of having you inside me and I remember never having felt so full and complete before.” She moaned against his lips.

Nathaniel dropped his forehead to hers. “Fuck, baby. That was a good dream.” He chuckled lowly, but it turned into a sharp hiss when she rubbed her thumb across the head of his cock, making him leak more precum.

“I dreamed of kissing you,” she said again, “right here.” She cupped his sac with her other hand.

Nathaniel bit back a shout when he felt her fumbling touch. God, her inexperience was so fucking appealing. He loved that he was her first.

He knew that he was going to be her last.

He tilted her chin and kissed her hard, biting her lip and then licking the sting away. His fingers continued teasing her center, repeating the moves that made her wetter. Her hips moved on their own, pressing down on the heel of his palm when he slipped another finger inside her. He was relieved when he could move in further and the action didn’t make her gasp out in pain.

“Zara, you little nymph.”

He saw her smile in return. He teased her clit, rubbing it lightly for a second before he slipped his fingers inside her body, massaging the spots that made her moan out loud.

He could feel the pressure build up in his balls, the ache of release overpowering his control. Zara was moving her palm over his length, rubbing him in just the right fucking way.

Nathaniel opened his eyes and looked down between them. He saw his fingers coated with her desire as they moved in and out of her. So fucking good.

“Kiss me, Zara.” He said quietly, watching her mouth open slightly when he crooked his fingers inside her and rubbed a spot inside her. Her eyes opened slightly, her fingers grabbing his jaw and then she leaned forward, kissing his chin before moving to his mouth. The sweet pressure of her mouth made him lose control completely. He groaned when the first spurt of his seed landed on her inner thigh.

“I love you.” He growled out, increasing the pressure on her clit, strumming it hard and fast, wanting her to come with him. Zara’s head rolled back on her shoulders, her hips jerking against his palm and she called out his name on a moan, her orgasm rolling through her. He saw her nipples tighten to taut peaks and he couldn’t help but lean down and take one in his mouth. He felt his cum shoot out of his cock, coating Zara’s belly and thighs, one drop landing right on her perfect mound.

She fell against his chest, her hand still wrapped around his softening cock, massaging the ridge of flesh.

He slipped his fingers out of her, and then brought them to his mouth, licking her essence off them.

He saw Zara’s eyes widen and she blushed a deep red.

Leaning down, he kissed her mouth, letting her taste herself.

When he began pulling away, she surprised him by grabbing the back of his neck and holding him in place. She kissed him hungrily, her fingers slipping into his hair.

Nathaniel felt his cock begin to harden again when she pressed herself to him, momentarily letting go of his shaft. Then she climbed into his lap and settled her bottom on his shaft, dragging her wet center along his length. His heart stopped and then began to race.

“I want to do it again.” She demanded.

Nathaniel’s eyes widened when she reached between them and took him in her hand, guiding the head to her opening. Then she began to slide down slowly, and his brain shut down.

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