Her Irksome Admirer (Love and Lust #2)

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Chapter 60

Nathaniel picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist. Belatedly, he remembered the condom wrapper in his wallet on the bed.

“Fuck, I need to get the condom,” he growled, hating to leave her even for a second.

Zara’s hands on his shoulders tightened and he looked at her, noting how her breathing had already gotten heavy like his, the motion causing her soft mounds to brush against him each time.

“C-can you just pull out when you come?” her soft, questioning voice, low and husky made him pause mid-step.

His every sense stood on alert.

He stared at her, looking into her gorgeous grey eyes. That would be a really big step. He’d never entered her without a barrier between them.

Nathaniel held her tighter, noting the vulnerability in her gaze.

He leaned his forehead against hers. “Zara, baby, are you absolutely sure?”

She nodded immediately, “I want to feel all of you,” she stroked her fingers across his jaw.

Nathaniel swallowed hard.

Fuck. There was no denying her.

He leaned in and kissed her mouth. “I love you.”

Taking his shaft in his hand, he guided himself to her entrance, holding her securely. Zara bit her lip, closing her eyes for a moment, as he slid in the first couple of inches. Nathaniel kept pushing till she took him in till the hilt. Walking forward, he leaned her back against the wall, supporting her weight against it.

Then he kept his gaze steady on hers and began moving.

Every fiber of his being raged in anger against the atrocities that the motherfucker had inflicted on her body. He put a lid on the murderous feelings and concentrated solely on Zara, focusing on eradicating every single thought in her head that made her unhappy in any way.

He kissed her neck. The feeling of having Zara’s inner muscles clutch at him, without any plastic between them, was exquisite. He could feel every pulse so much more intensely and each move made him feel so fucking alive.

“I don’t ever want to use a goddamn condom again,” he groaned into her neck.

She turned her face toward his, “Me neither,” she said breathily.

Nathaniel took her mouth. He kissed her gently, beginning with soft kisses that were meant to drive her need for him even higher. When Zara protested to his approach by biting his lip, he smiled. He began moving at a slower pace, marveling at the feeling of every pulsing muscle that clenched at him. Jesus, she was tight and warm and so fucking perfect.

He never wanted to stop.

“Faster,” Zara demanded, moving her hips in response to his. She began to kiss him even more thoroughly, slipping her tongue into his mouth and digging her nails into his back.

“Do you have any idea of how amazing you feel right now, Zara?” he bit out between kisses. She was perfect, so fucking addictive.

“No,” she kissed his neck, biting him there, “but I don’t want you to stop. Ever,” she moaned into his ear, “I love you, Nathaniel,”

His heart swelled with love.

“I think, baby,” he kissed her neck, the spot behind her ear, “I love you more,”

Then he increased the tempo of his thrusts, focusing entirely on the way her sheath held him so snugly, almost as though it protested each time he began to pull out.

Nathaniel bent his head and sucked on her nipple, taking the peak into the heat of his mouth and biting down on it gently. He alternated between her breasts, eliciting moans from her each time.

He loved how she was so sensitive to his touch. He loved how she responded to him every time he sunk himself in the heaven between her legs.

“I’m almost there,” she whispered aloud, her gaze fastening on his.

He kissed her, pushing in even harder, grinding against her clit on every stroke.

Zara kissed him back harder this time, her grip on his waist tightening further. “Yes.. yes!” she murmured against his lips, her head falling back against the wall, her sex clenching around his shaft.

Nathaniel felt the wave of his own orgasm fighting for release. With a curse, he stopped the movement of his hips, pulling out of her entirely and taking his cock in his hand. It took just one firm stroke and then he was coming with her, his seed splattering on her stomach and thighs.

He buried his face in her neck. Zara’s fingers clutched at his hair, her rapid breathing loud in his ear.

It was a few long moments later, when she spoke, “I think he intended a sexual assault,”

Nathaniel’s body went stiff.

Zara continued in a rush, “I was so scared,” she whispered. He lifted his head to watch her. She looked back at him, her hands curling around his neck.

He had to swallow hard to ground himself. Fear clawed at him, in spite of knowing that nothing could touch Zara now. The bastard was in prison and he’d remain there. Nathaniel would make sure of that.

“A part of me just prayed for another chance so I could tell you how I felt,” she whispered again, her eyes filling with tears this time.

Nathaniel hugged her even tighter, letting his hands roam over her sides, assuring himself that she was safe. He would always keep her safe.

“I just wanted to forget that he’d ever touched me,” she sniffled, looking at him and clutching at his shoulders.

“Thank you,” she said then, surprising him.

“Zara-“ he began, his heart hurting in his chest.

She put a finger on his lips, shushing him. She kissed his cheek. “Thank you for loving me even when I hurt you,” she brushed her thumb against his jaw. “I promise that I’ll spend the rest of life showing you how much I love you, all of you,” she whispered softly, a tear leaking from her eye.

Nathaniel groaned in response and kissed the tear away.

“I told you that I hate to see you cry, Zara. It fucking breaks my heart,” he brought her closer, shifting away from the wall and hugging her tight.

She wrapped herself around him even more, resting her cheek on his shoulder.

Nathaniel seated himself on the edge of the tub and held her slightly away, looking down at her upturned face.

“I would love you even if you told me that you’d never feel the way I felt, Zara. From the very first day, when you saved me at the park,” he gently wiped away another tear that trickled down her cheek, “you were stuck in a corner of my mind and heart. I never really forgot you,” he brushed her hair away from her face. “A part of me wished I had remembered to ask your name or at least something that would help me find you.” He kissed her forehead, “You saved my life that day, Zara. Literally.” More tears streaked down her cheek.

“Zara, please don’t cry,” he pleaded, kissing her and wiping them away.

“I’m sorry,” she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

“Come here,” he lifted her up, stepping toward the shower and turning on the warm spray. He stood with his back to it, letting her feet on the ground slowly.

He spent the next few minutes, washing and rinsing her body and his. The simple action was somehow much more intimate than any other sexual act. He kissed her bruises gently, wanting nothing more than to take care of her.

When they were done, he took the towel from its place nearby. He wiped her body gently, spending extra time on the sensitive areas, making sure he was careful when he touched her there. Then he wrapped her hair in one towel, putting another one around her body. Then he wrapped one around his waist. He knelt down on his knees, kissing her hipbone through the fluffy material and lifted her leg, inspecting her ankle. There was a slight bruise there. He brought her foot up and placed it on his thigh.

“Marry me, Zara.”

The words spilled out of his mouth before he could stop them.

When he looked up at her, she was staring at him with wide grey eyes.

He continued, “Let me spend the rest of my life loving you more than I already do,”

Her eyes sparkled with unshed tears.

She placed her foot down on the floor and knelt down before him. In his chest, his heart beat loudly, thumping in anticipation of her answer.

“I’m going to adopt Amy,” she said slowly, searching his eyes.

He took her hands in his. “I already love her,” he smiled, “although just a little bit lesser than you do.”

She looked away and then back at him. Nathaniel’s heart almost stopped then.

Zara took a deep breath and smiled, “Yes.”

Nathaniel felt the blood rush through his ears, his pulse pounding hard.

“I love you, Zara,” he breathed out, his fingers clutching hers.

She gave him a shy albeit joyful smile, “I promise, darling, that I love you more.”

Then she sealed it with a kiss.

A/N:- GUYS! Zara and Nathaniel's story is coming to an end and I am so excited yet sad to have this journey reach this point! ♥ THANK YOU for all your love, support and encouragement! It has meant SO much to me! I'm so glad to have had you on this journey with me and I hope to hear your comments and reviews about this couple's story!

P.S. - Stay tuned for a Beautiful epilogue (or two) really soon!

xoxo Rose

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