Her Irksome Admirer (Love and Lust #2)

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Chapter 61

She stared at the phone in her hand.

Her thumb trembled as she hit the Delete button, permanently erasing the text messages from her device.

Stupid stupid bastard!

All she’d wanted was to give that fucking bitch a good scare.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She’d ruined her face. The worst fucking crime in her opinion. She’d have to get a surgery to go back to how she looked before that stupid child had bumped into her and ruined her pants.

Her phone buzzed.

It was her lovely little brother.

Do you want to come over for the weekend?

She looked back up at her reflection. Looking like this? No, thank you.

Rage enveloped her. The stupid fucking addict had had to go try to rape that whore. She had made the plan. She had stuck to it.

Her fist clenched at her side.

No one took what was hers.

And Nathaniel was hers. Hers to fuck. Hers to enjoy. Hers to play with. Hers to discard when the fun was over. She gripped her phone tight.

Everything had been set up perfectly.

Her lip curled in a grimace when she touched the bridge of her nose. It hurt like a bitch.

Nothing to worry about. She took a deep breath.

Straightening her shoulders, she looked at her mirror image in the eye. Just a minor setback. Nothing that she couldn’t handle.

On her dressing table, she caught sight of a picture of a pretty dark-haired girl with blue eyes. She was smiling at the camera, her arm slung around her best friend’s shoulder.

She reached out and picked it up. A pang of regret arose in her chest.

Did she have some part of her heart remaining in her chest after all?

She looked back at the picture.

Sweet, beautiful, Jennifer.

She had been her best friend in the whole world. Until Cole had entered her life. He was handsome, sexy, and devoted to Jennifer. He loved her so much, it was sickening to see them together. And she had been unable to stand it. She couldn’t understand how he had chosen plain Jane over her. She was so much better. She knew how to please a man. Unlike Jennifer, who blushed every time they had talked about sex.

So she’d fucked Cole.

It hadn’t taken much.

She'd just had to get him drunk at a late-night party after he’d dropped Jennifer home, while she had pretended to be sad to be dumped by her own boyfriend. Then she had paid the bartender to slip the pill into his beer and she’d dragged him to her room, gotten him naked and later gotten him hard with her mouth.

She remembered the anger she had felt when he pushed her away repeatedly, calling out for Jennifer again and again.

She almost rolled her eyes when she remembered the drama that had ensued after Jennifer had found out.

Despite her efforts, the motherfucker had regained his senses and had accused her of trying to rape him. Of course, no one except Jennifer had believed him and the matter was brought to rest. And she had lost her friend.

She snorted, placing the picture face down on the wooden dresser.

Something about Jennifer’s guileless blue eyes had made her feel ashamed in her unguarded moments.

She rested her chin on her palm.

She was beautiful. Hot. Fuckable. Sexy. All those things that guys loved.

That had mattered to her till she caught sight of Nathaniel again. Sure, she had come onto him when they had been younger. It had been right after the crap with Cole and she had welcomed his invasion of her body, spreading herself out for him. She had needed the brief physical pleasure.

And when she’d seen him again, after all those years, she had wanted his cock inside her once more. She frowned, maybe it had been just for old times’ sake?

But then she’d caught sight of the raven-haired slut that he kept looking back at and jealousy had mixed with lust, creating an inferno of hate.

She smiled almost fondly. It had been so easy to lie to him. To create a rift between them.

She stroked a single finger down her throat, between her breasts. Reaching out she cupped one of the mounds, fantasizing about Nathaniel’s lips on her nipple, tugging the flesh.

The last mouth that had been there had been Peter’s. The bastard had bitten down too hard. But she’d liked it.

He had been groping her breasts and her ass the entire time, his beady eyes locked on her tits like he’d never seen a pair before. She’d gripped his head, pushing his mouth between her legs, and ground against his eager tongue, getting herself off.

Then she’d thrown the money on his table and walked away.

She felt the discomfort in her chest when she remembered the feel of his stubby hands on her body.

For a brief second, she wondered what Nathaniel would think of her if he knew the vile thoughts she had and the things she had done.

She brought her hand to her mound and lightly rubbed against the flesh.

Hurriedly, she slipped her hand inside her panties and cupped herself. She felt horny and unsatisfied.

She glanced at her bed.

Her newest toy gave her a sleepy smile, his hair tousled up from the violent fucking an hour ago.

She slid open the robe she had on and bared her breasts. She saw the hunger leap in his eyes.

Smiling, she stood up, walking seductively toward him.

Slipping him her address when he’d served her meal at the restaurant had been a good decision. She cupped her breast in her palm and placed one knee on the bed, lifting herself up.

A moan escaped her lips when he greedily suckled at her nipple, grabbing her immediately.

Pushing him down on the mattress, she put her knees on either side of him and moved till her pussy was just above his mouth.

“If you do a good job, I’ll let you fuck me again,” she purred, running her fingers through his hair. He looked eager to please.

She lowered herself onto his mouth, barely touching his lips.

His tongue shot out for a taste.

She laughed and rose up on her knees again.

“Let’s take a little detour,” she mused, leaning low and pushing her lower body away.

She placed both her palms on the headboard and then let her breasts dangle above him.

He immediately grabbed her sides and latched onto her nipple. She threw her head back, liking the savage pull on her skin. “Yes, just like that,” she encouraged him. He gave her what she wanted.

When she decided that she’d had enough, she pushed his head down further, wanting his mouth on her.

He groaned out loud, sucking her hard, his tongue firm when he dipped into her. His palms slapped her ass, the sting making her drip even more.

“Harder,” she demanded, grinding down on him even more.

She was taken aback when he suddenly moved, coming over her and then slapping a handcuff on her wrist, chaining her to the bed. She turned to see him give her a grin. Then he lifted her bottom, slipping his fingers between her legs and rubbing her slit.

“You’ll take me nicely, this last time,” he declared, fisting his cock in his hand and then slamming into her from behind.

“Last time?” she laughed, “I want your head between my legs after this,” she gripped the headboard with her other hand.

“Sorry can’t do, baby,”

She turned to him, “Why not?”

“I promised a certain someone that I’d hand you over once I’ve had my fun,” he murmured, leaning into her and fucking her even harder.

She stiffened, pulling on the cuff that held her imprisoned.

“What does that mean?”

He hissed out a breath, increasing his pace, the sound of slapping flesh loud in the room.

“Before you slipped me your address, my brother told me exactly you who were. He’s a friend of Peter’s, you see.” He kissed her back, his hands slipping to her front and clutching her breasts.

“These are fucking delicious,” he growled, “Your pussy is pretty good too,” he laughed gripping her hips this time.

Suddenly he pulled out and then she felt the warm semen on her ass and the backs of her thighs.

He caressed her bottom, “Such a pretty picture,” he murmured, “it’s a pity I couldn’t fuck you a little longer. I know I would have enjoyed it.” Sliding a hand between her legs, he reached out again and caressed her slit, slipping two fingers inside her.

“Ah, fuck, so wet. I think I’m going to take one last taste,” he groaned.

She let her head rest on the bed.

The sucking sounds that followed didn’t matter to her. She closed her eyes.

He continued licking her, groping at her breasts.

When he was done, he wrapped her up in her robe and kissed her breasts, spending some time fondling them. Then he fucked her again, getting himself hard by spreading her open for him.

When he finally left her, she stared at the wall, unseeing.

It was a few minutes later when she heard the footsteps through the front door.

She waited until she heard them approach her bed. Then she turned and spotted the police badge.

“Miss Danielle?”

She didn’t bother nodding.

Her life was over.

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