Her Irksome Admirer (Love and Lust #2)

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Bonus Chapter

Zara’s hands caught the headboard so hard, her knuckles were white. She wanted to scream out loud, the pressure was almost unbearable.

“Nathaniel,” she moaned, her head falling back on her shoulders. She was right there, right damn there.

He shifted his focus and kissed her inner thigh, nipping and sucking at the skin.

Her eyes opened in panic.

“Why did you-“

“Turn around, baby.”

Zara shifted her hips imperceptibly, trying to get closer to his tongue. Her abdomen was clenched tight, every muscle in her thighs burning from holding herself upright. She sank her fingers into her husband’s hair and tugged lightly, knowing he liked the slight scrape of her nails against his scalp.

Taking her bottom lip between her teeth, she moved back, flipping herself over his torso and leaning in, taking his shaft in her hand, beginning to work it just the way he liked. His response was a deep groan and then she felt his warm mouth cover her sex. He cupped her cheeks in his hand and swatted the globes lightly, the sting left behind making her even wetter.

She covered the bulbous head of his cock with her lips and sucked, using her fingers to massage his precum along his length. Nathaniel’s tongue centered on her clit and her back arched involuntarily. His hands held her down, as he stabbed the muscle into her opening, making her abdomen pulse erratically.

Oh dear God.

She whimpered when his lips enclosed her clit and sucked hard, driving the breath out of her.

Nathaniel knew her body so well he knew exactly when she was about to fall over the edge. At the moment, he pulled back, slipping a finger into her opening.

Zara sucked on the crown of his cock even harder, satisfied when his hips jerked.

She concentrated on relaxing her jaw and throat, taking him in deeper and then humming. Nathaniel let out a curse, grabbing the backs of her thighs.

She took him even deeper, until she couldn’t anymore. Then she slowly slid her mouth off his length with a soft pop, her mouth wet with her saliva and his unique taste.

Nathaniel began moving his finger inside her, rubbing her walls and almost hitting the spot that made her see stars. She thrust her hips back, desperate for him to touch her where she needed him the most. He kissed her skin everywhere but there and when he finally did touch her clit with his tongue, Zara’s body clenched.

She got back to sucking him into her mouth, knowing that it would be mere seconds before he made her body detonate with ecstasy.

“I’m coming, Zara.” Nathaniel clenched out through his teeth and she took him in deeper, wanting to taste him again. The thought made goosebumps rise all over her skin and Zara felt the first pulse begin through her pelvis.

When her orgasm hit her, her brain shut down. Dimly she was aware of Nathaniel’s thighs going rigid underneath her hand and then hot jets of semen shot against the roof of her mouth. Zara swallowed every drop, licking him clean, her body feeling like Jell-O and completely liquified.

She felt Nathaniel pick her up easily, twisting his body to the side so that Zara lay on top of him, her head cradled on his shoulder. Their breaths were loud in the silence, her heart beating like crazy in her chest.

“Hey,” Nathaniel spoke against her hair.

“Hey,” she smiled up at him, resting her chin on his shoulder.

“I love you,” he traced a line from her temple to the corner of her mouth.

Zara’s smile brightened even more. “I know I love you more,” she said in a soft, teasing voice.

Nathaniel leaned in and kissed her nose, “Liar.” He said solemnly with a twinkle in his eyes.

Zara gifted him with a long, lingering kiss.

“I want you to fuck me in the shower.” She rubbed her fingers along his jaw, liking the slight stubble on his cheeks.

She felt it the minute his heart rate sped up.

The look of pure adoration that Nathaniel gave her, made her want to kiss him again. So she did.

He groaned, cupping the back of her head again and kissing her soundly, licking at her with his tongue.

She slipped off him, tugging at his arm.

Suddenly she found herself off the floor, cradled in Nathaniel’s hold, his arms holding her close to him, his bare skin feeling wonderful against her own. Zara laughed when he nuzzled her neck, making her clutch at him even tighter.

She felt the soft pulse return in her abdomen when his heated gaze slid over her body, lingering on her breasts. She knew Nathaniel could drive her insane with the way he knew and touched her body.

Once inside the shower, she didn’t waste any time, lathering him up. But Nathaniel had other plans. Without waiting for her to finish, he hoisted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist and sliding into her in one quick thrust. Zara held him close to her, her heart feeling full and ready to burst at any second.

She loved him more than she had ever loved anyone.

“When are you going to see Dr. Pearl?” He gritted out between strokes.

Zara took a long moment to understand his question.

“Tomorrow.” She said breathlessly. He turned them to the side and Zara’s eyes fell to the sink. The sight of the positive pregnancy test made her heart clench.

“Are you happy?” Nathaniel’s rough voice in her ear, made her look up at him.

She felt the first pinprick of tears. “So much.” She whispered, kissing his mouth, feeling her walls try and hold him in as he pulled out each time.

Nathaniel kissed her forehead. “I love you, Zara.”

She let him hold her, her body squirming with impending pleasure.

It was a while before they got out, their skin wrinkled like prunes. Zara loved every single minute of it.


Zara stood in line at the bookstore, Amy held securely in her arms. She had in her hand a tiny bookmark in the shape of a feather and was studying it intently, her adorable little face scrunched up in concentration.

Zara could still remember the shock and happiness that had infiltrated her system when she’d signed the adoption papers, knowing that Amy was now her child. Hers to love, hers to protect, and hers to nurture. She had come back home, her eyes brimming with tears. Nathaniel had held her hand through it all. Zara knew that it was a huge responsibility. And she didn’t shy away from it.

Matt’s grandmother had been happy, watching Zara with Amy when they had first gone to meet her. Amy had clung to Zara, not a doubt in her beautiful brown eyes, that reminded Zara so much of Nathaniel.

When she’d walked through the door of her bedroom and spotted Amy sleeping peacefully in her bed, Zara had burst into tears. When Amy had finally woken up, she had stepped out of bed, rubbing her sleepy eyes and gone straight to Zara, smiling at her like she was her world. Zara felt blessed and fortunate with a heart so full, she was overwhelmed with the way her life had turned out to be.

Now, Amy held the feather before her and asked with a confused look on her face.

“Why is this feather grey, Zara?”

Zara took the bookmark, inspecting it with a slight frown on her face.

“It looks like it was sprayed with color, Jellybean.”

Amy shook her head, “Really?”

“Yeah, look.” Zara pointed to the white tip of the spine and the tinted grey at the edges.

“Do you like it?” She asked Amy.

Her daughter nodded, “Grey is my favorite color.”

“Mine too.” A soft melodious voice sounded behind her and Zara turned to the source of it.

A beautiful woman stood behind them, two books held in her hands. Beside her, a tall, handsome man stood gazing at Amy with a smile on his face. He had his arm wrapped around the woman, holding her to his side.

“Your daughter is so pretty.” The woman smiled again, waving lightly at Amy, who went still in Zara’s arms.

“Reminds me of the time when Kara was that little,” Zara heard the man chuckle, his voice low and deep. He was obviously her husband.

“Thank you.” Zara blushed looking at the woman and then back at Amy, who gazed back squarely at the woman, the feather in her hand long forgotten.

“Pardon us, we haven’t introduced ourselves. I’m Emily, and this is my husband, Gage.” She offered her hand to Zara.

Zara smiled back, shaking it and then turning to Gage, who gave her a firm handshake, his smile warm.

“We were just visiting and saw this lovely little store and thought of checking it out.” Emily explained, her radiant smile focused on Zara and then Amy.

Zara couldn’t help staring at the older couple. Gage’s arm around his wife was secure and when she spoke, he looked at her like all he could see was just her.

She noticed that the older man’s eyes were the same shade of grey as her own. It fascinated her. It was plain to see that Gage loved his wife and she him.

“Are you both having a good time so far?” She asked pleasantly, noting how Amy was once again relaxing in her hold.

Then she got a shock when Amy held out her arms, looking toward Gage, a clear sign to be picked up and held.

She saw the older man’s eyes widen for a second and then he laughed and readily reached out, holding Amy close. For some reason, her daughter was enraptured by his eyes and stared at him with her complete attention.

“Wow,” Zara said, looking over at Emily, “she doesn’t usually do that.”

Emily let out a soft laugh, “Gage is really good with kids. We have two, Lucas and Kara. Love them to death,” she grinned.

Nathaniel joined them a few minutes later, a copy of the Bartimaeus Trilogy, held in his hand. Zara smiled when she saw it, remembering it from all that time ago. She introduced Nathaniel to Emily and Gage and the four of them chatted for a while. Gage spoke to Amy, asking her questions about herself and the bookmark she clutched so tightly.

When it was their turn to get their books at the billing counter, Amy leaned up and kissed Gage on his cheek, earning a kiss on the back of her hand in return. She waved at Emily, a bright smile on her face and then went to Zara.

They said their goodbyes and headed on their way.

When they reached their car, Zara turned back to look at Emily and Gage, who had just walked out of the store. He had his arm around her and was leaning in, saying something that made her laugh.

Zara smiled and turned to Nathaniel, who watched her intently, his gaze filled with love.

Yes, she had found her soul’s companion.

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