Her Irksome Admirer (Love and Lust #2)

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Chapter 6

The next day Zara sat in class, her mind wandering. She had come in a good ten minutes early and there was no sign of the professor. She dug out her notebook from her bag and powered up her laptop that was seated on her desk. Last night after the guys had left, she and Susan had sat up quite late, talking about everything. Susan’s parents had asked her to bring Zara and Matt over to their place on one of the weekends. Zara had called her mom and spoken to her telling her when she would be over that Saturday afternoon. To her relief, Susan hadn’t discussed Nathaniel with her and Zara had been grateful.

She scanned the classroom, her eyes taking in some new faces. She was seated in the second row. There were a couple of girls seated right in front of her who were talking and giggling quite loudly while a few guys had taken the seats at the end. The room was beginning to fill up now. Zara checked her phone, activated the silent profile settings and then slipped it into the pocket of her jeans. She glanced down at the front of her shirt and discreetly pulled the waistband higher so that it covered her round curve of her tummy.

Damn. She really had to start watching the calories.

Pulling out a pen from her bag, she placed it at the side of her book. It was only then that she noticed the silence. Her head shot up and she saw the group of four girls staring at something to her left.

Confused, Zara turned and froze when she saw Nathaniel’s face grinning down at her.


It was as if she had lost all ability to speak. He was wearing a loose tshirt with the logo of Captain America printed on the front. A pair of snug jeans hugged his legs to perfection. The light stubble that was evident on his jaw line made her fingers itch at the thought of what it would feel like to have that cheek pressed against her skin. Fucking hell. He looked good enough to eat. Or fuck.

She flushed.


He was already seating himself right next to her.

“Are you always this early?“, he asked, placing his laptop and book on the desk and rummaging around in the backpack that he held.

“Are you always this late?“, she shot back without thinking.

He stopped what he was doing and looked up at her, his chocolate brown eyes laughing at her.

“You’re cute.“, he grinned.

Zara’s eyebrows shot up.

He just shook his head and went back to searching. Zara looked away and found the eyes of all the four girls riveted on her.

Three of them were blondes and the other a redhead. The expression on all of their faces angered her. They looked surprised and the one on the right looked disgusted as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, their eyes glancing between her and Nathaniel.

She was about to flip them off when the professor entered.

Grounding her teeth, she glared at the back of their heads.

“Are you all right?“, the voice at her ear sent goosebumps down her spine.

She turned to see Nathaniel staring at her curiously.

She nodded slightly and then focused her attention on the lecture that was going to begin. She could feel his eyes on her as she clicked open the blank word file. When he still didn’t look away, she shifted in her seat, turning away from him.

She didn’t need any more distractions.


Nathaniel sat at the table with Matt next to him. Classes were done for the day and the four of them had come to the cafeteria for a snack.

Zara and Susan were over at the counter waiting for their order to arrive. The place was quite crowded at this time of the afternoon.

Nathaniel ran his eyes through the room, searching for the head of jet black hair. He spotted her next to Susan as they chatted about something. He saw Susan whisper something in her ear and Zara’s face lighted up and she laughed, throwing her head back. He felt his heart do a weird flip at the sight and he realised he was smiling.

She was dressed in jeans and a short sleeved shirt that come to her hips. Her thick hair was tied at the back of her head in a ponytail and her face was devoid of any makeup. When he had spotted her that morning in class, he had been overjoyed. When he saw that the seat next to her was empty it felt like it was his lucky day. Without any thought, he had walked up to her and his eyes had widened when he saw what she was doing. Her hands were on her front as she sucked her stomach in and pulled her jeans higher. She had looked like a child trying to hide something. Sitting right next to her had been a mixture of heaven and hell. Her scent made him want to reach out and touch her, stroke her cheekbone and find the texture of her skin. She turned slightly so that he could distinctly make out her profile. The swell of her breasts made his cock twitch. They were perfect. Just the size that would fill his palms. Her neck was not long but slender and he wanted to bite the delicate nape and find out how loud she moaned. His cock hardened at the fantasy.

When she turned her back to him, his eyes dropped down to her butt. Through the jeans he could see that it was fleshy and full. The way her shirt settled on it showed that she probably had love handles underneath. He thought about how he could sink his fingers into her hips as he pounded into her.

Her legs were far from skinny and from what he’d seen so far she had quite slender ankles. He wanted them wrapped around his neck when he finally tasted her.


He ached to ease the pressure building up in his pants. His cock was hard and if he wasn’t careful, it would show, the minute he got up from his seat.

He gripped the edge of the table as he watched her and Susan. They had finally gotten their food and were now headed toward their table. Zara’s hips swayed lightly as she looked at Susan and said something to her which made the other girl smile and shake her head. He felt a stab of jealousy wondering why she couldn’t be that way with him. From the time they had entered the cafeteria, she had blatantly ignored him, and hardly spoken. He ran a hand through his hair.

He already had a plan. He just had to see if it worked.

He hoped as fuck that it would.

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