Her Irksome Admirer (Love and Lust #2)

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Chapter 7

Zara couldn’t believe her bad luck. Surely this was a fucking nightmare!?

“So it’s cool with you right? I’ll drive half the way so you’ll be relieved, if you want.”

No. No. Fuck no.

“Why do you have to go this weekend?“, she said harshly.

Susan glared at her and Matt frowned as he looked between Nathaniel and her. Zara felt her stomach churn and the food that lay on her plate lost its appeal. She knew she was being rude and stubborn but she couldn’t help it. If she kept at it he would probably get the message and decide to leave her alone.

To her utter dismay, the cheeky bastard grinned like he knew she would do this.

“My mum called last evening. My parents are apparently dying to meet me.”

Zara fumed silently.

Sure they were.


Susan wiped her mouth with a tissue and looked pointedly at Zara. ” Come on, Z. You both are going the same way. He just needs a ride. You could do that.”

Before she could answer, Susan had already stood up and was disposing off the crumbs from her shirt. Matt lingered just long enough to kiss her and then said he’d drop by in the evening for dinner. The discussion was over. Zara expected Nathaniel to follow Matt. But again, he didn’t.

Instead, he stayed in his seat while Susan walked over to the trashcan to throw the plastic wrappers. His brown eyes didn’t leave her face. Zara fiddled with her bag as she tried to make her exit quickly.

" You hate me right now, don’t you?“, he said softly, his lips curved into a wicked grin, which somehow made her want to wipe it off his face.

With her lips.

Zara pushed her chair back.

" Hate is a strong word.“, she replied casually, her eyes fixed on Susan’s back where she stood a few feet away from them.

She felt her belly clench when he chuckled. The low, deep sound rushing through her senses. She watched warily as he stood up, pushed away, rounded the table and came to stand in front of her. Zara had to crane her neck to make eye contact and she didn’t like it.

Not one fucking bit.

His dark hair was mussed up sexily as if he had just run his fingers through them. Of their own volition, her gaze dropped to his lips. Chiseled and perfect in every damn way. She noticed that there was a stain of ketchup peeking from the corner of his mouth.

As if he could read her mind, he leaned forward so that he was hovering over her. His scent hit her nose like a shot. He smelled of coffee and cinnamon. Bitter and sweet.

Who the fuck even smelt that way?

" Go ahead and wipe it off.“, his voice was husky. Almost commanding.

Zara felt her breath catch.

" E-excuse me?”

She wanted to sound tough. To show him that she was not one of those idiotic girls who had been staring at him throughout class this morning.

Her statement was just a pitiful squeak.

Nathaniel leaned even closer and she started to take a step back. His hand on her waist stopped her movement. Her heart raced when she felt the grip on her waist. His fingers held her gently yet firmly and his eyes bore down on her.

Liquid chocolate.

Her favorite dessert.

“Touch me.“, he murmured.

Zara jumped. Both, at his words and when she felt his hand move to the centre of her lower back, the touch searing her skin through the fabric of her shirt. The noise of the cafeteria seemed far away already. His touch was light. Then why did she feel her limbs grow heavy?

Nathaniel inched forward till she could feel the warmth of his breath. Her gaze settled on his nose. It was asymmetrical. As if it had been broken quite a few times.

The hand on her back moved. Zara looked up at him again, her senses begging him to just crush his mouth to hers. When was the last time she had wanted to be kissed so badly? The intense need scared her. And yet, the quiver in her stomach held no trace of fear. Just excitement. And lust.

Lots of the latter.

Her mind didn’t even register the action when she lifted her hand to his face. Only when her fingers made contact with his skin did she feel the jolt go through her. He must have felt it too because Nathaniel instantly stiffened, a harsh expression coming over his features.

Without looking away from him, she grasped his jaw with her first four fingers. The stubble on his skin felt heavenly. Taking her thumb, she lightly rubbed the pad of it against the spot with ketchup. His eyes turned a shade darker. She began to lower her hand when he grabbed her fingers, pressing her closer to him with his hand on her back. Before she could react, he slipped her thumb into his mouth and sucked.

Zara froze.



He lightly sucked at the tip of her thumb and then bit down on the plump flesh. His eyes were even darker now and Zara didn’t think she had ever seen anything so erotic in all her twenty years.

Heat suffused her cheeks and neck. She desperately wanted to shut her eyes and stay right where she was, in the same exact position for at least the next few minutes. His tongue licked her skin and her eyes popped open even more. He licked her twice more and then nipped at the flesh with his teeth. Zara bit her lip to keep from gasping. Or worse?


Abruptly he released her finger with a pop. Zara looked down at her hand, as he pulled it up and placed a kiss at the centre of her palm. Her thumb felt moist and warm and she wanted him to do it again.

Her breathing was shallow and when he leaned toward her, she was shocked to find that his was the same.

" I think I’m going to be more messy in the future.“, he murmured, his eyes twinkling down at her.

The spell broke and Zara pulled away quickly as she came to her senses. Her eyes darted across the room as she noticed a few people staring at them, including Susan who stood with her mouth open, a bar of Mars resting on her lower teeth.


Embarrasment coated her cheeks in a fiery red as Zara forced herself to move.

Without another word, she slipped past him, her steps unsure and her heart in a frenzy. She grabbed Susan’s hand and pulled her along. The stunned look on her best friend’s face didn’t go away and Zara knew she was in trouble.


Nathaniel watched as Zara almost ran out of the cafeteria. His libido was raging and all he could think was how good it felt, sucking her skin like he just had.

Springing the question of driving to Silicon valley with her had definitely hit a nerve and he had been glad that he had decided to do it. The best part was that this time she had no opportunity to avoid him.

The way she had reacted had been real and shocking.

In a very good way.

He had his work cut out for him.

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