Her Irksome Admirer (Love and Lust #2)

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Chapter 8

“What the hell was that?!!“, Susan screeched as soon as the door to the apartment shut behind them.

Zara swallowed the embarrasment that threatened to choke her and flung her bag on the couch. Her skin was still flushed and the tingling right between her legs made her want to scream in frustration. She needed to get off. And not to thoughts of Nathaniel.

Susan stared at her like she had just grown two heads, the chocolate bar limp in her hand.

" Aren’t you going to eat that-”

“Don’t you dare change the subject!“, she shouted and Zara cringed when she saw the hint of a smile struggling to break free on her best friend’s lips.

Susan folded her hands across her chest, her blue eyes glaring at her. Zara knew she couldn’t get out of this. She walked over to the sink and poured a glass of water for herself. She took a deep gulp, the cool liquid doing nothing to ease the fire that raged all over her skin. Her neck and ears were red by now and she clamped her thighs together, trying in vain to ease the flutter at her core.

She was in so much trouble.

Running a finger over the rim of the glass, she finally shrugged and answered Susan.

" I was just wiping off some ketchup.“, she muttered.

Susan snorted in an unladylike manner and then came over to her.

" He had your finger in his mouth. He was sucking on it. You seriously expect me to believe that?“, she laughed as she touched Zara’s arm lightly.

Raising her eyes to hers, Zara shook her head.

" It’s the truth.“, she said softly, her mind overwhelmed when she remembered the intensity of what she had felt when Nathaniel had touched her.

No guy had ever come so close and at that moment Zara wasn’t sure whether she liked it or loathed the fact that she had let herself fawn over one of the hottest guys she had ever laid eyes on and who was way out of her league.

As if sensing it, Susan sighed next to her. Wrapping the chocolate, she placed it on the counter and turned to her.

" Hey. What’s wrong?“, she asked softly, her blonde curls framing her face.

Unwillingly, Zara felt that familiar warmth she had felt since her childhood with Susan, encase her completely. At least there was one person in her life who was a constant and she hoped that it would never change.

" I feel so stupid right now.“, she muttered as she revealed her insecurities.

" Why?”

It was her turn to snort.

" Don’t you see? He’s only interested in me because he thinks I’m playing hard to get. I mean, come on, Susan, do you seriously think that a freaking Adonis like Nathaniel would ever want someone like me?“, she turned to place the glass back.

“Okay, shut up.“, the words made her frown at Susan.

" You’re judging him, Zara. I thought you didn’t do that. Aren’t you a big fan of people being themselves? Why are you treating him differently?”

Zara rolled her eyes and turned away in annoyance. She pulled open the refrigerator door and peeked inside. There were hardly any groceries left. Just an apple and a few tins. She needed to go shopping today.

" Oh my God.”

Zara turned to watch Susan holding her hand against her mouth in wonder.

" You like him back!“, she whispered.

Zara felt her cheeks get hotter if that was even possible.

Susan jumped in her spot excitedly and clapped her hands, her eyes dancing.

" You’re crazy.“, Zara snapped as she stalked past her, grabbing her paperback from the table, determined to erase Nathaniel from her brain.

Susan simply followed her, her voice grating on Zara’s nerves.

" He’s the first guy you like so badly and it scares you.“, she said, oblivious to the death glares that Zara shot her way.

She began pacing in the room, lost in thought, as she counted off the details on her fingers.

" You’ve not had a boyfriend before so you don’t know how to respond to him. You want to fuck him but-”


Zara couldn’t believe her ears. The words made her imagination run wild and for a crazy second, she wondered what it would be like if Nathaniel did have sex with her. The very idea seemed far-fetched. But it didn’t stop her body from reacting to it. The flutters at her core worsened and she was sure her underwear was damp.

Holy crap.

Susan didn’t even appear to be fazed. It was as if Zara hadn’t spoken.

" But you’re too shy to make a move and you don’t want him to think that you’re too easy either.”

She paused in the middle of the bedroom floor.

" Good thinking.“, she pointed to Zara and then continued her analogy.

Zara flushed when she realized she was imagining Nathaniel naked in her bed, as he lay above her, the sweaty bodies joined as he kissed every inch of her skin-

The sound of Susan huffing brought her out of her reverie.


She needed plenty of porn and her right hand for the moment, or she was going to die of frustration.

" So here’s what we’re going to do.“, Susan chirped as she took a seat at the edge of the bed where Zara was seated.

" You have to seduce him.“, she said matter-of-factly.

Zara stared at her, her eyes literally popping out of their sockets.

Susan’s face remained impassive.

" And then he’ll see what a great catch you are and then he’ll propose and then finally, we can double date!“, she exclaimed as though she had just hatched a brilliant plan.

For a few seconds, Zara was too shocked to reply.

And then she burst out laughing!

Susan’s face scrunched up in a frown and she glared at her. But Zara couldn’t help it. She clutched her stomach at the hilarity of her trying to seduce a sex bomb who probably had girls swooning at his feet. If the actions of the girls at class today had been proof enough.

" What the heck is wrong with the plan?“, Susan hissed when she finally stopped.

Zara wiped her eyes as she shook her head and crawled into Susan’s lap, resting her head on the other girl’s thigh. She opened the book to where she had placed the bookmark just this morning. Just a few minutes of pleasure and then she’d begin with the homework of today’s classes.

She felt Susan’s fingers run over her hair, as she gave up and leaned back.

" You’re an idiot, you know.“, she said in mock anger.

Zara laughed lightly and turned the page.

" I know. But you do love me.”

She heard the soft laugh.

" Yeah, I do.”


The door to the bathroom was closed. The sound of the water running could be heard in the room.

Matt had just left for Susan’s a while ago. Nathaniel had told him he’d be there in a while. The four of them were supposed to have dinner together like the previous evening.

The shower was warm and Nathaniel stood under the spray, leaning his head against the tile.
His body was on edge, taut as a fucking tightrope and he needed to get off.

How the fuck could one girl affect him so much?

He fisted his cock in his hand and hissed through his teeth when he felt the slight relief. If he wanted to last through the evening without touching the little minx who was fucking with his head, he needed this.

In his mind’s eye, he saw Zara before him, dressed only in his shirt. He imagined how he would love to rip it off her body and find out what lay underneath. He wanted to know what made her tick. What made her laugh. And most importantly, what made her moan and what it could take to make her lose control and scream his name till her throat hurt.

He pumped his shaft, a groan erupting from his chest.

God, yes.

He watched as the Zara in his fantasy strode forward, swinging her hips the way she always did, her lips smiling up at him, her perfect small breasts swaying as she walked. He saw her come to him and press her body against his length and offer him her mouth, readily kissing him like he wanted her to. And then, finally, she covered his shaft in her hand and stroked him.

And just like that, he came.

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