The Boy Who Annoys Me ✔️

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After experiencing heartbreak, Ren left her home country to find herself again. On her journey, she meets a boy who loves to annoy her. They called her crazy. They called him cocky. She had experienced heartbreak. He didn't know what it was. She never imagined finding love again. He never imagined discovering love. Ren knew leaving America was for the best. She needed a change of scenery and people. She hoped that she would meet a guy who would adore her. However, fate doesn't always work like that. You don't always get what you want. Instead she meets her worst nightmare. A man who was hell-bent on annoying her. A man who didn't know what love was. A man who wanted to win her heart. If only he knew that winning her heart would mean sacrificing his own.

Romance / Humor
Lydia Rose
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They call me ‘hell’, they call me ‘Stacey’, they call me ‘her’, they call me ‘Jane’. That’s not my name. That’s not my name. That’s not my—”

“Alright, we get it. They’re not your name.” My dear friend, who I met here at this university, states, boredly.

“Not everyone gets it,” I start. “Did you know yesterday, that guy in class who says my hair looks like it was bleached by my grandmother—which is totally not true—called me Camila. Camila! Do I look like a Camilia to you? No offense to all of the Camilia’s out there.”

Sadie tilts her head to look at me, giving me one of those looks I’m all too familiar with. The look that says: What the heck is going on in your mind this time?

“What?” I ask innocently, raising my hands in the air. “I was only stating the truth.”

Sadie purses her lips together to refrain herself from saying something that would either send me off on a tangent or sound completely stupid.

“Why am I friends with you?” She mutters under her breath, brushing a strand of her purple hair behind her ear. I sometimes ponder over whether I should do what she did and dye my hair that color. It would be amusing to watch my parents have a fit.

“Because you love me,” I answer and pout when she gives me a ′are you serious?′ look. Sighing, I try again. “Because I’m good entertainment for you?”

Sadie smiles brightly, clapping me for my correct answer. I glower at her in irritation.

“You’re mean,” I whine, falling back onto my bed. Sadie shakes her head, fighting that smile I know she wants to show badly. Good friend.

But of course, Sadie sucks at hiding her emotions. I chuck a pillow at her small face, laughing gleefully when I hear her yelp of distress. I’m so evil.

You’re so not. No, I’m really not.

“Now that was mean,” Sadie states, giving me her sad grey eyes. Asshole.

I shrug, pretending to not care.

“Some friend you are,” Sadie mumbles, bitterly.

“Aww, love you too,” I respond and lunge at her, hugging her tightly.

When I was younger, my parents never believed me when I said I wanted to study theatre. Every time I mentioned becoming a world-famous actress, they would steer the topic away, in hopes of gently crushing my dreams.

Yeah, my parents are pricks.

During high school, I studied drama hard to prove to them how serious I was about it. I signed up for as many plays as possible, and attended lessons whilst battling all of my other school work. My aim was to show them how dedicated I was to the subject and to let me pursue my dream by studying it at college.

But my parents being the tight-ass people they are who expect me to be a neuro doctor or something crazy like that, never opened their eyes.

No matter how hard I tried, they never took me seriously. No one ever does. Not even my boyfriend—ex-boyfriend—did. Thus, he dumped my sorry ass and focused solely on school. Until he met some other girl and fell in love with her.

Now that broke my heart. I understand that I can be silly sometimes, the comic relief in the movie but I can also be serious. I'm dead set on becoming an actress.

But obviously, no one could comprehend me being genuine. Except for my American friends. Now they are my real family.

They still, wholeheartedly support me and my decision. In fact, one of my friends, Cora, suggested I should move to England to get a fresh new start. Away from seeing Micheal, the boy I once cherished with everything I had, sucking his girlfriend's face off. Witnessing that gave me nightmares. Despite him going to a different college from me, he would often hang out at the one I went to.

So, I dropped out and moved to England. As you can imagine, my very strict and uptight parents threw a fit, threatening to take away my college money. I had barely managed to allow me to study drama at college so when they found out about my leaving, they decided I should study something more stable. They thought I couldn't handle the course. Fortunately for me, my dad's mother, my grandmother is the sweetest person in the world who worships me. She persuaded my parents to reconsider. Eventually, they came to a compromise. If I wasn't successful in finding a stable job or agent at the end of my first year, I would have to drop out and study something else. Specifically, nursing.

I shudder at the thought of the amount of blood I would have to see. I never could see blood without puking. Or fainting. I suck at dealing with anything gory.

And so I moved to a rather small city in England called Bristol and enrolled in their course. At first, being a 20-year-old starting university was hard but I eventually managed to ease into it. I admit it took a lot longer than I wanted for me to get used to the different system and country but when I did, I knew I made the right choice.

Shockingly, the people here don't speak English with posh accents like movies portray. A lot of the people here who have 'Bristolian accents' miss out on letters like 't' when they speak.

I nearly laughed when I first spoke to someone who had the accent. It's definitely different but almost entertaining.

Anyways, I started the course and immediately fell in love with it. And that's how I met my English friend, Sadie. She is studying stage management and so she is often with us in lessons, when we are either rehearsing or learning. We instantly became friends, despite being polar opposites.

That doesn't mean I don't love her to bits. We hang out all of the time, helping each other with work and going to parties.

She's my English best friend, whilst my American best friends are well, in America. I do talk to them as much as possible but they all have lives too. Our schedules are complicated so I don't get to talk to them that much. But I made a promise to them that I would video chat with them at least once a week. So far, I have managed to keep that promise...

"Renny!" Sadie calls, barging her way into my room. "Oh, Renny! Where are you?" She sings as high pitched as possible making me want to wince. That girl cannot sing at all. She sounds like a foghorn.

Groaning, I snuggle my face in my soft pillow and try to blank her. It's nine in the morning on a Saturday. Therefore, it's my lie-in day. I value sleep as much as the next person and so when someone tries to disturb it, it doesn't go well. Sadie knows this, from countless times of me attacking her.

"Oh, my! You're still in bed." Sadie feigns shock and gasps. Shutting my eyes so I don't roll my eyes at her, I picture the setting of the dream I just had. "Come on lazy pants, you need to get up."

"Go away," I say, my voice sounding muffled because of the pillow. It probably sounded like 'geh ay'.

I hear Sadie sigh. Her footsteps begin to fade, meaning she's walking away. Happily, I bury my head further into the pillow and fall back to sleep.

But then, a heavy body jumps on me, squishing me. I cry and attempt to jerk upwards. Sadie laughs at my shocked face so I decided to elbow her in the stomach. Her chortling stops as she loses her breath. Pathetically, she rolls off of me and drops onto the floor with a 'thud'.

"That's what you get for putting your fat butt on me," I tell her.

Sadie grunts, her arms wrapped around her stomach tightly.

"I hate you." She claims when she manages to find her voice. Albeit, it was fairly weak. I didn't realize I hit her so hard. Oh well, that will teach her from waking me up again.

Fighting back a smile, I smirk, staring up at my ceiling. "Of course you do."

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