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Chapter 10

It has been a week since Kai and I kissed. Since we semi-talked about it. By that I mean we didn’t talk about it.

Kai has been normal since everything happened. He hasn’t kissed me since it happened like he said he would. I thought maybe he changed his mind and decided the kiss was something weird between us and that he didn’t want it to happen again. A small part of me wished that wasn’t the case.

In drama, Kai has been teasing me as usual. The same thing happens every lesson: Kai annoys me, I snap at him and he laughs. Ben and Sadie are begining to get used to the behavior. Whenever I call for Sadie’s help, she just laughs and walks away.

Sadie seems to have it drilled into her brain that Kai and I are a ‘thing’. I told her about the kiss and all but I never confirmed anything about us dating.

I’m currently working my ass off at the coffee shop. Since our first encounter here, Kai has left me alone. I don’t think I could deal with his comments here at work without getting fired. I mean, it would be very entertaining to smash a cupcake in his face but I don’t think my manager would see it that way.

Is chucking a cupcake at Kai really worth it?

Totally, my mind immediately answers. Kai’s ego needs to be turned down a few notches.

It certainly does. Just because I think like Kai, it doesn’t mean I won’t laugh at throwing a cupcake at him. Wait...did I just say I liked Kai.

Huh, that’s funny, of course, I don’t. I don’ him. I can barely tolerate him. He literally admitted to winding me up on purpose.

But he did take you on a date, a date you kind of enjoyed. Okay, so when he’s not annoying the hell out of me, I enjoy spending time with him. I feel comfortable with him but so what? He’s still a pain in my ass.

My feelings for him are. . . complicated. That's the best way to explain it. There are moments when I have nice thoughts about him and then there are moments when I want to strangle him and hang his head outside of my window.

And no, I'm not joking.

“Hello?” A voice asks, waving a hand right in my face. I jump back and mentally send a glare to the customer. Who just waves a hand in front of a stranger? Especially when they are deep in thought? “Can I order now?”

I swallow back the rude comment I want to make and give him an apologetic smile. “Sure, what would you like sir?”

After taking the man's order, I think about what I'm going to do later. I'm feeing in a movie mood. When I'm in one of those moods, I will gather all of the chocolate and crisps I can find, buy two bottles of Pepsi and watch a series of films that relate to each other. I'm feeling in a Marvel mood today. Love a marvel film.

"Earth to blondie!" Kai nearly shouts at me. I flinch and send him my meanest stare. Of course, Kai came here. Of course, it was when I was working. If he tries to get me fired, so help me god I'm going to... "Aww, you're making a really cute face. Is that your angry face?"

I clench my jaw and narrow my eyes. This is one of those moments where I don't like Kai. I mean, if he tried to be nice then I would let all of this slide but he's doing it on purpose.

"Kai," I acknowledge with a scowl. "What are you doing here?"

Kai smirks and cockily puts his elbow on the counter. He leans in closer to me, with sparkling eyes. "Can't a guy get a coffee and see his favorite person?"

My scowl deepens. "No."

Kai pouts, jutting his pink lip out. "You know, I'll have to put in a complaint if you continue this behavior blondie. Now you know I'm a kind person who doesn't like to snitch're really hurting my feelings."

I press my lips together angrily and give him my coldest glare. He can't be serious, can he? Who am I kidding? Of course, he's being serious! He's Kai.

I really want to punch you, Kai, I think bitterly.

I don't say that, obviously. That would be the last straw for him and as satisfying as I would feel punching him in the face, I need the money.

"I'm sorry Kai," I muster up an apology, giving him a fake, sincere smile. "What would you like to drink?"

Kai grins at me and combs some of his wild fringe back. It then occurred to me that Kai had really long hair. He usually styled it back so I couldn't see it properly but now...

"I can see you really meant that apology blondie," Kai starts and comes closer. "So I won't go to the manager. Now, I'd like an espresso to go please."

I pinch in the numbers on the screen and take his money. Kai gives me one last look before making his way to the end of the counter where Carrie makes his coffee.

I notice her giving him big, flirty eyes as she says something to him. For some reason, I feel my stomach drop. Watching my friend flirt with Kai is making me feel something I don't want to feel.

But to my utter relief, Kai doesn't react to her charm. He gives her a bored look and watches her make the drink. Eventually, Carrie sighs and gives up trying to flirt with him.

He doesn't thank Carrie as he gives her the cup but glances at me as if he knew I was staring at him. I pretend to play it off as nothing and give him a glare. Kai smirks and gives me a wink.

I roll my eyes and look away. It's weird that I feel happy he ignored Carrie. I shouldn't care, it's not like we're dating or anything.

Carrie comes over to me, her eyes trained on Kai as he leaves the coffee shop.

"So that hot specimen blanked me but not you. Is there something I'm missing?" Carrie asks me, shifting her gaze to me. "Are you two a thing or something?"

I burst out into fits of laughter, nervously.

Kai said we weren't dating or anything but that he would kiss me whenever he wanted to. That hasn't happened at all - he's been the same so I wouldn't say we were a thing.

It's all confusing.

"He likes to annoy me. A lot." I tell her. "We have a weird friendship although I don't even know if I can call it that. But the weirdest thing is he took me on a date, kissed me and then said I should expect more kisses, even though we aren't a thing."

Carrie shrugs her shoulders. "Maybe he really likes your lips but doesn't want to commit to anything?"

I laugh at her suggestion.

"I think he's a playboy so why isn't he trying to get in my pants? Surely that would make more sense." I comment, perplexed.

"Boys are complex," she remarks, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear.

I nod my head in agreement. "That they are."

"So you're not coming out tonight?" Sadie asks me over the phone, sounding disappointed.

"Yep, I'm too comfortable wrapped up in my duvet. Sorry," I explain, sheepishly. I'm wearing fluffy pajamas with unhealthy food surrounding me. My laptop is set up, ready for my movie marathon. I don't have school or work tomorrow so I have the whole day to do whatever I want. I know I should be doing homework but I honestly couldn't give a damn right now. I'll just worry about it later.

I hear Sadie sigh over the phone. "Ugh, whatever, I'll just ask Sophie. At least she doesn't abandon her friends."

A don't feel a pang of guilt. It's not like Sadie hasn't left me before for a guy. Plus, I know she'll be fine without me. If Sophie goes, she'll still have a blast.

"Have fun then," I wish her and end the call.

I then turn my attention to my laptop screen and press play.

"Chris Hemsworth, here I come," I whisper and settle in my bed comfortably.

About thirty minutes into Thor Ragnarok, I hear a knock on my door. At first, I ignore it. But then the locks start to happen rapidly and louder. I purse my lips together and heave myself off of my bed.

"Sadie if that's you coming to drag my ass out of here, you have another thing com -"

I stop talking when I see who's at the door. My mouth opens in shock for a split second as I stare the cocky bastard stood casually outside my room.

Kai gives me a gigantic smile as his eyes travel down my body. I don't feel self-conscious at all about him seeing me like this, that would involve caring, which I don't. I'm happy with how I look, I don't need anyone to tell me differently. Unless they are complimenting me of course.

"Lovin' the outfit," Kai comments and wolf whistles. I resist the urge to roll my eyes at his behavior.

"What do you want Kai?" I question him irritated.

Kai gives me an award-winning smile. "I just came here to see my favorite person ever. Again."

I give him a look of disbelief.

"Why are you really here?" I ask him again, crossing my arms.

Kai doesn't say anything but pushes himself past me, walking into my room like he owns the place.

"Hey!" I protest, spinning around. "Did I say you could come in here? No. So get out."

Kai scans the room. His eyes linger on my laptop and chocolate on my bed. He smirks and heads over to my bed. Once he gets there, he kicks his shoes off and sits down on my bed.

I narrow my eyes at him. "What are you doing?"

Kai glances at me. "What does it look like I'm doing? Joining you of course."

"What?!" I shout. "No, you're not. Get out."

Kai shakes his head stubbornly. "No can do. I'm going to join you on your movie marathon. That's what you're doing right? It's the only thing that can explain this amount of food."

Perceptive. Very perceptive Kai.

I stare at him for a few moments, watching him get comfortable on my bed. I realize he's not going to leave anytime soon. He's dead serious about staying.

So instead of pointlessly arguing with him and wasting movie time, I shut my door and walk over to my bed. I sit next to Kai so that our knees or brushing and continue the film. Kai takes the blanket beside him and shares it between the two of us. Together, we relax and watch the film together.

I don't know why but I don't feel angry that he came here. I'm actually pleased that we're here together. Something is going on - happening between us and I don't know how I feel about it. At all.

One minute I want us to get closer and then the next I want nothing to do with him. My brain and heart can't decide what it wants.

And that scares me.

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