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Chapter 11

Ren's POV

Four hours.

I've been sitting with Kai for four hours watching Marvel films and we haven't strangled each other yet. Well, I haven't strangled him yet. I'm classing that as a success. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't said anything offensive yet. It's unlike him.

In fact, I've enjoyed being with him. We've been making jokes about the things that happen.

This is proof that we can get along - that we can talk without fighting.

"Have you eaten all of the food, blondie?" Kai asks me, staring down at the empty packets of food and then back up at me. I shrug my shoulders, not caring. "You totally have."

"Have not." And here we go. I think.

"I fancy hot food. How about Domino's pizza?" Kai suggests, deciding not to argue. It surprised me - he's never done that before.

"Pizza sounds good," I tell him and shuffle off of the bed. Kai copies my movement and stretches. The end of his top rides up, exposing his abs and tanned stomach. I'm not going to lie, he has a great body. A smokin' body. If only I could say the same for his personality.

"Checking me out?" Kai questions, smirking.

I snort. "As if." Lie.

Kai either doesn't notice I've lied or can't be bothered to point it out because his attention moves to his ringing phone. He pulls it out and answers the call, in a harsh voice. "What?"

I pretend to be interested in cleaning the rubbish on my bed but I keep my ears open. What can I say? I'm a curious cat. That's it right? Because curiosity killed the cat. Oh, wait. Nevermind then.

"What the hell man? No." Kai hisses into his phone. "Well, you can tell mum that I don't want to go. Ask Jordan."

I wonder who he's talking to. He said mum so could he be talking to a sibling? Who's Jordan?

Gosh, I really am nosy.

Oh well. It's fun being nosy.

"Whatever. Just tell her I'm sick or something." Kai says. "Bye."

He jabs his phone back into his pocket and turns to me with an irritated expression on his face. Is this a good time for me to make a joke about his appearance? Probably not.

"You okay there?" I ask him, feeling...concerned. Say what??

"Fine," Kai sighs and runs a hand through his hair. "Pizza, right?"

I nod my head. "Sure."

"So how many boyfriends have you had?" Kai randomly asks me as we walk back from the pizza place. I start choking on a sweet I bought at his out-of-the-blue question.

"Why would I tell you that?" I question him when I recover. A small smile plays on his lips and his eyes shine with mischief.

"Because I'm curious."

Of course, you are.

I roll my eyes and remain silent. I'm not going to tell him about my boyfriend - the asshole known as Micheal. Although, I'm curious about what his reaction will be. Before I spent time with him today, I think he would have laughed in my face but now...I'm not so sure. That's a good thing...right?

"Have you ever been in a relationship?" Kai asks, almost scandalously. As if the idea of my not dating anyone before is horrific.

"Yes, Kai. I'd rather not talk about it though," I tell him, seriously. All humor on Kai's face vanishes as soon as he picks up the edge in my voice. He frowns for a moment and then gives me a side glance. I keep my face neutral, not wanting him to see the pain in my eyes.

Michael really did a number on me. He took everything I had and then threw me away like a piece of trash. One doesn't recover from that easily.

"Well then, do you want to hear about my past girlfriends?" Kai diverts the conversation.

I snort. "What girlfriends?"

He doesn't seem offended at all. In fact, he looks amused. "I know. I just wanted to distract you."

Why is my heart thumping loudly in my chest? I mean, maybe I like Kai a little...but he didn't say anything romantic. Is it because he tried to do something nice for me? That can't be it...that's just dumb.

"Thanks," I reply and pat his shoulder lightly. Kai matches my feelings of shock. I genuinely thanked Kai. I snap my eyes ahead at the passersby and pretend nothing happened. Even though something weird totally happened.

"Oh my gosh," I whisper and stop walking when I catch sight of them ahead of me. Kai frowns and follows my gaze. He turns his attention back to me a few seconds later, still confused.


"It's Sadie." Is all I say.

Sadie and that blue-haired man are standing together, foreheads touching, staring deeply into each other's eyes. They look exactly like my two friends back home, Annabella and Xavier. In love.

Michael and I never did stuff like that - PDA - because he was so against it. At least, with me he was.

Sadie mutters something to him and he smiles. I feel happy for my English best friend, who is afraid of love. Or commitment. Or both.

I knew there was more to the story than the two of them just hooking up.

"They look happy," Kai remarks beside me.

"They do," I repeat in agreement.

"Excuse me," a voice says behind us and then brushes past us, with a scowl. That's when I realize we are in the middle of the path, in the way. Kai and I quickly maneuver ourselves to the side.

Somehow, I end up crashing into a shop window; Kai ends up standing in front of me, his chest pressed against mine. When did it get so busy?

But instead of thinking of the answer, I think about our close proximity. The way he towers over me, the way his breath fans my face, and the way my heart is pounding in my chest. I never felt this level of intensity as I did with Michael. Why do I keep comparing Kai to Michael?

Kai chuckles. "You're loving this predicament Blondie."

And there goes most of the mood...

I send Kai a glare and stubbornly tilt my chin. "Sure," I say sarcastically.

"See! I knew you were!" He gasps, feigning shock. He knows I was being sarcastic, he's just choosing to ignore it.

I shake my head and press my lips firmly together. Irritation and...desire course through my body. What? Maybe I should step to the side so that I can breathe and think of a witty comeback.

When I try to move, I can't. Kai places his hands on my waist, holding me in my place.

"I'm beginning to enjoy this Blondie," Kai whispers into my ear, huskily. My legs start to wobble, feeling like jelly. He's making me feel so turned on. Mostly excited though. "And I can see it in your eyes - you like it too."


"I - I," I stutter, pathetically. I then make the mistake of gazing into Kai's eyes. I get lost in the depths, hypnotized. There's a palpable change in the atmosphere around us. Something so strong that it's leaving me wanting Kai.

All I'm doing is standing against Kai, with his hands on my waist. Our faces are inches together but they aren't touching. We aren't kissing or anything. We don't love each other.

"Blondie, you should kiss me," Kai suggests, his eyes never straying from mine.

We are almost in the same position as Sadie and the blue-haired guy. The only difference is Kai and I haven't admitted any romantic feelings. I mean, could Kai like me? Puh-lease.

Sure he kissed me but he never told me why. I'm left to assume it was for some stupid game. He doesn't like me - he's just messing with my head.

You're only saying that because you refuse to accept the other answer, my subconscious remarks, smugly.

Ha! I'm not in denial.

Okay...maybe I am...somewhat.

But come on! Kai is a flirt, a playboy, someone who dabbles with people's feelings. That's what I gathered from our first encounter. Yeah, he's been acting a bit different since our date but still...

Kai explicitly told me that he likes teasing me. That's what this is. He's having some fun.

I'm thinking way too much. My head is going to explode if I continue thinking. I'm being very serious though, I have a small brain. This is all too much for me.

I come back into reality when I feel a pair of warm lips brushing against my cheek. My eyes flutter open widely and I jerk my head back, right into the freaking window.

"Ouch!" I hiss loudly, in pain. "Look what you made me do!"

Kai gives me a flat look. "Using Taylor Swift isn't going to work on me."

I give Kai a dumb-struck look. "Are you flippin' kidding me?"


Of course, you aren't. I think sarcastically, mentally rolling my eyes.

"Let's just go and get food and forget about this weird...thing," I tell Kai, my tone leaving no room for arguments. What just happened was weird. It was like Ren was here but not here at the same time. Kai seemed out of it too.

It was almost as if we let our desires take over - as if we left the rational part of ourselves behind. I'm not even making any sense!

Kai doesn't seem affected at all. Lucky sod.

"Right," he blinks, stepping back. We start walking again, side by side. Sadie and her pal are gone now.

I try not to think about that moment and its importance. Because little did I know, so much more of it was going to come. And prove to me I was wrong about Kai.

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