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Chapter 12

"So are you trying to tell me that you don't like me?" Kai asks me for the billionth time today.

The expression on my face must give away my answer because he gives me a playful glare.

"Not even after that intimate moment we had?" He questions me further, almost sounding insecure. I have to check my hearing to make sure I didn't imagine the tone of his voice.

When he says 'the intimate moment', he's referring to the other day outside of the shop where we were pressed against each other. Where I gazed into his eyes, drinking everything about him in. Where my semi-crush on him developed.

Since then, I've been trying to play it cool. We both have in fact. Kai hasn't mentioned it at all until now. I have tried to keep my thoughts away from there, not wanting to read too deep into it. Having feelings for Kai won't be good for my heart.

"What? I -," I pause, not entirely knowing how to respond to Kai. How did I even end up in this situation? Why is Kai bringing it up now after so long? "Why do you care? Do you have feelings for me?"

I literally have no idea why I asked him that. Whatever he says will make this even more awkward. Still, I'm curious as to what his reaction will be.

"Feelings?" Kai snorts, avoiding eye contact with me. "I don't do feelings Blondie. Relationships are not my thing."

Why doesn't that surprise me?

"Ha! I knew you were a playboy!" I cry, in triumphant. Sadie has been saying that I can't just assume Kai's a player since I have no real evidence. I've told her that I just know, the way he flirts with girls all the time is pretty good evidence.

But now he's basically admitted it.

"I never said that blondie, I just said I'm not a relationship person." Kai deadpans, giving me a flat look. "Where in my answer did you get 'I hook up with girls and then leave them?"

"I presumed," I shrug my shoulders, looking down at the floor. "But come on! We all know you are though."

Kai pinches his lips together. He glances down at his feet and then back up at me, for once looking...upset. I think I even catch his eyes look misty like he was about to cry or something. Maybe my comment wasn't the smartest thing to say. I'm pretty well known for having a blabbermouth. I say whatever I want, most of the time without thinking about the consequences.

Kai looks like he's in his own world. I begin to worry when he doesn't react to me waving my hand in front of his face. Whatever he's thinking about, I don't think its nice. Perhaps it has something to do with what I said. Wait, who am I kidding? Of course, it has something to do with that!

"Kai...are you okay?" I ask him, swallowing down my pride. Concern is now etched on my face; hesitantly, I place my hand on his muscled arm. Kai doesn't flinch away from my touch so I press down more firmly. This grabs his attention.

"What? Yeah, sorry. Just zoned out." He snaps out of it, blinking rapidly and throwing me a sheepish smile. "So, feelings? I know you feel something for me otherwise, you wouldn't have tried to distract me. It's okay to be scared to admit it blondie, not all of us are confident."

And whatever worry I felt for him disappeared.

"You're an ass," I mumble, dropping my hand from his arm. "I'm going to leave, it's clear you aren't going to do any work. I'll just call Ben later."

I sidestep Kai and head for the doors. Before I can leave though, fingers curl my upper arm, stopping me. Judging by the faint zap that shoots through my body, it's Kai.

"What Kai?"

"I - I just wanted to thank you for your concern," Kai mutters under his breath, quietly. I nearly couldn't hear him.

My eyes widen in shock at his apology. It was so unexpected, especially from someone like Kai. Why would Kai apologize to me? Sure, he was being arrogant as usual but he didn't need to apologize for feeling...out of it.

His behavior is so confusing. It's like he takes a full 180 twist. He can act like a completely different person.

"Oh - um," I frown and step back from him. Those tingles distract me, cause my mind to drift elsewhere. "I've got to go. Bye Kai."

I rush out of the room like my pants are on fire - which they aren't. Don't worry. That's the second time we've had a weird moment. It's starting to feel like we both have more to say then what we actually say. But we don't understand what we are trying to say or we are trying to ignore it.

The moment we just had, where Kai seemed offended or upset by what I said about him being a playboy led to him diving into his mind. And when I tried to comfort him, he brushed my help away and tried to...well it was like he was trying to downgrade me. Now, most of that is pretty normal for Kai except for the whole zoning out thing.

What isn't normal is Kai apologizing. It's unheard of - to me at least. He seemed guilty about saying what he said. And if he felt guilty about that, maybe I should feel guilty too about calling out that I think he's a playboy. Which I still technically think, although not as much as I used to.

Anyways, instead of delving into the strange interactions I have with Kai and reading way too much into it, I pull my phone out of my jean pockets and give Ben a call. The reason Kai and I were alone in drama was that Ben had the flu. Poor Ben said he was lying in his bed, dying.

The phone rings for a few seconds. Eventually, a croaky voice answers the phone, weakly. "Hello?"

"Ben!" I chirp, happy to hear my new friends voice. "How are you feeling? Are you able to go to the toilet now without falling over?"

"I haven't quite mastered that yet," Ben coughs violently on the other side of the phone. I cringe. That doesn't sound good. "But I didn't fall down as many times."

I chuckle, imaging him collapsing onto the ground with a thud.

"Sucks to be ill," I comment. "You missed out on so much in drama, you're going to have soo much to catch up on."

"Drama? Between you and Kai? Never," Ben says into the phone, sarcastically.

"It's nice to see you are still sarcastic, despite being ill," I tell him, causing Ben to chuckle/cough.

"I know, I know. Nothing can take it away from me, not even death." Ben replies.

I roll my eyes. He is so over exaggerating. The flu will pass soon. And then Ben will be back to normal and less sarcastic.

"You're not dying, get over it," I say, flatly. "Anyways, I was just checking up on you. Wanted to make sure I didn't have to call an ambulance."

"How's Kai then? You two didn't kill each other?" Ben asks me the dreaded question.

"Well I'm talking to you aren't I?" I dodge the question, arching an eyebrow even though Ben can't see me. Not that I want to be in the same room as Ben right now. I don't do well ill. Not at all - it's not pretty.

"Yes whatever, I'm ill so don't judge my stupidness." Ben defends himself. "Are you avoiding the question, Ren? Did something happen between you and Kai?"

Ben doesn't know anything about me and Kai other than we hate each other. Whilst Ben and I are getting closer as friends, I still haven't told him about what happened with Kai. Hell, Sadie doesn't even know about it. I don't know if I'll tell Sadie since I know she will blow it up for no reason. Perhaps I will if something does happen.

Speaking of Sadie, Sadie still hasn't told me about what's going on with her and the blue-haired boy. She hasn't mentioned meeting up with him at all so she thinks I have no idea about it.

I'm planning to confront her soon about it.

"Ren? You there?" Ben's voice snaps me back to reality. Shoot Ben asked me a question!

"Sorry Ben, I have to go. They are handing out free cake!" I say frantically and then hang up. I'm sure that sounded believable and I'm sure Ben won't call me back later asking me what I'm hiding.

If he does, I'll worry about it later.

Continuing down the hall, a student hurries past me, bumping into me. I nearly fall down, face planting the floor.

"Hey!" I yell at the boy angrily. "Watch where you are going."

The boy turns around, giving me an apologetic look. "Sorry, they are handing out free cake and I wanted to get a good slice."

Free cake? What a coincidence.

A smile breaks its way onto my face. "Then what are we waiting for! Let's go!" I tell the stranger, rushing past him. Free cake, here I come.

The last thought in my head before I completely think about cake is that Ben is definitely going to believe me now.

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