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Chapter 16

“Sophia?” I ask in shock and embarrassment. My cheeks heat up as I feel like a fifteen-year-old talking to her crush for the first time, in front of their mother. That didn’t happen though, my mom doesn’t care about my relationships. As long as I marry someone with a stable job, she doesn’t have to worry.

Sophia is standing in all of her gorgeous glory in front of me, a smirk plastered on her pink lips. Her brown eyes are shining with mischief as she darts her eyes between Kai and me.

“Hi Ren,” She greets, in a positive voice. “I was in the area and I thought I would keep you so company at work but it appears you already have some...”

Kai coughs beside me. I glance at him and narrow my eyes when I read the humor in his eyes. At least one of us can find this entertaining. I’m going to be quizzed about this later. Sophia is relentless.

“It’s nothing Soph--”

She holds up a hand, effectively stopping my unbelievable excuse. I was making out with Kai, at work. I doubt anyone will believe me if I said I slipped and managed to fall onto Kai, my lips landing on his. Yeah, that won’t work.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you’ve found a man. Just... perhaps you should not show your affections in front of the whole cafe?”

I bite my lip and try to play it cool. I’m crazy Ren. I’m an acting student. I should act cool.

I give her a big smile, albeit a bit too big, and casually lean my elbow against the counter. “Sure, it was just a spur of the moment. Plus, we’re not dating.”


“We’re not?”

Comes Kai and Sophia’s replies instantly. I avoid making eye contact with either of them and shrug my shoulders. Play it cool. Kai hasn’t asked me out yet, thus were not dating. I won’t be with someone if I don’t know where I stand.

“Nope,” I answer and turn my attention to Carrie. “Did you order something, Sophia?”

She nods her head and rests both of her elbows on the counter. Her eyes stare into mine, assessing me. I can feel Kai’s eyes burning into my back.

“I did,” she replies. “I was also wondering if you wanted to come to a party this weekend. You can even bring your boy toy.”

I pinch my lips together at her name for Kai but keep my eyes passive. I don’t want her to see how Kai effects me. Because he does, a lot.


“We’d love to go,” Kai slides in, slipping an arm around my shoulder comfortably. Sophia eyes his arm around my shoulder and grins, pleased. I haven’t see Sophia in such a long time. She probably isn’t aware of Kai. Sure, she met him at the last party I attended with her but that’s it. It’s sad I don’t get to see her that much. She has a very busy life.

I know she broke up with her boyfriend recently so I assume she’s still recovering from that. When I broke up with Michael, I stayed in my room for a long time, wallowing in self-pity. Heartbreak is the worst.

“Great,” Sophia squeals. “Right, I should probably tell you to hurry up. The man behind me is burying me with his eyes.”

Chuckling, I ask her what her drink is and proceed to make it. Kai still watches me with his arms folded.

Two hours later, I finish my shift. Carrie gives me a playful smile when I start to exit the cafe with Kai. I know exactly what she’s thinking and I want to tell her ‘no, that’s not going to happen’ but then that would raise questions from Kai. I don’t want him interrogating me too. I don’t want to give him the satisfaction.

I’m fortunate my boss didn’t give me a warning for kissing Kai. The whole cafe saw it and they probably thought it was inappropriate and unprofessional. Nobody likes PDA.

Kai swings the door open for me and just as I’m about to walk out, he lets go, causing it to bash into my side. I let out a yelp and glower at him.

“Why the hell did you do that?” I hiss, massaging my poor arm.

Kai shrugs his shoulders, not even attempting to hide his smile. “I thought it would be funny.”

Of course, you would. You just like tormenting me.

“I could be lying,” I suggest.

Kai arches an eyebrow. “I would believe you if you didn’t kiss me earlier. I could feel your desire for me Blondie. You can’t hide it.”

I hate how my emotions are so strong. For certain emotions, I can’t seem to hide them well at all.

“I can try,” I retort and exit the cafe. A cold gust of wind blows the strands of my hair that have escaped my ponytail. Kai stands behind me, his front close to my back. “You’re incredibly close to me,” I state, suddenly feeling breathless.

“I know,” Kai murmurs, close to my ear. “Why do you keep running away from me Ren? One minute you’re screaming at me, telling me to admit how I feel. And now that I have, you’re running away. You say I’m confusing but by god, you’re worse.”

I suck in a breath, taken aback. I didn’t expect something like this from Kai. For once, he’s acting on his raw emotions - his fear and anger.

I’ve never seen him angry before. Well, not like this. This is different.

“Kai -”

“Save it,” he waves a dismissive hand and takes a step back. My heart aches at the action. I suck in a big breath and try to gather my thoughts together. “I think instead of telling me to make up my mind, I need to tell you.”

With one last pointed look, Kai turns on his heels and walks away. Leaving me standing on the pavement, staring at his back in sadness.

All I can think is: what have I done?

Why can’t things ever go smoothly for me?

Two hours later and I’m lying on my bed, listening to break up songs. It’s honestly hilarious. I’m not dating Kai yet I feel like we broke up after six months together.

I’ve been trying to contact Sadie. I need someone so I can cry on their shoulder. However, I think she’s on a date. Cue a sigh. I’m happy she has a lovely boyfriend and that she’s in a stable relationship but I’m not going to lie, I’m a tiny bit jealous. I want something like that. Why do things always have to be hard for me?

It sucks. My love life really sucks.

I flutter my eyes closed and focus all of my attention on the beat of the song. I block out the thoughts of Kai and relax my mind, and my heart.

A few minutes later, I’m interupted by my phone ringing. Groaning, I roll on my bed, over to my phone. The name Mom is splashed across my screen.

“Mom?” I answer, disdainfully.

The reply is exactly how I expected it to be. “Ren.” She says into the phone in a sharp voice. I sigh and lick my dry lips anxiously.

“Yeah?” I speak into the phone, forcing my body to relax. My mom doesn’t miss a beat, her reply, as usual, being immediate. Whilst I speak before thinking, my mom is the complete opposite. Before calling me, she probably had a whole plan in her head of what she would say.

“It’s going to be half term soon and I’d like you to come home for a visit.” She states, in a firm voice.

“Okay.” I sigh into the phone. There’s no point arguing with her. I can’t be bothered to, especially after my fight with Kai. I swear, that man drains me.

“Good.” She says. I can imagine her nodding her head satisfied. “Oh, and you can bring a friend if you want to. I’d like to meet the people you’re spending time with.”

She wants to know if they are a good influence or not.

“Okay,” I repeat and send her my goodbyes. She doesn’t sound pleased by my dismissal but I don’t really care.

After hanging up on my mother, I flop back onto my back and stare aimlessly at the ceiling. Thoughts of my trip back home invade my mind, along with a handsome blonde haired boy who calls me Blondie.

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