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Chapter 1

"We're late. We're late. Crap, we're late." Sadie mumbles over and over as we speed down the university hallways to the spacious classroom. I laugh at her extremely worried face, not feeling bad at all for enjoying my friend's misery. "Stop laughing Ren! You can get in trouble too."

"Puh-lease," I drag out, flipping my blonde hair over my shoulder. "I'm too fabulous for that."

Sadie rolls her eyes.

Eventually, much to Sadie's relief and my body's relief, we make it to the room. Man, I really think I should sign up for the gym. My body is sweating and I'm panting like a worn-out dog.

This time, Sadie laughs at me. She likes to go to the gym every Sunday morning, despite my reasoning that Sunday is the perfect day to sleep. I will never understand that girl's mind.

"Miss Kerry and Miss Cassidy, how lovely it is for you to show up." My teacher grunts, scowling at us for interrupting his lesson. Mr. Caine is an utter prick. He hates his job and loves to make sure we all know it. The guy hands out way too much homework and doesn't even mark half of it!

On the plus side though, he doesn't like theory. He prefers to make us perform so that he doesn't have to do as much work. Thus, all I do is read lines with a partner for the entire lesson. He tends to mark us with good grades so nobody checks in on this class.

Poor Sadie, on the other hand, has lots to do. Whilst I only have to act in the lesson, Sadie has to learn how to work the stage lights, learn how to set up the stage along with having to design a set.

Before Sadie can come up with a lame excuse, I say: "You're welcome Mr. Caine. I just love to grace you with my presence."

Mr. Caine's face turns beetroot red in anger, a vein practically popping out of his forehead. I am so evil.

Mr. Caine curls his upper lip and gestures for me to sit down, with a glare. Smiling innocently, I sit down at the back of the class, with Sadie following. She gives me a disbelieving look and sits down next to me.

"So today, you are going to work with a partner and one of the stage management crew to produce a short, 5-minute scene from a book of my choice." Mr. Caine informs us, his beady green eyes meeting mine with a glint in them. I bet he'll give me the hardest play just to embarrass me.

Ha! Like I could be embarrassed.

"When I call your names up, I'd like you to stand with your partner." He says, in a monotone voice.

"Kelsey and Fred, Georgia and..." and that's when I zone out, thinking about the party I'm going to attend this weekend. A friend of mine, Sophia, who is very rich is hosting a party at her gorgeous home. Obviously, she invited mwah and of course, I would never turn down getting drunk. I live for parties and getting smashed.

Not the hangovers though. That's a buzz kill.

Maybe I should go shopping with Sadie. I am in need of new party clothes, a lot of mine were shrunk in the wash. I can blame Sadie for that. Apparently, she knew how to work a washing machine.

She really doesn't.

An elbow punches my stomach, jerking me back into reality. I give Sadie the stink eye whilst rubbing my poor stomach. If I get a bruise, I'm going to dye her hair bleach blonde. She had it done that color once and it was the worst mistake of her life. She said that it really doesn't compliment her fair skin.

Sadie points her head at the front, nudging me to look. Frowning, I mouth 'what is it?' to her.

Pursing her lips, Sadie mouths back 'you were called'.

Oh, sugar!

Springing up graciously - because I'm very gracious - I rush over to the front of the classroom, giving my teacher a sheepish smile.

He glowers at me, irritated that I wasted his time again. "Ren, you are with Ben. We also have a new stage management student joining today, he's going to be working with you."

I direct my attention to the new guy, a dirty blonde-haired beauty who gives me a cocky grin.

"Hello gorgeous, I'm Kai." He introduces himself with an arrogant tone.

I smirk, brushing a strand of my blonde hair behind my ear. "Well, hello to you too."

Mr. Caine clears his throat awkwardly, disrupting our interaction. Or should I say flirting? Maybe not but it could have been.

Ben, my stage partner, also seems uncomfortable. He rubs the back of his neck, inching to stand closer to me.

Hmm, I should read into that.

"Right, well I would like you to A Doll's House Is A Metaphor." Mr. Caine says and hands us the sheet. As soon as he's done his job, he heads off to another group without giving us any more information.

I guess I'm going to have to pest him for more. For instance, I have no clue how long we have to do this. It could be a year for all I know or next week. Stupid teacher.

I turn to the two boys with a bright smile, excited to do this.

I take my time to examine both of them. I'm not going to lie, they are both tremendously handsome, with that 'bad boy' persona. Yet, Ben, my classmate isn't. I hardly know the guy because he's always with his friends but I know he's a good actor. He's quite funny too.

Kai, on the other hand, is new. Fresh meat. He's definitely attractive, with prominent features and glistening, blonde hair that looks like it will glow in the sun. He also has light brown, warm eyes. From the loose t-shirt he's wearing, I can see some muscle. He must work out or he gets it from lifting heavy objects - props.

From his cocky grin and obnoxious look, I can tell that this guy knows how good he looks. Oh, how I love people like that.

"So," Kai claps his hands together. "What's the play about?"

"It's about..." I start, scrolling through the scene quickly. "Oh. It's about some guy blackmailing a girl so he can get his job back."

Ben runs a hand through his ruffled brown hair. "Well, that sounds exciting."

I snort, unattractively.

"Great," Kai mutters sarcastically under his breath.

Silence falls upon us as we read through the sheet. Kindly, I let Kai read along with me. He gave me a thankful look, moving closer to me. Accidentally, his body made contact with mine. A shiver runs down my spine at the electric sensation I feel. What on earth?

I brush off the odd feeling, putting it down to an electric shock. I always manage to receive them for Sadie. That girl is always static. Perhaps Kai is too.

Kai moves a tiny bit away from me and focuses on the sheet.

"This is hard," Kai comments after reading it. He drops his body onto one of the seats and sighs.

"Is this your first year?" I ask him, sitting down as well. Ben is still reading the script, his mind elsewhere.

Kai shakes his head. "No, I had to re-take this year because of an...incident. I moved here to have a fresh start"

My curiosity peaks when he hesitates to define his reason for moving. I'm a very nosy person, even I know that. My friends back in America, Cora, Anna, and Jess always tell me things first because they know I will bother them until they spit it out.

However, Kai is new. I don't know him and he might think I'm too intrusive so he won't tell me. I don't want to come across like that after knowing him for less than ten minutes because then, I will never find out.

"Oh," comes my simple reply.

"Anyhow, this place looks decent. I've been told they have lots of parties."

A smirk tugs its way onto my face. Oh, they definitely do. "They sure do, the best parties."

"Hmm," Kai says, leaning closer to me with a grin. All seriousness disappeared from his face now. "Are you a dancer?"

Copying his movements, I stop mere inches from his face. "If I want to be."

Kai chuckles at my response, in a low and husky voice. My heart thumps in my chest at the sexiness in his voice. Damn, it's so attractive!

"Well, I hope you are."

I cock my head to the side. "Why is that?"

"So I can dance with you." He answers and then sits back in his chair with his arms crossed over his chest.

I do the same, pretending to shrug off the feeling of disappointment.

"Playing hard to get I see." Kai remarks. "Don't worry, I will win. I do like a challenge and this game you are playing, it's dirty. Don't worry sweetheart, I will get that dance and your heart soon. By next month, I'd say."

That's when I realize we were playing a game, a game of who could leave the other breathless, the other wanting to do it. The triumphant smirk makes me want to smack it off of his face. If he wants to play a dangerous game, then so be it.

Well played Kai, well played. He may have won the battle but he won't win the war.

I'm Ren Kerry, the amazing, stunning, and a tab bit crazy girl who has dealt with all types of boys. Especially boys like him who blow me off.

Ha! He thinks he can win my broken, damaged heart in a month. Hilarious. Boys like him only know how to charm your pants off, nothing more. He doesn't know the way to my heart.

Not that it matters. Even if he does somehow, I will still never let him have it.

I will win. I always do.

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