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Chapter 22

For the next few weeks, Kai and I spent a lot of time together. And no, not just in the bedroom. Although, Sadie did claim we were like two rabbits who had a real addiction problem.

I'm not going to lie, it felt amazing spending time with Kai. We got so much closer, even if most of the time he just annoyed me. But hey, that was what made us, well us. We had a weird relationship but it was unique. I think if I had a relationship like I had with Michael again, it wouldn't go well. I have come to the realization that Michael and I were never meant to be.
He is everything I'm not. I'm wild, crazy and hyper. He's calm, relaxed and collected. We were never a match.
I was meant for someone like Kai. No, I was meant for Kai. We fit. It feels like the puzzle pieces connect.
So, to conclude, we were great together. Which led to me asking Kai to America with me this weekend. I thought he might say no since he would be meeting my parents--despite the fact we're technically not dating--but he agreed straight away much to my astonishment.
Kai actually said he wanted to meet my parents and friends. He wanted to get to know the American gal who moved to England for a fresh start. I am not going to lie, I was a bit apprehensive at first when he told me that. I was a hormonal teenager the last time I was in America--many people knew me as the girl who tried to get with the whole school population. Obviously, I'm different now. I've had sex and I've learned strategies on how to deal with my intense sexual drives.
"What are you going to say to your parents?" Sadie asks me, lying on my bed, flicking through one of my magazines.
I shrug my shoulders, not entirely sure. Do I think my parents will accept Kai? I'm not sure. There are two sides to Kai that I've recently discovered. There is my Kai who annoys the hell out of me. And then there's the other Kai, the one he shows to the rest of the world. The charming, charismatic, swoon-worthy male.
I'm sure my parents will like him.
"I'm going to tell them most of the truth," I answer, shrugging my shoulders. Sadie arches an eyebrow and gives me an expectant look to elaborate. "Well, I'm going to tell them that I love him and that there's nothing they can do about it."
Sadie gapes at me for a second. When she regains some sort of control, she grins ear to ear.
"That's my girl!" She hollers, jumping onto her knees. "I thought I lost my strong independent Ren but now I know that you're officially back, I couldn't be happier."
I smirk at her and sassily flick a clump of hair over my shoulder. "Hell yeah."
Sadie blasts the song 'Wild Ones' by Flo Rida and Sia and starts to dance on my bed. It's like my body starts to lose control too since I'm swaying to the beat, letting myself loose.
I don't remember getting on the bed with Sadie or jumping up and down on it. But I do remember Sadie face planting the floor and me laughing about it.

The next day, Kai and I are both working at the coffee shop. I'm on the till whilst he's making drinks with Carrie, my friend. Every time Kai walked past me, he would whisper something dirty in my ear, trying to turn me on. Carrie soon caught onto what was happening and simply grinned.
"Excuse me?" A woman says, snapping me back into reality. I give her an apologetic smile and take her order. Once again, Kai brushes past me and this time, he grabs my butt. I yelp in utter surprise and stumble forwards. The woman--who's order I'm taking--gives me an odd look. "Are you alright dear?" She asks, clearly having no idea what just happened.
Seeing Kai smirk in my peripheral vision, I huff and plaster a smile on my face. "Yes, sorry, just feeling a bit tired."
She nods her head, buying my excuse. "Yes, I have been struggling with sleep too. As a matter of fact, I--" At that point, I zone out.
When the customer behind her politely tells her to hurry up, I drift back to reality. I nearly give the man a handshake, wanting to thank him for stopping this woman. She seems like a nice lady, she just needs to stop reduce the length of her speeches.
Does that sound rude? Probably.
After my shift has finished, I wait for Kai outside.
Eventually, he appears through the doors, looking sexy as hell. I pounce on him as soon as he gets close to me, assaulting his lips. He instantly reacts to my mouth, groaning in pleasure.
His hands reaches up to touch my face and caress me but I stop him. I pull away and place one of my fingers on his lips. "Nope. It's time I punish you for you did earlier."
Kai arches an eyebrow in surprise and amusement. "Really? I didn't know you were into kinky stuff."
I smirk, teasing him. I'm not really into any of that stuff, I just wanted to tease him. By the looks of things, it's working pretty well.
"Well, you'll just have to see."

I'm currently lying in Kai's arms, in his comfortable bed. His hand is stroking my exposed arm, causing goosebumps of pleasure to arise on my skin.
It's silent and dark but neither of us mind or care. We're simply enjoying each other's company. Sometimes words aren't needed to express each other's thoughts or feelings. We don't always need to talk.
I used to envy Anna and Xavier for being able to have moments of silence where they would just embrace each other. But now, I have no need to. Kai is beginning to show me what it's like to truly love someone, even if he doesn't know it.
Life feels perfect right now. This is something I'm always going to remember simply because it's memorable.
"What are you thinking about?" Kai murmurs, brushing his lips against the crown of my head.
Snuggling into him, I flutter my eyes closed. "Nothing much, just how perfect this feels. I never want this moment to end."
I can feel Kai's smile, even if I can't see it.
"I agree--I hope it never changes either. Do you know why?"
I shake my head. I have no idea why.
Kai smiles, holding back the information. I harrumph and tilt my head up to give him a playful glare.
"Just tell me why," I demand, not bothering to hide the command.
"Ah, ah, ah," He tuts, shaking his head disapprovingly. "You have to say the magic word."
I huff, annoyed. "You can't be serious Kai."
But by the look on his face, he's very serious. What a jerk.
My jerk.
"Fine, Abracadabra."
Kai arches an eyebrow in amusement but doesn't comment.
Kai lowers his mouth to my ear slowly and hesitates. Just when I think he's playing another trick on me he whispers the answer.
My heart skips a beat.
My breath catches.
My blood stops pumping.
I flicker my eyes up to him and show him the raw passion I feel for him through my eyes.
Because what he just said will always stay with me.
"Do you really mean it?" I ask, my voice quivering.
Kai nods his head, the corners of his lips twitching upwards.
"Yes, blondie."
A tear slips from my eye. Nobody has ever moved me like that. Nobody has ever said or meant something like that. It makes me feel so precious. So treasured. So loved.
"I wouldn't be able to cope without you."

I really hope you enjoyed this chapter! I really enjoyed writing it :)

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