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Chapter 23

That following weekend, Kai and I found ourselves sat on a plane, heading to America. I discovered something new about him as we were setting off. Kai is afraid of planes.

It’s true. He was jittery and uneasy as we were entering the plane. At first, I thought it was nerves about meeting my parents but as we were setting off, Kai went completely immobile. His fingers clutched the armrest tightly and his eyes were squeezed shut. He looked petrified.

I grab his hand and tighten my fingers around his. His eyes remain straight ahead; his breaths are shallow but I know he’s grateful.

“You must be crazy for me because you can’t keep your hands off me,” Kai attempts to joke in a trembling voice.

I smile, shaking my head. Always teasing me.

“Oh, totally,” I reply, sarcastically. “These hands are practically calling for you.”

Kai smirks. “Oh, babe, I knew you would fall for me the moment you met me.”

I didn’t.

I never expected I would be on a plane, sat next to Kai, heading to America. Hell, I never believed I would be having a serious conversation with Kai.

Things can really change.

“How could I not? Those lips, those eyes, and damn, that ass. You’re too irresistible.”

I lean closer to him until my mouth is centimeters from his. He exhales and flickers his eyes to my mouth. Before I can blink, his mouth is on me.

The world vanishes before my eyes as I feel the passion and love. I grip his shirt and flutter my eyes shut. This feels perfect, nothing could ruin—

“Excuse me,” A high pitched, clipped tone breaks my train of thoughts. Reluctantly opening my eyes, I glance up at the woman and give her a glare. The air hostess does not look impressed at all but our PDA. Neither do some of the older passengers around me who all give us dirty looks.

“Yes?” I ask, sighing.

“You are making a lot of the passengers uncomfortable.” She says, locking eyes with me. “Please refrain yourselves from touching each other inappropriately.”

Giving her one last icy cold glare, I turn my body to the front and stare blankly at the back of the chair in front of me.

Kai chuckles beside me, finding the whole situation amusing.

“Whatever,” I roll my eyes, crossing my arms over my chest.

“That woman was being ridiculous! I’ve seen people do worse things on a plane than kiss! It’s discrimination, I’m telling you! Discrimination against the blondes!” I rant to Kai as we collect our luggage at the airport.

Kai, who has been listening to me rant for the past fifteen minutes, rolls his eyes. He knows better than most people. You don’t interrupt Ren when she’s ranting. It doesn’t go well. I will turn into an angry hippo. Or maybe a beserk lima. Why a lima? No idea.

“She is so rude. I should file a complaint.”

Kai hums, clearly not paying attention.

“Are you even listening to me?” I ask him, sharply.

Once again, he simply hums. His eyes are glazed over as if he’s in his own world.

“You’re not,” I state, the tone in my voice leaking with disapproval.

For the third time, he hums.

“I’m going to strip here right now and give that old guy a lap dance.”

This time, his head snaps to me. Kai’s mouth drops open for a minute, shocked.

“What did you just say?” He questions me, in a dangerously low tone. Shivers fall down my spine and my body alights.

“That I’m going to complain about the woman on the plane,” I reply sweetly, flashing him an innocent smile.

Kai narrows his eyes suspiciously, not buying my answer at all. We both know what I said.

“You’re lucky I love you otherwise...”

“Otherwise what?” I pry, staring up at him through my long lashes. There’s no doubt in my mind that my eyes are full of desire and longing.

I’m playing a dangerous game. A very dangerous game.

“Blondie, you’re making me horny. I can’t be feeling like that when I meet your parents for the first time.”

I gasp in shock and slap his chest, feigning disgust.

The truth is I’m pretty turned on right now.

It’s at that moment that I spot my parents making their way over to me. Both of their faces are expressionless, their bodies tense.

How can they be anyone else but my parents? Nobody else here can look like a cardboard box like them.

Kai follows my line of sight.

“Are those your parents?” He leans down and whispers into my ear. Chills flow through my back and goosebumps surface on my skin. I love having his hot breath on my skin.

I nod my head reluctantly.

I can almost feel the waves of sympathy roll off of him. He can tell my parents aren’t the most friendly people around. They’re two stacks of hay, inside and out. Okay, not literally outside but you get what I mean.

Essentially, my parents are scarecrows.

Their look scares off unwanted visitors.

My parents stop in front of me. Their eyes gaze at me for a moment before they analyze Kai beside me. I feel him stiffen beside me in what I assume is nerves. I don’t blame him—I would turn into a statue if I had my parents scrutinizing me. What am I saying? I’ve been in his shoes plenty of times. I know exactly how it feels.

Eventually, they both tear their eyes from Kai and speak, finally filling the awkward silence. “Ren, you didn’t tell us you were bringing a boy back.”

The accusation causes me to flinch internally. She doesn’t appear happy about Kai.


“Sorry mom,” I mumble under my breath and lower my gaze.

“I’m Catherine and this is my husband, George.” My mother introduces for me, in a clipped tone. “Who are you?”

My mother couldn’t be any ruder if she tried.

I feel Kai straighten his posture. He briefly glances at me, his eyes telling me that he won’t let me down. He’s going to show my mom that he’s more than worthy.

My heart swells with pride and love. He’s doing it for me.

“I’m Kai Jones, ma’am.” Kai answers in a smooth and confident voice. Everything about him from his now squared shoulders to his raised neck implies confidence. Kai is not going to let my mom see his insecurities.

There is another reason I love this man so much. He is just perfect.

My mother arches an eyebrow but shakes Kai’s hand nonetheless. I’m proud that Kai is doing this for me. I know that meeting the parents is tough.

I can’t imagine meeting Kai’s parents this soon.

“It’s...nice to meet you, Kai,” She hesitates.

Kai nods his head politely and wraps an arm around my waist. My parents don’t fail to notice this but they don’t say anything about it.

After an awkward silence flutters around us, we all leave the airport and head to my parent’s car.

Kai sits at the back with me, his hand in mine. We drive through the city next to my town, passing familiar shops I used to shop in regularly. Every once in a while, Kai would lean down so his mouth was level with my ear, and asks me questions. I tell him some of my memories of my friends in happiness.

I can’t believe I’m going to see my friends in person soon. I miss them so much. Sure, we call all the time but it’s not the same.

I wonder what my friends will think of Kai...they liked Michael when they first met him but over time, they started to not like him. To this day, I’m not sure why.

“Are you okay, Blondie?” Kai whispers into my ear, his hot, minty breath tickling my breath.

“Yeah, just excited,” I reply, failing to contain a smile. My mother glances at me over the shoulder and stares directly into my eyes for a moment. Her detached eyes eventually drift away from me. I suspect she knows why I’m happy.

My mother has never entirely approved of my friends. I still don’t know why to this day. My friends are nice people who care about me a lot.

I think she blames them for my overactive personality. As if it’s their fault. She doesn’t want to admit she created this awesomeness.

Okay, so she doesn’t want to admit that her own daughter is uncontrollable. That is, unfortunately, the sad truth.

Soon, we’re parking into my drive. For the first time in a while, I see my house. The house I hated with a passion.

Perhaps if I had warm memories of this place, then I would view it differently. However, it’s not just memories that's a problem—it's also the occupants of the house.

"Are you happy to be back?" My dad asks for the first time since I arrived here. He's always been a quiet man. Compared to my mother, he keeps to himself.

Not wanting to cause any arguments, I nod my head slowly. I'm only happy to see my friends. Nothing more. My parents don't take up a lot of space in my heart. I know I should feel guilty about feeling like this but they don't deserve my affection. Not when they denied me of mine for so long.

"It looks very nice." Kai comments, attempting to ease the mood.

We all jump out of the car and head towards the house. My parents enter first and after a short, awkward talk, they leave me alone with Kai.

I drag him upstairs to my room. He doesn't protest. In fact, I think he's happy about being taken upstairs like this. When we make it to my room, Kai immediately starts examining it.

"So this is your infamous room," Kai whistles, scanning the room like a five-year-old boy who discovered they do toy shops. "It looks"

My room is fairly basic, with a few band posters taped to the walls, lots of photos, souvenirs I got from past holiday's and my teddy bears. All in all, it's a typical teenagers room.

"It's been like this since high school," I tell him, admiring the photos of me and my friends. "I never found the time to change it."

Kai gives me a genuine smile, "I like it how it is. It tells me more about you."

My heart melts and I wonder the same question for the millionth time.

How did I end up this lucky?

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