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Chapter 25

If there is one person I never want to see again, it's Michael.

But who am I currently looking at?

Well, Michael of course, in all his sneering, boring glory. He's still the same, with his so-called 'cute' looks that make me want to vomit on the spot. What I ever saw in him when I first started dating him, I do not know. He's a complete sleaze.

A real man treats a woman right. A real man doesn't dump his girlfriend on the spot and goes after a new girl that very day.

A real man is one sitting right next to me, with his arm resting casually on my thigh. He tightens his hold on me when he notices the panicked look in my eyes.

His eyes dart between Michael and me, trying to work out what is going on between us. Kai eventually rests his eyes on me but remains confused. They silently plead with me to tell him what's going on--to explain the situation.

I can't though. I'm completely frozen.

Michael is stood not too far in front of me with some blonde hanging onto his arm for dear life. She could be a cardboard cut out of me, with her golden blonde hair, sea-blue eyes, and 5"6 height. She is gorgeous though, more so than me.

She is like a better version of me.

The thought makes me want to barf.

Michael smirks at my reaction, pleased he managed to get a reaction out of me.

I honestly can't believe his behavior. When I first met him, he was shy and sweet but now he's like this completely different person. He's cruel, mean and manipulative. He's not the guy I thought he was, not by a mile.

He used me, I realize suddenly.

Michael used me to...god knows what. For sex? For status? I'm not sure.

That angers me so much. I'm kicked out of my startled state, now replaced with anger. Furious anger towards him. I want to smack him, punch him or yell at him for what he did to me. He broke me, made me wary of me. I was terrified of relationships--such as one with Kai. Hell, I nearly lost my chance with Kai because of Michael.

I want him to pay for that.

Without another thought, I'm standing up and lunging for Michael.

Everything happens so quickly. The girl beside Michael shrieks like a banshee and flinches back. Michael's eyes widen and Kai lunges for me whilst the others all remain still.

I manage to swing my fist at Michael and knock his cheek. The sound of a painful yelp coming from him satisfies me.

This time, I smirk. Before I can throw another punch at him, arms wrap around my waist, preventing me from doing so. I struggle in the persons hold, my focus on Michael and getting revenge.

After some time, my struggles die down and I eventually go limp in the person's arms.

It's then that I realize I'm in Kai's arms.

"Blondie, are you okay?" He whispers into my ear, breathing heavily. Monotonously, I nod my head. "What on earth came over you? Who is that man?"

Kai knows everything about Michael but he has never seen a picture of him so he doesn't know this is Michael. If he did, I have a feeling he would attack Michael. I would be the one trying to stop him.

"Just some idiot," I mumble.

I spin around in Kai's arms and rest my head on Kai's chest. I listen to his heartbeat, letting the feeling of it calm me down.

"Ren, oh my gosh, are you okay?" Cora rushes up to us, with a concerned expression on her face.

"Yeah..." I lie, putting on my best and most believable face. It can be very handy for studying drama, especially for situations like this.

Cora arches an eyebrow but doesn't press further.

"I'm glad you took a swing at that douche," Jess comments, standing next to Cora. I smile, also glad. He deserves it.

"Yeah," Anna butts in. "Michael had it coming."

It's then that Kai stiffens in my arms. His breathing changes and his heart rate increases.

"Please don't tell me that was your ex," He murmurs into my hair, agitated.

Goddammit Anna, why did you have to blurt his name out?

Inhaling, I whisper a 'yes'.

Once again, everything moves too quickly.

Kai rips himself from me and storms over to Michael, who is being attended to by a worker at the restaurant. His girlfriend is fanning over him like a mother hen. It honestly disgusts me.

Kai tackles Michael to the ground and starts throwing punch after punch at him. It's all so violent and horrifying. Sure, I wanted Michael to hurt physically but not like this. This feels a bit too extreme.

"Kai!" I yell, hoping to get his attention. I don't.

He continues to throttle Michael, without any mercy.

"Please stop, Kai," I beg as tears begin to flow from my eyes. I don't want this.

He still doesn't listen to me, too absorbed in his own world to notice me crying my eyes out for him.

Eventually, three workers manage to pull Kai off Michael and drag him out of the building. I follow closely after him, jumping over Michael's battered body.

Kai is dumped on the street by the men and is told he is banned from this building. Not that he cares, he doesn't live in this country. He'll never be back here again.

I run over to Kai and drop to my knees.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" I yell, furious with him for attacking Michael like that. He could have seriously injured Michael, which would put Kai in jail. I don't want that.

Kai stands up and wipes his mouth as if he had been punched. His eyes snap to mine and remain settled on me.

“What? So you get to punch the f*cker but I don’t?” He asks me harshly. I almost flinch at his tone but then I remember he’s not angry at me but himself. I have a feeling he wanted to hurt Michael a lot more.

I stay silent for a few beats.

“Okay, so I was being a little hypocritical,” I agree, knowing that Kai would feel he had to get back at Michael too. “But punching someone is not the way to go, not at all. It’s not going to help me in the long run.”

Kai exhales and drags a hand through his messy hair. He doesn’t want to agree with me but we both know that I’m right.

Just when I think he’s going to agree with me and be fine about it, he storms off.

I stay still for a moment, surprised by his actions and a bit disappointed. We both have to own up and be the bigger person.

Instead of chasing after him like a lost puppy, I stomp the opposite way in a huff. I can't believe the jerk! He could be arrested by the cops. Michael is a class-A prick who would totally call the police on him. Yet, he didn't care.

I want to find the situation sweet but my fury is blinding my worry. I can't think straight about this. So, I start walking towards somewhere I know will help me think straight.

I head towards the park I used to go to. I haven't been there in years, not since I first started dating Michael. After he left me, I couldn't leave my house for weeks. I couldn't find the strength to go there.

However, right now, it seems like the perfect place.

It's empty--which makes a lot of sense since it's late at night. I hop onto the swing I love and use my feet to push myself back and forth slowly.

Kai reacted out of jealousy and anger. Anger that was caused by Michael for nearly ruining our relationship. Whilst I admit he has every right to feel like that, I'm still beyond annoyed at him.

I'm a hypocrite for punching him too but at least I stopped! Kai wasn't going to stop hurting Michael. And whilst I hate the man, he doesn't deserve to be hurt like that.

I loved the guy once upon a time. I really loved him and a part of me, a very small part of me, still cares for him.

And that's probably where the problem lies. That's probably why I didn't chase after Kai when he walked away. It's why I was hesitant to date or like Kai.

Because I still have feelings for Michael. No matter how many times I push down those feelings, no matter how many times I try to get hide them, they still appear.

Michael and I ended things quickly. It was messy and wrong.

I didn't get the closure I needed to move on.

And the only way I can get that is by talking to Michael.

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