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Chapter 27

After my talk with Michael, I went on a hunt for Kai.

The first place I looked was at home. However, he wasn’t there. So I went on an adventure, searching for the man I love.

The search began at my house. Since Kai has only really been to my house before, I thought I would find him there. However, when I arrived at my parent's house, there was no sign of him.

So I tried the restaurant we went to but once again, he wasn't there. I even asked the staff if they had seen him. They didn't seem too pleased to see me; they were even more annoyed when I mentioned Kai.

So I quickly fled the place.

Frustrated, I drag a hand through my now knotty hair. Right now, I could do with a smoke--anything really that will get rid of my frustration.

Where on earth could Kai be? He's not at my house or the restaurant. He can't be with my friends because they would have told me.


I want to punch something.

And then an idea pops into my head.

"So when you're parents were overbearing, what did you do?" Kai asked me, whilst absentmindedly running his hands up and down my arm. "I mean, if I were you, I would throw a fit."

My mind wandered back to the place. I smiled at the thought of it.

"I used to go to the forest. They have a secret path that leads to a beautiful garden. Nobody knows why there's a garden there or how it got there. But its there. White fencing surrounds it, keeping the beauty inside it and the ugliness outside of it. There is a mini water fountain there where water flows down into a small pond. I used to sit on a bench and watch the fish swim around the pond."

Kai had watched me explain the place quietly and intently. Not once did he interrupt me and ask why. Why I would go there of all places.

It was so uncharacteristic of me.

And that is why I went.

"I want to see it," He suddenly announced and stared deeply into my eyes.

"You will," I promised. "One day."

He would have tried to find it. I just know it.

So with an idea now of where Kai is, I start heading there.

The forest is just the same as I left it. Trees tower over me, shielding me from the sky. My eyes wander around the area, drinking in the familiar scene before me.

Birds tweet above me whilst the trees rustle against the soft breeze.

Eventually, I find the magnificent garden.

Memories of pain and anger flood through me--memories from younger Ren. Ren who escaped her parent's orders so many times. I push those horrible memories to the back of my brain and will my mind to focus on the task at hand.

Hesitantly, I push the old gate open. It creaks, confirming my thoughts that not many people have used it. Not many people know about this place. Not even my friends. This is my place.

And Kai's now.

Stepping into the garden, I scan the garden, all the while taking in everything. At first glance, I can't see Kai. But this garden is big, very big. Meaning, I need to search the whole place.

I pass beautiful orchard trees, many flower plants, and statues. When I reach the fountain, I stop.

Sitting on the bench I used to sit on, with his head between his knees, is the love of my life.

Kai Jones doesn't notice me at first. I come to realize he's deep in thought.

Before I make my arrival known, I glance at his hands that are resting on the back of his head. Sure enough, there are marks from his fight with Michael. My heart sinks at the thought--I wish he didn't stoop to the same level as me.

I should make myself known now before Kai looks up and sees me gawking at him.

I clear my throat loudly, catching his attention.

Kai lifts his head to me and captures my gaze. For several beats, neither of us say anything. We are both too caught up in each other to say anything. But then, he breaks it, suddenly realizing he's mad at me.

Nothing new there then.

"Hi," I say, awkwardly. Internally, I scold myself for my greeting. Hi, really? After everything that's happened, you say 'hi'?

Well done, Ren, well done. You deserve a pat on the back.

Kai doesn't return my greeting. With a passive look on his face, he continues to stare directly ahead of me.

Ouch, that stings.

I deserve it though. He thinks I chose Michael over him. In boy land, that doesn't help their ego at all.

"Okay," I mumble under my breath. All of a sudden, the floor seems to become the most interesting thing in the world.

You can do this, I chant mentally. You can do this for Kai and yourself.

Gathering all of the confidence I have, I step closer to him. Raising my head, I lock eyes with him and pin his stare.

"I see you found my place," I state, deciding to approach this differently.

"It took me a while t0 find it. You were right, it's not easy to locate." Kai replies.

Yeah, it was luck that let me discover this place.

I remember very well how I found this place. I just had an argument with my parents about my acting--it was when I announced I wanted to become an actress. They were furious.

We went back and forth for what felt like hours. Eventually, I just had enough and stormed out of the house. I ran into the forest, not concentrating on where I was going. I ended up finding the garden.

"Kai, I'm so sorry," I say, sincerely. "I wasn't defending Michael...I was just scared you would get hurt or would be disappointed in me."

It's all true. I didn't want Kai to be disappointed with me dating Michael, that two for nothing man.

My admission surprises him.

He ponders over my words.

"All we do is fight and apologize," Kai states, quietly.

I swallow the lump that's beginning to form in my throat. Please don't go there.

"But that's what makes us...well us." I retort, my voice weak and distraught.

This cannot be a break-up. I cannot deal with him leaving me. He means the world to me.

"I guess," He replies, with no emotion. "But don't you get tired of it?"

I shake my head immediately. "Never," I tell him, firmly.

My answer is what he needed to hear because a spark lights up in his eyes. My heart leaps at the sight and for the first time since I arrived, it feels like I'm breathing again.

"I love you, Kai Jones."

His lips stretch outwards to grin. "Of course you do, how could you not?"

A laugh escapes my lips at his cocky reply. There is my Kai.

My Kai.

"You're right, how could I not love you?"

At that, Kai stands up and strides over to me. The whole time, he keeps his eyes settled on me.

When he reaches me, Kai wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me closer to him so that I'm inches from him. A gasp leaves my lips at the sudden movement, followed by a smile.

Kai uses our proximity to his advantage and plants his lips onto mine. I return the kiss without hesitation. This kiss is full of passion and love. It's not soft but it's not rough. It's perfect.

This is what I want. And now, finally, I am ready for this. I'm ready for everything.

This time nothing is holding me back.

And that is where I must end our story. I can't tell you if we lived happily ever after because I do not know either. What I can tell you is that we fight, a lot but that doesn't stop us from loving each other. Nothing can stop us from that.

Kai Jones may be the most annoying person ever.

But he is my Kai Jones, the most annoying person ever.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

And so that is the end of The Boy Who Annoys Me. At some point, I will come back and edit this. For the time being though, I will leave it like this.

As I promised, there will a few bonus chapters. One will be a steamy scene, another will be one in Kai's POV and the final one is up to you guys. You can choose what it is about (write what you want to see in the comments section).

Also, if you would like to support me, I would be so grateful. On my profile, you will find a 'support me' button. If you click on that, it will lead you to a website where you can buy me a coffee. I would be so grateful if you guys did that for me.

I apologize for the long note. I hope you enjoyed this story.

Until next time,

Lydia Rose.

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