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Chapter 2

“I don’t know whether I admire that guy or dislike him,” Ben states, coming up from behind me. The pair of us watches Kai stroll off, casually, with a content look on his face.

The jerk - who tried to get the better of me - eventually stood up from his seat and decided he needed a break. He walked off without a care in the world, without thinking twice about what the teacher would say.

In all honesty, I found it pretty hilarious. I guess Kai and I do share something in common - we enjoy winding up our teacher. Who is a prick.

“If his attitude wasn’t douchey, I think I might like him,” I reply.

Ben grunts in agreement. “True. We have only known him for twenty minutes and I can already tell he’s an asshole.”

I snort at his statement. It only took the greeting for me to work out he has an ego bigger than Buckingham Palace.

“Should we begin conjuring up some ideas?” Ben asks, plopping himself down on the seat Kai was sat on not that long ago.


Ben and I spend the rest of the lesson developing our characters and thinking of some ideas. By the time the lesson is over, we had successfully thought of an okay performance. Now, all we had to do is begin rehearsing it and tell Kai about it.

“I’ll see you in class tomorrow then?” Ben asks as we walk out. Nodding my head with a smile, I wave him off and start walking back to my university room. I have work later today at a local cafe. It’s a sweet place, with delicious drinks and orgasm-worthy cupcakes.

For once, having my parents tell me that I have to pay for my living costs was good. They bargained that they will pay for the room and the university fees as long as I pay for the simple things like food, text books money, and toiletries.

The staff that work there are really friendly too - we have a good laugh.

When I get back to my room, I plonk my butt on my bed and turn on my speakers. My room isn’t extravagantly large but it isn’t stupidly small either. The fees aren’t too bad, plus my parents were nice enough to get me a room with an en-suite. I just hate sharing a bathroom with other people. It feels unhygienic.

As a soft voice begins to sing in a harmonious way, my eyelids begin to droop. Sleep is starting to overcome me so before I doze off, I set an alarm on my phone to wake me up at two o’clock.

And with my mind now settled, I let myself dream about fluffy unicorns and hot, sexy guys.

“Here’s your coffee,” I hand the woman on the other side of the counter her coffee. She pinches her lips together grimly and saunters off, without a simple thank you.

Under my breath, I mutter, “ungrateful cow.” When she’s out of hearing age. My fellow work friend, Carrie stifles her giggles next to me whilst pouring a hot chocolate. “What?” I ask her, in a hushed voice. “That woman has been giving me dirty looks from the moment I started serving her.”

Carrie shakes her head, “oh I know. She’s a bitch. But she’s also married the head of the drama department.”

My mouth opens in disbelief and worry. Ah shit. I think. I really hope she doesn’t report my rude behavior to her husband.

I really hope the telepathic waves of hate reaches her and knocks her out. Hopefully, the hate is strong enough to do so. That way, she can’t go winging onto her husband about me and I won’t be given a two thousand word essay on something pointless Kidding.

“Why is it I’m always the one gifted with bad luck?” I mutter to myself disdainfully. Just once, why can’t something good happen in my life?

And like any big, Hollywood blockbuster, a bright light shines directly onto the door and in walks a handsome angel who will kiss me and assure me that everything is alright. Once again, kidding. Hollywood isn’t here yet to save me. Instead, Kai the flirt walks in, all high and mighty with a smug expression on my face. He is definitely not my definition of good in my life. In fact, he’s one of those people that will cause a hurricane in my life. He’s a dangerous character.

Kai’s brown eyes scan the room, searching for a particular person. Unfortunately for me, they land and stay on me. With a smirk, he strolls over to me with his head held high cockily and his steps long and firm.

Carrie jams her elbow into my poor stomach. I wince in pain and shoot her lasers. “What was that for?” I whine.

“You need to get on till.” She replies, casually and then turns back to the coffee machine.

Reluctantly, I drag my eyes over to the till where Kai is waiting with his arms crossed over his chest. Sucking in oxygen, I haul my rather sorry ass over to the till. Since I don’t want another customer complaint, especially from him, I plaster a fake, delightful smile on my face. Already, my cheeks start to hurt. Kai is causing me so much trouble. I’m having to go through this torture for him.

“What can I get you?” I ask him in a sickly sweet, overbearing voice. God, I want to die.

Kai smirks, “well, I’m not sure.” He plants an elbow on the small table in front of the till register, his bemused eyes glancing at the menu behind me. My eyes flash with irritation and I clench my teeth together but keep the smile on my face.

“Oh really?” I ask, raising my eyebrows. “Well, sir, if you haven’t decided yet, do you want to let the other customers order? That way you can come to a decision.” I suggest, praying he starts feeling considerate.

Kai glances over his shoulder, regarding the two other customers behind him with bored eyes. “But I was here first. You have to wait until I’ve ordered. They can wait. Can’t you guys?”

The old lady behind me opens her mouth to object but is cut off by the one and only, Kai. “See, told you so.”

My jaw tightens in anger. Why is it he wants to annoy the hell out of me? Especially now? Can’t he see I have a job to do?

“Now...” he drawls out, agonizingly slow, rubbing the non-existant stubble on his jaw. “What do I have?”

I have the urge to wring his neck just for doing this. Oh, he’s so getting it next drama lesson.

“Make up your goddamn mind Mr. Cassanova.” I grit out, sending him a mean glare. I’m hoping to give off intimidating vibes right now. I can be a real bitch when I want to be - just ask my friends.

“Woah, blondie, keep your anger in check. You don’t want me complaining to the manager that you aren’t being nice to customers.” Kai throws in my face. My entire face contorts angrily. He totally threatened me!

Because I’m technically being a bad employee. BUT he’s being a bad customer.

Can you have bad customers?

Who cares? He’s provoking me, that counts for something. I can just tell my manager that and he will see my innocence and dismiss Kai and then he will ban him for life and I will skip off into the sunset.

Totally realistic.

“Well just hurry up and then I won’t have a go at you.” I fire back, hotly.

Kai's eyebrows rise and he holds his hands up in defense. Acting as if I’m in the wrong.

“Blondie, has anyone told you that you have anger problems?” He asks me, pretending to look serious. That little minx - I can see the corners of his lips curving upwards.

“No, because I don’t have any.” I retort.

Kai gives me a ‘well you do’ look. Can someone give you one of those? Either way, that’s what I read from his expression.

“Just choose a drink or get out.”

“Fine blondie, jeesh.” He mutters and then proceeds to tell me his order. I nearly sing in joy when he moves away from the till and goes over to the end where Carrie is making his drink. Finally, the other customers take their orders, rudely.

Let’s add that to the reasons why Kai is a dick: he puts everyone else in a bad mood.

When Kai’s order is done, he gives Carrie a flirtatious wink and heads out of the cafe. Sneakily, I watch him, making sure he does actually leave.

He makes it to the door and stops. My breath staggers. Please leave. Please leave. I beg silently.

Kai glances over his shoulder, meeting my eyes. He smirks, victoriously. My blood boils at that. “See ya in drama blondie!”

And finally, he leaves.

Wait...he called me Blondie. He gave me a pet name!

That asshole.

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