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Chapter 3

Ren's POV

The next day, I woke up in my room in a bad mood. Firstly, the occupant of the room next door to me, Cathy, decided to have an argument with her boyfriend. When Cathy argues with her boyfriend - which happens a lot - they go on for hours, screaming at each other. I’m honestly shocked she never has a sore throat the next day.

When I don’t get a minimum of eight hours of sleep, I’m extremely cranky. It’s not pleasant for anyone. Especially, not for Sadie. That girl absolutely hates seeing me in the morning.

My body rolls on the bed, with my eyes trained on the poster glued to my ceiling. Chris Hemsworth’s gorgeous face stares back at me. What can I say? He is drop-dead handsome. I’d like to look at his face any day of the week.

My peaceful thinking and daydreams come to a halt when my phone chimes on the table beside me. With a groan, I fling my hand over to the direction of the table whilst continuing to stare at Chris Hemsworth. He’s the motivation I need to start the day and get out of this sour mood. Along with the killing of Cathy.

“Wake up bitch!” I hear Sadie shout on the other side of the door, aggressively. I refrain myself from rolling my eyes at her choice of words. Sadie tends to refer to me in that way. It’s her way of showing me her love.

“Ugh,” I groan, grabbing the pillow beneath my head and stuffing it into my face. Sadie takes my almost silent reply as a cue for her to barge into my room. For some unknown reason, I gave her my room key. Okay, it’s not unknown. She was helping me back one night - I was drunk. Very drunk - and she took my key. The next day, waking up with a banging headache, Sadie was by my side giving me a cup of water whilst informing me she got a key cut for herself so that if she had to help me back when I’m drunk, she won’t have to ask me for the key.

In all of her purple-haired glory, Sadie stands in my room, giving me her most displeased look. What did I do this time?

“Up,” she commands, putting her hands on her hips. “Now.”

With a huff, I sit up on my bed. “What did I do?”

Sadie eyes me and raises an eyebrow.

“Are you really going to ask me that?” She asks, well, screeches. My poor ears hurt from how high-pitched it is. And people said I screech loudly. “Huh? Huh?”

“Sadie, how much caffeine have you had?” I ask her in a bored tone.

Sadie stamps her foot, childishly. “Dammit Renny, I’m angry at you. It’s not caffeine.”

What the hell is she on about?

Lazily, I get out of bed and stand up, stretching my limbs. With an angry expression, she taps her foot on my floor and crosses her arms over her chest. She’s giving me her infamous ′I am so pissed at you right now I want to punch you’ face.

“Okay Sadie, whatever I did, I’m sure it's a misunderstanding on your part.” I declare.

Sadie scoffs. “Misunderstanding on my part?” She repeats, bitterly. “You like a guy and didn’t tell me!”

Woah - what? Back up. What did she just say?

“Sadie, I think my ears are lying to me. Can you repeat what you just said?”

“You like a guy and didn’t tell me.” She says again, angrier.

What the hell is she on about? Since when have I liked a guy?


No. Please no.

“Sadie, you’re wrong. If you’re thinking about that Kai dude then let me dumb this down for you. I loathe that man and I only met him yesterday. Even if I meet a guy yesterday, I didn’t see you so I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. BUT that’s beside the point. That man is the worst - he has made it his personal mission to destroy me. And I am not exaggerating.” I explain to her. How on earth can she think I like that man? I hate him. Despise him.

He is the devil reincarnated.

Sadie’s eyebrows knit together, her forehead creasing. She ponders over my words, using the memory of our drama lesson yesterday to analyze my communications with him.

“Right,” she clears her throat. “You may not like him but I think there’s something there.”

I give her a look of disbelief. ”Please, he’s an asshat. I would NEVER date him. I would rather get back with Michael than be with Kai.”

Sadie’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise. She knows I hate Micheal - a lot. For me to say that I must really hate Kai’s presence. Or just Kai in general.

For the record, it’s both.

“What did he do or say for him to across as a jerk? And for you to hate him so much?” She questions.

Sighing, I sit down on my bed and begin to tell her the events of yesterday. From the weird discussion, we had to the incident in the cafe. I even told her about that ludicrous nickname. Is it supposed to be insulting?

I like having blonde hair, it's part of my identity. If he’s trying to call me dumb without saying it officially, it’s not very clear. Or smart.

Anyways, blondes aren’t dumb. We are smart and perfectly able, just like everyone else. Hair color doesn’t define us.

“He sounds like a jerk,” Sadie admits and blows out a breath. ”But, I still think there’s something there. I know you like a challenge and clearly, he does.”

“So?” I ask her. Just because we both want to compete against each other, it doesn’t mean we have a connection. He’s a douche.

Sadie sighs, ”so, I’m just saying something might be there. I’d have to see you two interact to be certain though.”

I want to burst out laughing at how ridiculous Sadie sounds. “Are you telling me you are some sort of connection detector?”

“No,” Sadie shakes her head. “I’m saying that I could see when my two best friends had something. The way they talked to each other, they knew what to say, how to act. They just clicked.”

I hate how similar that sounds. Anna and Xavier are a prime example of what Sadie is describing. My best friend loves him, deeply. They talk to each other and seem to know what the other is thinking. There is never awkwardness between them. Hell, they don’t even need to talk half the time.

I’ve seen how they were together.

But that doesn’t mean anything will happen with Kai. Sure, Anna hated Xavier when she first spoke to him but then it began to smooth over between them. They learned about each other, they talked to each other, and saw there was something more.

“I should continue to act how you are and see what happens.” Sadie inputs.

“Fine,” I sigh. Perhaps if I let this play out, Sadie will see how there is only hate between me and him. “But I know for a fact that nothing will happen.”

Sadie smirks, slyly. It’s as if she knows something I don’t.

“We’ll see about that.”

My drama lesson today is a lot shorter since my teacher is ‘busy’. We’re expected to do most of the work for our performance outside of lesson time. Which means more time with Kai. Yikes.

I like Ben though, he seems like a cool dude. He isn’t full of himself and he talks to me, he doesn’t flirt.

So for the thirty minutes of the lesson we have, Ben and I crack on with some ideas. Kai didn’t turn up to the lesson. I bet he’s chasing some over poor girl. He probably takes great enjoyment out of terrorizing girls.

“So, after you say that, you’ll walk to the edge of the stage?” Ben asks me, pointing at the line I say.

“Yeah and that’s when the lighting will drop,” I add, imagining it in my head.

“That’s if Kai agrees,” Ben reminds me, making me want to groan. He’ll probably say it's a bad idea and it's dumb because I’m dumb. And then I’ll punch him in the face.

“Why does he have to be in our group?” I whine, slumping in my chair. “Can’t he like...join another group. We can do lighting ourselves.”

Ben gives me a ′are you serious?′ look. Okay, maybe we can’t do lighting ourselves but still...Kai clearly doesn’t care since he’s not here. Our second lesson together and he’s a no-show. That shows he’s irresponsible.

“Fine but if he doesn’t turn up next lesson then I’m telling Mr. Caine,” I announce.

Ben shakes his head, in disappointment. Jeez, what did I do this time? “I never pegged you as a snitch Ren.”

My mouth hangs open but no words come out. I’m not a snitch, never have been, and never will be. Snitches get stitches. I like that quote, I think it’s from the film Nerve. Good film.

But I digress. I’m not a snitch. I have never done that before in my entire life. Even when I watched Harry James in third grade steal a pen from the pen pot, I didn’t tell the teacher. I kept my mouth shut and let him take it home with him. I should have though, I didn’t like Harry. He liked to bully everyone.

“I - I’m not a snitch!” I exclaim, attracting the attention of everyone close to us. Oops.

Ben arches an eyebrow.

"Fine," I drag out, “I won’t say anything.”

Ben gives me a pleased look. “Good, we wouldn’t want everyone to know you are a snitch. Then you’d never hear anyone’s secrets.”

I gasp and place a hand over my heart. “The horror. I can’t live without gossip and secrets. My whole life revolves around it.”

Ben stares at me with disbelief and then bursts out into fits of laughter. Not long after, I join him.

And then, the door to the classroom swings open, hitting the wall hard. The bang echoes around the room and everybody quietens down, turning their attention to the door. Somehow, without even looking, I know it's Kai.

Sure enough, when I turn to face the door, I see Kai standing there with a smirk plastered on his face.

Well, at least I don't have to snitch on him now.

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