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Chapter 5

Ren’s POV

Friday came slower than I thought it would. The rest of my week went dreadfully and painfully slow thanks to Kai. I only had two lessons since Ben ‘opened my eyes’. He’s still the jerk I know but he’s turned up the flirting.

Luckily, when we’ve been rehearsing, Kai has been working by himself. A lot of the time he’s been doing the lighting. Therefore, Ben and I have spent more time together. We spend a lot of the time laughing together or making jokes. Occasionally, I would feel Kai’s eyes on us. Once, I felt brave enough to meet his eyes, and what I saw left me cold.

Tonight is the party and I’m so hyped for it. Sophie, my very good party friend, is hosting it which means it’s going to be one hell of a night. Sadie and I already have our outfits sorted and have the times planned out too.

Everything is going to be perfect. Unless of course, Kai makes an appearance. Now that would be...

I don’t think Kai knows anything about the party and since he has no connection to Sophie—that I know of—it’s very unlikely he’ll come.

My door slams open and in waltzes Sadie. Her overnight bag is slung over one shoulder and she’s holding her dress on a hanger in her other hand. She dumps her stuff on my floor and walks over to my bed, collapsing on it.

“Ugh, you’ll never believe who I bumped into just now,” she mutters, staring at the ceiling.

I jolt up on my bed and cross my legs. “Taylor Swift?”

Sadie snaps her head to me and glares. “This is serious Ren. Plus, if I saw Tay Tay, I would come screaming in here like a fangirl.”

Sadie is a massive fan of Taylor Swift. Not that I’m judging, I enjoy a lot of her songs.

“Joe Daniels. I bumped into freaking Joe Daniels.”

If you’re wondering who Joe Daniels is, then let me tell you. Sadie and Joe used to hook up a lot. They were fuck buddies—sex partners. Originally, when they started having sex, they promised each other no feelings would be involved. But of course, Sadie went and developed some feelings. She confronted Joe about it and he laughed in her face. The worst part was that he then tried to get with me.

I, of course, declined his offer. I would never stump that low and hook up with him.

So yeah, whenever Sadie sees Joe, she flips out. Sometimes she’ll have a mental breakdown and other times she will start cursing in several different languages.

Not going to lie, it can be quite amusing.

“Oh,” comes my response.

Oh?” Sadie repeats, sitting up. “I just saw the jerk and you can only say ‘oh’?”

Oh god, she’s overreacting. When I overreact, it’s okay because I’m always dramatic but when Sadie does it, it’s not right. She isn’t me. I also don’t know how to deal with her.

Sighing, I get up from my bed, just in case she decides to attack me. “Sadie, you bump into him nearly every week. As your best friend, I’m suggesting you finally get your head out of the sand and get over him.”

“What?” She frowns. “My head isn’t in the sand. Why would it be in the sand?”

I shrug, trying to prevent the smile from threatening to form on my face. “I just wanted to say that.”

Sadie rolls her eyes and huffs.

“Anyways, should we get ready for the party?”

From what I’ve come to notice in England, people here get really drunk. The number of people I’ve met who have no clue who they are or where they are is unbelievable. I’ve also met lots of people who have the best-drunk stories ever.

However, the parties here aren’t as big as the ones in America. The music isn’t as loud, there isn’t a free supply of alcohol and there’s less dancing. Here, there’s more chatting than dancing and making out.

But my dear friend Sophie, who is also from the states, likes to make her parties as good as the ones in America. Hence why I say her parties are the best.

It’s ten o’clock by the time we arrive and by the looks of things, the party has begun to get good.

Sadie and I enter the house in our matching denim outfits, holding a bottle of Vodka. The song God Is A Woman by my queen Ariana Grande is playing loudly and a few tipsy teenagers are dancing to it. In the kitchen, Sophie managed to set up a minibar along with a ping-pong table. As I said, Sophie tries to make it as homely as possible.

Sadie and I head off into the main living room where we know the life of the party will be. I’ve been to Sophie’s house a few times, especially for her parties. Around here, they are legendary. She’s quite rich so she tends to go full out on everything.

“Where is she?” Sadie asks, leaning closer to my ear to speak over the music. I try and search the crowds for her, surprised that so many people came today. Whilst her parties are popular, they are never this popular.

I shrug my shoulders. I haven’t the faintest idea where the brown-haired beauty is. She’s charismatic and likes to mingle with lots of different people. Right now, she’s probably charming the pants off of boys.

When a new, upbeat dance song starts, I grab Sadie’s hand and drag her to the dance floor. A few more people join and bounce up and down to the song. Sadie and I dance together, letting loose.

I forget about everything that happened the past week—with Kai. I forget about the stress of school, and my parents and instead focus on the now. Whilst a part of me misses my other friends back in America, spending time with Sadie does distract me from the longing. Anna, Cora, and Jess will also have a special place in my heart but so will Sadie. Without her, I would be that lonely, crazy girl at school.

At least with Sadie, we’re the crazy united.

For maybe half an hour, we dance our asses off. I laugh, giggle and drink the cups handed to me by other people.

“Renny! Sadie!” A girl’s voice squeals over the music. I stop dancing and try to locate where the voice is coming from. My eyes land on the tall, brown-haired girl heading over to us. Her hips sway to the side, naturally, with confidence. All eyes are on her, scanning her outfit and assets. She has men—and some women—putty. I mean, why wouldn’t she? She was hotter than sin itself.

Sophie Song is that gorgeous girl that is friends with everyone. She’s kind, smart, and funny. She has a smile to die for and she knows how to talk to any person. You just have to look at her and you’ll be envious.

Her arms wrap around the pair of us and squeeze us into a hug.

“I missed you guys,” she mumbles close to our ears.

“I missed you too,” I tell her. The last time I saw Sophie was a while ago. She had to go away to visit family and then she went on holiday with her now ex-boyfriend. Apparently, he was dating another girl at the same time he was dating her. She called me up after her break-up, crying. I spent three hours talking to her, plotting his death. “How are you feeling?” I ask her, like a concerned mother. Sophie has a reputation for doing reckless things when heartbroken. She’ll act all fine but then, after doing something crazy (even by my standards), she’ll break down in tears.

She’s had her heart broken too many times. By guys and girls.

Sophie smiles but it doesn’t reach her eyes.“I’m fine.” Instead of continuing my questions right now, I put it in the ‘to-deal-with-later’ pile. As long as she doesn’t jump off the roof or steal a car, we’re good.

Sadie gives me a side glance. I shake my head subtly and suck in a breath, flashing her a smirk. “I think I’m fancying the Sophie Shaker.”

At the sound of her infamous drink, Sophie perks up. Her brown eyes light up with delight and a real smile etches onto her face. She loves making delicious alcoholic drinks. And I love drinking them.

“Oh my gosh yes!” Sadie moans. “Your drinks are to die for.”

Wiser words have never been spoken.

We follow Sophie to the minibar where her compadre—her older brother—is also making drinks. With matching eyes and noses, the two siblings are both stunners. It’s a shame James is gay, otherwise, I would have totally banged him.

What if I dressed up as a guy and tried to seduce him?

No Ren, that’s

Sophie slaps her brother’s back in a friendly way and grabs the materials—drinks—needed to mix. I roughly know what’s put in the drink but whenever I tried to make it myself, I fail. Mixing alcoholic drinks is an art—one that is underappreciated. Not everyone can do it just like not everyone can draw.

“Two Sophie Shakers coming up,” Sophie announces, putting two glasses on the bar table. Around us, some people watch whilst others help themselves to bottles.

“So...” I drawl out, resting my elbow on the bar table.

Sadie copies my action, “So...”

Sophie arches a perfect eyebrow, “Yes?”

“What?” James butts in, jokingly.

I ignore Sophie’s drawl worthy, too hot for me right now, brother. “I dunno, I was trying to start a conversation.”

Sophie throws her head back and laughs. “I love you, Ren, you always know when to make me laugh. Even when you don’t mean to.”

“Glad to know I’m here for your entertainment, “I say, sarcastically. “I’m open Mondays to Fridays from 9 am ’till 11 at night.

Okay, I lied there. I don’t think I can handle being me for that long. Even crazy needs a break.

“How’s school, Ren?” Sophie changes the topic. “Meet any cute guys yet?”

My shoulders slump and my face deflates. I just knew she was going to ask me something like that. She’s always on my back about my love life since Michael. She thinks I’m too scared to get in a relationship when in reality, I’m just not interested. I’m fine being single. Strong independent women don’t need men.

Before I can answer her question, Sadie decides she should answer. “There is Soph! He’s hot and a flirt and has his eyes set on Ren.”

Sophie drops the bottle she was holding and stares at me with wide eyes.

“You’re kidding right?” She asks Sadie with her eyes still on me. Dammit Sadie, now Sophie is going to be hounding me.

Sadie shakes her head, her purple waves bouncing on her back.

“Shut the front door,” Sophie yells.

“Don’t need to,” Sadie replies.

“No, I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to him,” she points to the man in the hallway, by the front door. The mini bar is right in line with the hallway leading to the front door so she sees everyone in the hall—and the people who enter the house. “Yo dude!” She hollers, catching the man’s attention. “Shut the door!”

He nods his head and complies.

“Right, back to my dearest Renny,” I turn back to her and sigh. “Tell me everything. What does he look like? How old is he? Is he English? What’s his credit card number?”

“He’s blonde and is around my age. I think he’s English and—wait, did you just ask what his credit card number is?” I inquire, staring at Sophie confused and worried. Sophie giggles and nods her head innocently. “Sophie, how much alcohol have you had?”

Sophie shrugs, “No clue. People kept giving me cups and since I wasn’t going to pass up alcohol, I drank all of them.”

Wow, she’s beginning to sound exactly like me. I don’t know whether I should be anxious or not. There’s a reason there’s only one person like me. The world can’t handle more than one of me. Sad, but true. I’m a dying breed, if I was a breed and if there was more of me.

“Wait—did you say he was blonde?” Sophie questions, gazing off behind me. Sadie and I both nod our heads. “On a scale of one to ten, how hot is he?”

Of course, Sadie answers this. “I’d say 9 maybe 9.5 if he did something about his hair.”

Sophie claps her hands together, grinning ear-to-ear. “I think he’s coming this way then. Oh my gosh, you were right. He’s so hot. If I get too close to him, I might melt.”

I roll my eyes at Sophie’s antics and facepalm. I literally said that about some guy at the last party we attended. I honestly think Sophie is trying to be my copycat—a clone.

Hold on. Did she just say he was coming this way? The possible Kai? Oh hell no. My brain quickly communicates to my tired legs to get up and out of here. But just as my feet touch the ground, somebody comes to stand right next to me, leaning the side of his body against the bar.

Who might you ask?

Well, it isn’t Chris Evan—unfortunately.

It’s not Chris Hemsworth either.

It’s Harry Styles!

Kidding. Although, I wish I wasn’t.

No. It’s Kai freaking Jones.

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