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Chapter 6

Kai stands next to me, with that signature, cocky smirk on his face. I was so excited about this party, knowing Kai wouldn't be here. But alas, nothing ever goes my way. I scowl at him and send him my coldest glare.

"Blondie," he greets and I catch the smile in his voice. My nostrils flare at his amusement. "I'm not going to lie, I expected you would be here."
Oh, how I wish I wasn't here right now. I came to this party to let loose and forget about him but that's going to be hard now that he's here. I know he won't leave me alone either. I'm going to be the source of his entertainment for the rest of the evening.
"I'm going to say this nicely because I know if I say it any other way, you won't understand it." I start, clearing my throat and turning on my stool to fully face him. "I want to spend my time at this party with my friends without you. Do you think you could possibly leave me alone for the rest of the night?"
Kai thinks over my suggestion for a few moments. His fingers tap on the wooden bar and his eyes gaze off ahead. Right now, I wish I could know what he's thinking.
"I don't know about that blondie. You're so fun to hang out with..." He drawls off, meeting my eyes.
My eyes narrow at his answer. Why? Why does this have to happen to me?
"Kai," I snap, aggravated. "Can you please just have some decency?"
Kai rubs his non-existant stubble, lifting his eyes up. "Hmm," he mumbles, "I'm not sure if I can."
Why is it so hard to ask for this? All I want is so time with my friends without being pestered by him. He's a fly I can't get rid of, no matter how many times I spray the area or swat my hands.
Sighing, I try a different approach. One I will regret in a few moments time. "What do you want?"
Kai's eyes dart to mine. "What did you just say blondie?"
With a huff, I repeat myself. "What do you want?"
Kai's eyes widen at my question and a grin forms on his face. With sparkling eyes, he leans forwards so we're mere centimeters apart. That's when all oxygen in my lungs disappears. That's when my heart speeds up.
Kai's lips part and I think I hear his breath hitching. But there's no way he can feel anything. Whatever this is, whatever electricity that is igniting around us, it's not real. Perhaps I'm really drunk. That seems like the logical answer.
This is not a moment. We are not sharing a moment.
"Blondie, I'll make you a deal." Oh god. I'm regretting it already and I haven't even heard what it is yet. "I'll leave you alone if you go out with me tomorrow night."
Did he just?
No. God no. That's so not what's he asking. Right?
"I--what?" I ask him, my mind jumbled up.
Kai smirks at my reaction. Asshole. "Go out with me tomorrow evening."
Oh great, I wasn't imagining things. Wonderful.
Jumping out of my seat, I stand behind his stool with a shocked and outraged face. There is no way in hell I'm going out with him. We don't like each other. He annoys me.
"I'm not going on a date with you," I growl.
Kai spins on his stool to fully face me. "Who said this was a date?" He questions, smiling like a Cheshire cat. I send him my harshest glare. "But I think it's sweet you assumed that."
Pressing my lips together firmly, my left eye twitches again in irritation.
"This isn't a date Ren, this is just me wanting to spend time alone with you so I can make fun of you." I guess he thinks he's assuring me because that's how his voice sounds. Reassuring.
I hate how I'm considering this.
The pros to this are that I get to spend time with my girls without Kai being around me. Sophie won't be able to quiz him and Sadie won't send me side glances everything few seconds.
The cons are that I have to put up with Kai's torture tomorrow. Alone.
"If I go somewhere with you tomorrow, do you promise to leave me alone for the night and for the rest of the week?" I ask him, meeting his eyes.
Kai nods his head, "yep. But don't worry blondie, I won't the be the one chasing." And with a wink, he walks off.
I watch his cocky ass disappear into the throng of people. Now that he's gone, I realize he didn't tell me where to meet him tomorrow. Since I don't have his number and he doesn't know where I live, I have no way of telling him otherwise.
There's no way I'm going to go and find him to tell him either.
A large smile emerges on my face as I ask James to make me a drink since Sophie never finished making her Sophie Shake. What a shame.
After downing the contents of the drink, I stumble off to find the girls.
Eventually, I find Sadie's purple hair mingled with someone's blue hair. As I get closer, I realize the two of them are kissing. Like really kissing with tongues. My nose scrunches up in disgust. Public displays of affection are a big no-no, even for me. I love making out with people, don't get me wrong, but not in front of everybody at a party. That's
Standing in front of the two of them, I start to tap Sadie's shoulder. Of course, she brushes me off and continues to devour the guy. Sighing, I try again.
No luck.
Instead, I decide to watch them like a creep. I don't normally do this if that's what you're thinking because I'm not that weird but I figured if I continue to stare at them making out, they will get uncomfortable and will stop. What I didn't think about was how uncomfortable I would feel. At one point, I start gagging.
That's when Sadie turns her attention to me, breaking their kissing session.
"What the hell Ren?" She screeches in between her pants. "Do you know how creepy that is?"
Yeah, I do. That's why I did it.
Instead, I shrug. I didn't really want to answer with that. "I was waiting for you to finish."
Sadie rolls her eyes and gives the blue-haired stranger a sympathetic look. He turns to face me, amusement dancing in his eyes. I give him a cheeky grin, ignoring the slap on the shoulder Sadie gives me.
"She loves me really," I tell him, ignoring Sadie.
"Right now I don't." Sadie slices in, glaring at me.
The guy smirks at our banter.
"Aww don't be a drama queen," I tsk, grabbing her shoulders and pulling her to me.
The blue-haired guy turns to Sadie. "I guess I'll see you around."
Sadie gives him a disappointed nod and watches him disappear into the crowd with longing.
After a while of staring at where he was last seen, she swivels to face me and gives me a dirty, annoyed look. "Dude, not cool. I was going to get laid."
I roll my eyes. "One, I'm not a dude and two, please don't say that sentence again."
Sadie gives me a serious look.
"What? He said he'll see you around, implying you'll see him again. Then you can finish what you started," I remind her, wiggling my eyebrows.
Sadie attempts to contain her smile but fails miserably. Nobody can resist smiling at my antics.
She bursts into fits of giggles and I join her. Soon, we find Sophie who was catching up with an old 'friend'. When we teased her about it, she blushed and mumbled 'stop' to us.
And that's how the rest of the night was spent. We laughed, danced and I finally got to have one of Sophie's Shakers. Kai never made an appearance which was even better. And the fact that I probably wouldn't see him tomorrow made me one hundred times happier.
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