The Miller Boys

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Kellan and Knox Miller have always want to have relationships similar to their parents but finding one is a lot harder than it seems. We've witnessed their parents love story now it's time for theirs. Kellan and Knox Miller have always wanted to have relationships similar to their parents and hoped they could find the perfect girl to make it happen. If it was only that simple, now in their senior year of college being in a serious relationship doesn't seem ideal. For Kellan finding a woman that wanted more than the money and popularity of being the schools number one soccer player was a lot harder to find because behind each pretty smile there was a hidden agenda. For Knox, he'd simply given up on the search and had his fun with any girl that was willing to fall for his good looks and charm, being the star quarterback on the football team also helped. But when one class project pairs Knox with a girl who could care less who he is and Kellan runs into a girl who is more than what meets the eye they start to understand what their parents meant when they said love can be unexpected.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1


“Damn little mama is fine.” My teammate Kendrick said looking in the direction of a group of girls standing outside of one of the dorms

“Which one are you talking about?”

“Redbone over on the left.” I looked at the building they were standing in front of and knew it was one of the freshman dorms.

“Don’t do it, she’s a freshman. Remember the last time you went after fresh meat.”

“Not my fault I’m that addictive.”

“No the girl was crazy and you played with her emotions like the asshole you are.”

“We all can’t be smooth like you Mr. Quarterback.”

“Can’t help it if the ladies come to me instead of me having to chase them, although the shit is getting pretty old now.”

“What, I would love it if a woman just came up to me and offered sex with no strings.” I was about to respond when I saw that I needed to get going or I would be late for class. Even though it was syllabus week it was the being of my senior year. I wanted to keep my GPA high so that I could at least graduate magna cum laude like my mother. Although I was deciding whether I wanted to declare for the draft at the end of the year. I wanted to have my degree to fall back on in case my football career didn’t work out.

Being pre-med with a concentration in pediatrics was hard. But I enjoyed helping my mom out at her office and wanted to become a pediatrician like her. If I wanted to choose I would go to medical school after college. It was one of the reasons I stayed in school after my junior year instead of declaring for the draft. But everyone told me I had a real chance in the NFL and wanted to see how far I could go.

I was lucky to have supportive parents that wanted me to do whatever I set my mind to as well as let me be my own person. Even though we were pretty well off my parents also made us work for whatever we wanted. They also weren’t strict when it came to academics. Well my dad wasn’t as strict as my mom but they were both pretty chill about most things.

It also helped that me and my twin brother were the oldest of their seven children. So we could get away with a lot more than our younger siblings could. Although being the oldest could be a blessing and a curse, I was happy to have all my younger siblings. We were all close and looked out for each other which was something that I loved about my family. My family would always come first and no one could change that.

I made it to class right before the professor walked in. I took a seat next to a girl that was too focused on writing in her planner to acknowledge my presence.

“Good Morning class, I’m Dr. Matthews and this is Physiology. We will be learning a lot this semester and I hope that each of you come to class each day prepared and on time. If you all had a chance to look at the syllabus you’ll see we’ll have four exams along with a midterm and final. You will also have a project due at the end of the semester that counts as an exam grade as well. I’ve already chosen your partners and hope that you get a head start on this. I know you’ve heard this before but this is not a project you can do last minute. I expect each partner to hold their own weight, both of you will share the same grade regardless of the outcome.

That’s all I have for today so I’m letting you all go early in hopes that you will have a conversation with you partner. I will leave the list posted as well as put it on the class site. Please try to pick a topic that you both enjoy. I want topics next week as well as a short summary of why you decided on the topic. Good day and welcome back!”

I waited for most of the crowd to leave before going up front to see who my partner was. It didn’t take long because I heard a girl scoff then look in my direction. It was the girl I was sitting by and she did not look happy that I was her partner.

Just my luck, I get stuck with the fuckboy quarterback.”

“I’m not a fuckboy.” I said taking a good look at her, I couldn’t help but stare at her boobs. I’m a man, a man that hadn’t had sex in awhile so I couldn’t help but take a look.

“My eyes are up here and you sure about that?”


“That’s not what one of my friends said.”

“Well I don’t know what I did to your friend but she’s wrong.”

“So you didn’t sleep with her one night then leave her apartment the next morning. Then when she confronted you, you didn’t even remember her name.”

“Hey all my ladies know the deal, I don’t do relationships.”

“You’ve proven my point, you’re a fuckboy. I hope you know you’re not letting me do all the work while you sit there and look pretty. I need to pass this class to get into medical school and some spoiled dumb jock isn’t going to ruin my chances.”

“First of all I’m not spoiled my parents may be rich but I’m not and So I’ve worked for everything I have. Second I’m not dumb I have a 3.8 GPA and don’t plan on that changing soon. And third yes I play football but I’m more than a jock, I play the piano and like to draw.” She glared at me before turning around and walking away. I couldn’t help but stare at her ass and think to myself that this project wouldn’t be so bad. Yes she had a bad attitude and sarcastic mouth to match but I liked it. I liked it a lot.


“Hey, Kellan are you coming to the party tonight?” Alyssa the president of some sorority asked me. She’d been trying to get me to go out with her for the longest but I’ve never budged because I had no interest in her.

“Yeah.” I only said yes to get her to walk away. The last time I told her no she tried to change my mind by rubbing her ass against me thinking it was sexy when it wasn’t. To my brother it might’ve been but to me it’s too much and I hated when girls threw themselves at me.

“Good see ya later and pass the invite to your brother.”

“I will.” She walked away after giving me a kiss on the cheek, I wiped my cheek and headed to class. Unlike my brother who decided to follow mom’s footsteps and become a pediatrician. I went my own route and decided to become an mechanical engineer. I loved fixing things and using my hands so choosing my major was pretty easy. All the math classes were hard but I pushed through and will graduate summa cum laude. I was happy that my brother and I were able to keep high GPAs while excelling in the sports we played.

My parents are proud of what me and my brother have accomplished so far. Neither one of us would have been able to do it without them. Especially while supporting both of us by coming to each of our home games. Unlike Knox I stuck to soccer and was the number one scoring forward on the team. The attention that came with it I didn’t enjoy as much, especially the female attention.

At first it was cool but now it’s downright creepy. Don’t get me wrong I love a good woman but I was more of the relationship guy than Knox. When I fist came to college I had a girlfriend but we broke up because she went to a different school. And the long distance thing didn’t work out for us. After that I tried to get back out there. But it felt like every girl I met was more concerned about the status that came with dating me. Soon I gave up and put my time on school work and practice. Having quick flings whenever the urge became to much.

Now that graduation was looming I started to think about my future and how my life would be in the next few years. I wanted the house, kids, and wife unlike most guys my age I was ready to settle down. I already had ideas for the house but the kids and wife that would come later but I was okay with waiting. I shook my head and headed towards the dinning hall to meet my brother for lunch. When I got there it wasn’t as packed but I knew the lunch rush would be coming soon. I found a place to sit in the area that most of the athletes occupied and pulled out my phone while I waited for my always late brother to arrive. It’s crazy that he was born first and is usually early for class and practice but can never get to anything else on time.

While I was sitting I noticed a couple sitting a few tables across from me. I recognized the guy as one of Knox’s teammates but hadn’t seen the girl before. They looked like they were having an argument, I didn’t want to eavesdrop. But when the girl got up to leave the guy grabbed her arm a little to rough for my liking so I decided to intervene.

“Hey you two okay?”

“What do you want Miller? Can’t you see I’m having a conversation with my girl.”

“It looks like she wants to leave and you won’t let her, so I suggest you let her go.”

“What are you going to do if I don’t?”

“You wouldn’t want me to fuck up that already ugly face of yours would you?” He stood up and got in my face.

“Watch it Miller, one missed block and your brother could end up with a nasty injury.”

“Are you threatening to let my brother get injured on purpose?”

“What’s going on?” Knox came up beside us

“Nothing. I was having a conversation with your brother that’s all. I’ll see you at practice, Brandy let’s go.”

“She’s staying with us.” I said blocking her view from him.

“Fine, I’ll see you back at the apartment.“he walked away pushing into me as he passed by.

“Are you okay?” I turned to look at the girl and looked her in the eyes. I saw the hurt there but she quickly masked it and answered my question.

“I’m fine, he’s just frustrated. I probably shouldn’t have made him angry.”

“Hey it’s not your fault he’s an ass.”

“Thanks, I need to go or I’ll be late for class.” She left us and we went back to our table.

“He’s lucky he’s a good blocker or I would tell coach to bench him.”

“He’s not that great. Who was the girl he was talking to?”

“That was his girlfriend Brandy, been with her since high school. He cheats on her and treats her like shit but she stays with him. Girls got some serious balls though and hella funny when she’s not around the asshole.”

“You think he hits her?”

“I’m not sure, I suspected it but you can’t really do anything if you don’t have solid proof.”

“Damn shame.”

“I know, enough talk about this I’m hungry as fuck.”

“When aren’t you hungry?”

“I don’t know.” He laughed and we got up to get some food while he told me the story about his partner in physiology. In the back of my mind I wondered about Brandy and wanted to get to know her better.

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