The Miller Boys

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Chapter 12


@madison.rose Thanks for making my birthday extra special this year, you’re a pretty cool physiology partner and an even better boyfriend

@knoxmiller_ Happy Birthday beautiful , 21 looks good on you🔥😍#bae

“When did you have time to plan all of this?” I asked Knox as we sat across from each other enjoying our meals. He took me to a nice seafood restaurant not far from campus called The Boiling Crab since my absolute second favorite food was tilapia.

“Between classes I made a few calls and my mom also helped out a bit. Do you like it?”

“I love it, thank you for doing all of this for me.”

“You’re welcome, I remembered you talking about how much you loved going to the beach and thought that would be the perfect place for us to go this weekend. I know we’ve both been busy with finals and getting ready for graduation so I wanted to do something without any interruptions where we could just relax.”

“I don’t I even remember the last time I had time to relax.”

“Spring Break?”

“For my freshman and sophomore years Malcom was sick so I spent time with him to give my parents breaks from the hospital. Junior year I was working the entire time and this year I’ll be at my new internship with Dr. Adams. We used to go on this family vacations every year but when Amal got sick we kinda stopped going because he would either be to tired or undergoing treatments.”

“Over Christmas break my family takes a trip to Anguilla, my parents got married there and like to go every year to celebrate their anniversary with us since my mom was pregnant when they got married. You should come with us, have a Spring Break in the winter. The weather is nice and there’s a lot of cool stuff that we can do, might even mark something off my bucket list.”


“Sex on the beach.”

“I hope you’re talking about the drink and not the actual act.”

“I’m definitely talking about the act and I want to do it with you. How about a compromise, in the ocean.”

“How about hell no, I’m not getting my hair wet and I do not want sand in unexplained places.”

“So you’ll go?”

“I’ll think about it and see what my parents have planned.”

“You know our families love each other and my mom already considers you her daughter in law and has probably already asked your mother if they’d like to join us.”

“If she did my mom hasn’t said anything about it. That explains why she kept calling me that when she calls me.”

“Yeah she really likes you and threatened to emasculate me if I mess things up with you. Are you excited about graduation?”

“Yes and no. Yes I’m ready to get my degree but no I’m not ready to leave yet. Even though it’s been a tough four years it feels like they’ve flown by and I haven’t had enough time to enjoy every moment.”

“I get that but even if you didn’t you managed to graduate with honors all while dealing with your brothers illness, having two jobs, and making time for a dumb jock.”

“I’m sorry about what I said about you at the beginning of the semester. I didn’t know you and I judged you unfairly like that.”

“It’s fine, you were the first woman I met that didn’t become easily impressed by me or fall for my charm right away. I loved having to work for our first date even if you kissed me before I could ask.”

“I couldn’t help myself and if I remember correctly you didn’t pull away or end it.”

“Of course I didn’t, I wanted to kiss you that first day in class.” Our waiter came up and asked us if we wanted to have dessert, Knox declined and asked for the check. Once our bill was paid we left the restaurant and Knox drove us to our hotel for the weekend, after getting checked in and settled I decided to take a shower and put on my pajamas.

Knox had other ideas because he ended up joining me and we ended up taking a bath together instead. After drying each other off and embarking in some amazing birthday sex we laid together in bed talking.

“Thank you for making my birthday special, I probably would’ve forgotten it was today if everyone hadn’t told me happy birthday so many times.”

“You wouldn’t have forgotten.”

“Yes I would, I actually did last year because I spent the entire day in the library working on a paper. I didn’t look at my phone until late that night to see all the messages and missed calls telling me happy birthday. After Malcom got sick I didn’t see how special my birthday was anymore because each day I got to spend with him was more precious. To me his birthday means a lot more because it’s another year that he didn’t let cancer beat him.”

“As your boyfriend I want you to know that your birthday is very special to me and I will make sure that every year you know that. You deserve to be treated like a queen because you are one.”

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