The Miller Boys

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Chapter 9


It been a few days since the incident with Luke and I was still in the hospital. From what the doctor told me I had a swollen eye, concussion, a broken jaw and a few broken ribs. My parents have been with me since Kellan called them. A detective came by to get my statement, since I couldn’t fully talk I had to write down everything that happened as well as have pictures taken of my injuries. After they left I stated to feel terrible and my mood didn’t improve when word got around campus. A lot of people were sending me threats and rude messages on all my social media accounts because Luke said that I was lying to get him suspended from the team. From what they told me, Luke had been arrested but his parents bailed him out soon after they found out he was in jail and even came by to see me which surprised me and my parents.

They were nice at first but then told me that I shouldn’t continue my case against Luke and tried to pay me off so that I would keep quiet and make a statement that I fell so that Luke could get back on the team. My mom told them to leave and since their visit they had been dragging me through the dirt when ever a reporter asked questions about me. They even had a press conference to try and tell Luke’s side of the story but you could tell when a reporter asked about the bruise on my face that looked like his hand print he’d been taken off guard. He tried to cover it up by saying he tried to stop me and my face connected with his hand but that was bullshit.

Kellan had been by my side when he didn’t have class and even picked up the assignments I missed from my professors. As promised he got me the help I needed and arranged for me to see a therapist to talk about my past suicide attempt that had been brought up and abusive relationship with Luke. It was hard at first reliving the memories, the nightmares that had stopped a few years ago came back and were worst. But Kellan was there and talked to me about them which helped me out a lot. It had been a rough few days but I was ready to go home and figure out what I was going to do now. I was being released today and was anxious to get out of the hospital and take a shower.

“You ready to go home?” My mother asked while watching me sign my discharge papers.

“Yes, as much as I’ve loved the peace and quiet it’s time for me to face the real world.”

“It’s good you have a positive outlook on things, Kellan should be here soon to take you to his place.”

“Why am I going to his place?”

“Your father and I think it will be better if you stay with him, Luke and his parents came by the house yesterday and started making threats for you to drop the case. Kellan offered for you to stay with him until we can get in touch with our lawyer to get a restraining order put against him. I know we talked about you coming home but until your dad and I think its safe we want you to stay with him. At least there we know Luke won’t bother you.”

“Alright that’s fine.”

“Madison you still coming to the party tonight?“my big sister Laila asked me, after graduating she managed to get a job on campus and was our on campus advisor. It was nice still having her around and get much needed advice from her when things got rough. We were having our annual family and alumni tailgate before the game and I was at the sorority house helping with preparations for when parents and alum came to see the house. We didn’t have many parties here because the other houses on Greek Row held enough for all of us but when we did through them they were the best.


“Good, Tyrone is going to be happy that you’re going.”

“I really don’t care about Tyrone.” I said rolling my eyes, Tyrone and I dated briefly but he still kept trying to revive a spark that was never their. He was a fine dark skin guy with a panty wetting smile, deep voice and body to match. He was sexy and he knew it but really wasn’t the type of guy I saw a long term relationship with. He was great in bed and that came in handy whenever I needed to relieve some stress but we hadn’t spoken in awhile because the last time we met up he made it clear that he wanted us to be a couple again.

“Why not? It’s not like you’re going with someone, that man treats you like a queen and has good dick. If I were you I’d be engaged and pregnant with his first child by now.”

“Tyrone is great but he’s not who I see myself with and I am bringing someone to the party tonight.”

“Since when did you get a man? Who is he? Is he fine? What’s his major? And is the dick good?”

“We’ve been hanging out for awhile, he is very sexy, he’s pre-med, and that’s all I’m telling you.”

“You can’t leave me hanging. I need to know if this fine future doctor has some fine friends.”

“You’ll meet him tonight. I have to go meet up with my family.”

“Alright see you later girl.”

“Bye Laila.” Dinner with our parents last night went better than I expected and my brother enjoyed the company of Knox’s younger siblings, talking and laughing about everything kids their age loved. Not only did the kids get along great but our parents became fast friends as well. My dad had a complete fan girl moment when he met Knox’s dad and I couldn’t help but laugh seeing my dad lose his cool over meeting his favorite boxer. Knox’s siblings seemed to like me but it seemed like his sister, Arielle didn’t like me much because she kept saying snide comments about me just being another one of Knox’s flings.. Her twin Acacia didn’t think the same and was a lot nicer to me.

It was great seeing my little brother throw passes and run drills with Knox’s teammates. For a moment he got to have fun doing something he loved and not have to worry about his sickness. Even though he was in remission we still worried that he’d have a recurrence and be back in the hospital again. After the game our families went out to dinner to celebrate the win, Knox and I stayed for a little bit before we had to leave for the party. I went to my apartment to change out of the jersey that Knox had given me and jeans I was wearing to the outfit that went with the color scheme all my sisters would be wearing.

When we arrived at the party it was already in full swing, once we got inside we went straight towards the kitchen to get drinks. It took longer than it normally would because we kept getting stopped on the way by people congratulating Knox on his win.

“You’re quite the celebrity.” I said whispering in his ear as he held me close to his side, a few glares came my way but I didn’t care because Knox was mine and anyone jealous of that could get over themselves.

“Comes with the territory and I’m sure every guy in here is jealous that I have you on my arm.”

“I think you mean the girls that are glaring at me but I really don’t care what they think.”

“Madison, you look great.” a voice behind me said, I turned around and saw it was Laila.

“Thanks, Knox this is my big sister Laila. Laila this is Knox.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“You to, if you will excuse us for a moment Knox I need to talk to Madison about something.”

“I’ll be right back.”

“Okay beautiful.” He gave me a quick kiss before going to talk to a group of his teammates while I walked away with Laila. I followed her to the kitchen where it was a lot quieter and a little more private for us to talk.

“When in the hell did you and Knox Miller start dating?”

“He’s my partner in physiology, we started hanging out, then one thing lead to another and now he’s my boyfriend.”

“I see how happy you are with him but are you sure he’s not using you like he does with his other hoes?”

“Yes, he’s done a lot to prove himself to me and I’m willing to look past his fuckboy ways to make things work with him.”

“Well you have my support, now lets go and show these fools how us Zetas like to party.” We left the kitchen and I found Knox standing with a group of brothers from Phi Beta Sigma. They were talking about something but stopped when Laila got everyone’s attention.

“Alright now we all know my favorite part of family and alum weekend is the stroll off, so let’s get it started with my lovely sisters of Zeta Phi Beta. Ladies represent!”

If there’s one thing I loved about my sorority it would be this, nothing beat watching what everyone had been practicing and the genuine fun we have strolling. After my sisters and I showed everyone else how its done, I went to find Knox and watched the other fraternities and sororities stroll. The rest of the night I enjoyed dancing with my girls and Knox not caring about graduation, internships, and interviews that were coming up.

“Thank you for inviting me.” Knox whispered in my ear, we were dancing to B.E.D. by Jacques and I was really feeling myself on the dance floor loving Knox’s hands on my waist as I we slow grinned together.

“I had to show off my boyfriend to my sisters, it helps that your really cute.” I said turning around putting my hands around his neck pulling him closer to me.

“I haven’t been cute since I was a kid.” He said giving me a slight mean mug.

“You’re still cute to me and I know, your mom showed me some of your baby photos she had on her phone.”

“Please tell me she didn’t show the one where I ran around the house naked.”

“She did, even had the video. You have a really cute birthmark on your butt.”

“I’m going to get you back and ask your mom to show me your baby photos.”

“I don’t care, I was a good kid.”

“I highly doubt that.”

“We should go somewhere more quiet.” I said wanting to have a little more fun.

“Are you flirting with me?”


“How much have you been drinking?”

“Not much, my roommate is gone for the weekend and I didn’t plan on going home alone tonight.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” He nodded his head and lead me outside, on our way out I said bye to my sisters and had our designated driver take us to my apartment where I let him see my secret birthmark among other things.

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