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The thought of Isabelle being afar from him doesn't sit right with him and so a side of him appears that even he didn't know existed. The relationship between Isabelle Claud and Gabriel Wyatt was never much of a deep one. It was merely a business relationship between a boss and a secretary. Gabriel trusted his secretary, Isabelle, far more than he trusted his own family members. Isabelle was the ideal secretary. She would get everything done within a given amount of time. Working under Gabriel for a good five years, the both of them had developed a bond of trust and friendship. But it was never beyond that. So when Gabriel is told by his father that the company is to be located to another city, Gabriel had naturally expected Isabelle to follow him in this movement. But his expectations are easily shattered when Isabelle refuses to accompany him which causes something inside Gabriel to snap. It causes something dangerous to surface in Gabriel, a side that even he didn't know existed.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“Isabelle, I want you in my office. Now.” Gabriel authoritatively spoke in the intercom, waiting patiently for his secretary to reply back. There was somewhere important they had to go to.

“Yes sir. I will be right there,” The naturally alluring voice of Isabelle replied back causing Gabriel to recline back in his seat, waiting for his secretary to appear. He had always loved to listen to her voice. At times, when he would be losing his temper due to failed merger plans or lost contracts, Isabelle’s voice always managed to calm him down.

Gabriel had insisted that Isabelle should move her desk in his office however, Isabelle had politely but immediately refused to the idea as she had explained that she needed ‘her private space’. What private space did she need? I was all the private space she needed. Gabriel thought to himself as he made a sullen face. The familiar click clack of heels brought him out of his displeased thoughts. Without as much as a knock on the door, a red headed beauty entered the room. Her heels clicked against the laminated flooring until she reached in front of her boss’ desk.

“What is it, Sir?” Isabelle formally questioned as she put a hand on her hip. Gabriel had never understood whether she was intentionally seducing him or if it was natural response to things. But who could blame the man for jumping to assumptions? Everyone knew that Isabelle was an attractive lady with beautiful features. But that definitely didn’t mean that Gabriel was any less. In fact, it was believed that if he wasn’t a CEO, he would definitely be a model for a Vogue magazine. He was the ideal man for every woman that worked in the company, in fact some women only worked in his company to catch a glimpse of him. Every woman except Isabelle, of course.

Isabelle was used to his handsome face and striking features. Of course, in the beginning she was taken aback by his gorgeous face but seeing his face every day of every month for so many years had made her accustomed to him. And although Gabriel appreciated that Isabelle didn’t fangirl about him and squeal all the time, but he would have liked if she would be at least a little affected by him. Like how he was affected by her. A lot. But that was just wishful thinking.

“My father wants to have a business dinner, this evening. Apparently, he has to make a declaration of some sorts. I want you to come with me.” Gabriel ordered. There was no place for a refusal. Everyone knew that once Gabriel had declared something, it has to be done. There could be no excuses about a goldfish dying or having your period. If he wants it to happen, he will make it happen. No matter what.

Isabelle let out a long sigh as she stared at her boss tiredly, “Sir. I have told you before that you do not need me for such occasions. Like I said before, your father just wants to spend some quality time with you. You do not require my assistance in that. I will just be a third wheel there.” Isabelle tried to persuade her boss but she knew her explanation would fall on deaf ears. Gabriel looked at her with a bored expression. He had already expected something like this and he knew that it was pointless to try to persuade him. Finally, when Isabelle completed her lecture and the expression on Gabriel’s face remained blank, she let out another tired sigh, realizing that it was meaningless to continue.

“What time is the dinner?” She asked defeated, causing Gabriel to finally change his expression to grin like a little boy.

“Eight. Let’s go shopping together. I want you to pick out a suit for me. I am more excited about going out with you than meeting father. In fact, let’s leave right now.” Gabriel said as he rose from his seat and walked towards Isabelle. Isabelle knew that arguing would be a meaningless effort because Gabriel would just drag her along anyway. It was not the first time and definitely not the last. With yet another exhausted sigh, she grabbed Gabriel’s coat from the stand. She placed it gently above his shoulders, just like the way he liked it, and followed him outside.

If she wasn’t his secretary, she would have been his wife. Or more like a mother. Gabriel always behaved like a little child in front of her however when he was in his business mode, there was not a single ounce of emotion on his face. He would carry a cold facade with zero flaws. As he would often tell Isabelle that with a company this big and successful, he is bound to have enemies who would try to take advantage of his weaknesses. Little did Isabelle know that, Gabriel’s biggest weakness was Isabelle. But she was also his strength.

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