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Suzy Dubois. The girl who won't stop showing up out of nowhere since the day she transferred to our school. But I'm glad she did. Without her, I'm probably dead by now. >Note: People and places mentioned in this story is completely fictional.< Nine years ago, Meredith Lemundgoth is a film enthusiast and is also a good writer who seems to have a low self esteem. She doesn't find herself around people. She feels so different. During her senior year, a transfer student named Suzy Dubois came into her narratives and changed her life forever.

Romance / Drama
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How should I start? (prologue)

It's been so long since the last time we were together. The time where we just walk around at the town of West Viviere, laughing away all our pain. The time when we have each other in this world full of judgement. Actually, our lives back then were bittersweet. Why, you ask? Well, we're actually happy having each other. As long as we have each other, that's enough for us. But no matter how happy we are, it's hard. We have to hide our true selves. Cause if people around us found out, we'll be buried in judgement...disgust...humiliation...

But now here we are. An adults Both a professional on what we love doing. She's still that pretty woman who's filled with positivity. We're here right now in our high school reunion. Honestly, I don't really give a shit about these kinds of stuffs but ironically, I'm here. The only reason why I'm here is to see that one person. That one person who changed me. That one person who is the reason why I'm successful right now. That one person who saved my life. That one person who I loved dearly. Suzy Dubois.



"Can I ask some permission?"

*chuckles* "What do you mean?"

"Well, I think our story could make a good film or a book....Sooooo-"

"Let me guess, you want to write a book about us and make a movie out of it."

"If it's alright with you?"

*smiles* "Sure, why not? If you want to, I could compose some soundtrack for the movie."

*giggles* "Want to make it a musical?"

"If you ask me, I would love that."

You might be wondering right now, who's Suzy Dubois? Well this story will be about us nine years ago. How I met Suzy and why she means a lot to me. Oh yeah, I've been writing a lot right now and I didn't even think of introducing myself first. Silly me.... Anyway, I am Meredith Lemundgoth. My last name is pronounced "lemon goth". Pretty weird right? Anyway, maybe let's just start this story. The story of Suzy and I.

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