Forbidden Cravings

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The Unexpected Guest

I stared at my reflection in the full-length mirror. My mousy looking brown hair was way too simple. My eyes were a dull shade of green and my full figure was the reason I had been unlucky in the sex department.

For what I knew was probably the millionth time, I wished I was skinny. Or at least thinner than my current state.

" What are you staring at?”

I jumped at being discovered. My mom walked into my room, a basket of fresh laundry in her hand. I had come over to my parents’ place for Christmas. A routine I had come to follow for the past three years. To my surprise and relief, they had redecorated my room. So it was no longer filled with unicorn figurines and pink wallpaper.

I had been an extremely girly girl.

" Nothing. There’s a spot on the damn glass.“, I lied and pretended to rub an invisible stain with the hem of my sleeve.

" Okay.“, my mom shrugged as she went over to the wardrobe and began arranging the clothes in it.

" Oh, I forgot to mention before, but Mrs. Peterson and her son are coming over for lunch today.“, she said casually as she shut the doors of the mahogany wardrobe.

I stopped midway through reaching for my phone.


" What?“, I was already hyperventilating.

" Mrs. Peterson and Ray are coming over for lunch.“, my mom repeated as she straightened out the vanity drawer.

No. No. No.

I sank down on my bed with my head in my hands.

This couldn’t be happening.

Oblivious to my panic, my mom continued, “Ray is back from military school after a long time. He’s a tutor there now.“, she said almost admiringly as she arranged the stacks of novels at my bedside.

" Mom, you know I can’t stand Ray!“,I practically yelled at her.

How could she!?

" Anna, please behave like a grown-up.“, she scolded me like I was a ten year old.

" And don’t you try to make a getaway,” she continued and I glared at her, my blood boiling.

" Your father and I want you to be here to greet them.“, she said sternly before she left the room.

I stared at the door, praying that this was a dream.

Ray Peterson.

Our neighbor’s son and my worst nightmare.

He hated me and wasn’t secretive about it. My teenage years had been marred by his bullying and mockery. For him, being a part of the popular crowd and his extremely good looks had only been an added bonus. I had been plump in school, with an indecent amount of flesh on my hips and tummy. He had literally had the word ‘FATASS’ stamped on the back of my shirt.

Needless to say, he wasn’t my favorite person.

I had NOT managed to forget about those traumatic years and from time to time those memories haunted me. And now that jerk had entered my life again.

I did not want to lay eyes on him.


Stamping my feet, I went down the stairs and grudgingly helped my mom set the table before rushing up to get ready.

Putting on a summer dress that hid the true shape of my body, I applied a dab of lipgloss to my lips. I had never been a fan of makeup and had yet to be an expert at it.

Stuffing my feet into a pair of ballerina shoes, I was on my way down the stairs when the doorbell rang.

My first instinct was to run back up and bolt the door to my room from inside.

Dismissing such cowardly thoughts, I forced myself to face him. Maybe I would get lucky and he wouldn’t make it due to a car accident or something.

Voices drifted through the kitchen as I made my way into the hall.

And there he was.

I almost tripped on my feet at the sight of him in those light blue jeans and the olive shirt that was open at the neck. He looked, even more, sexier than he had been all those years ago.
His dark brown hair had been combed back neatly and looked slick. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up halfway and showcased his lean but muscular arms. I instinctively averted my gaze and smiled at his mom.

" Anna! How nice to see you!“, she practically cooed as she hugged me gently, her lavender perfume invading my senses. I could feel Ray’s eyes on me and I didn’t like it one bit.

" It’s good to see you too, Mrs. Peterson.“, I said as I hugged her back.

My parents stood opposite us and were smiling at me. I shot a dark look at my mom before I turned to Ray.

" Anna.“, he said in a formal tone as he extended his hand, a tight smile on his lips. Had he developed a natural pout or something?

I returned his smile with an equally tight one and brought my hand forward.

" Ray.“, I nodded curtly.

To my utter annoyance, he grasped it firmly, his thumb moving against my skin, almost caressing.
I pulled my hand away too quickly than what was polite, not caring that my mom would definitely have something to say to me about it later that evening.

We all proceeded into the kitchen where the table had already been laid out. Taking our seats, we said the grace before we served ourselves.

Ray, that bastard, had chosen to sit in the seat right next to me though there was an empty one on the opposite side next to where my dad was seated.
I pointedly moved my chair as far as I could before I began eating. From the corner of my eye, I saw him glance at me before he began his meal.

Lunch was fairly good. Both our mothers were lost in conversation so that they hardly paid us any attention. I graciously offered my own inputs whenever I thought appropriate. Dad was busy munching away and joined in their discussions occasionally.

I was midway through putting a spoonful of pasta in my mouth when I felt a hand on my thigh. I dropped the spoon with a start and it clanged against the dinner plate, making everyone stop and stare at me. Even Ray. That son-of-a-bitch.

" Sorry, I just lost my grip.“, I mumbled as I felt my cheeks redden in embarrassment.

Ray’s mom smiled at me and then the conversation resumed, this time my dad joined in.

I turned and glared at Ray as I reached down and pushed his hand away from me. My blood boiled in anger when he just smirked in response and winked at me.

What the hell did he think of himself?
I pushed my chair back and excused myself as I went over to the sink and put my plate in. Behind me, I heard the scrape of another chair and the next moment Ray was right beside me, his sleeve brushing my bare arm and I involuntarily shivered at the contact.

Deciding to skip dessert, I made an excuse of having to make a call and left the room. Taking the steps two at a time, I had just reached the top of the stairway when my arm was grabbed from behind.

" Where do you think you’re going?“, Ray asked as he stared down at me.

How did I not hear him?

Angry at being touched, I jerked my arm away from him and gave him a glare.

" It’s none of your business.“, I snapped as I turned toward my room.

Suddenly, I was pushed against the door of my closed room with Ray’s body pressed against mine.

" What the hell are you-“, I pushed against him as he clamped his hand down on my mouth and pinned my other hand against the door.

" Shhh.“, he whispered as he leaned in, his breath hot against my cheek.

My eyes widened at his proximity. He smelled so good. Like mint and spice put together.

As I watched, his eyes traveled down my body and lingered on the neck of my dress, that I knew was probably showing some of my cleavage.

" You’re mad at me, aren’t you?“, he murmured as he tightened his grip on my wrist. I cried out in protest as I felt his leg move between mine. Anger coursed through my veins at his actions.

How dare he do this?

I bit down on the pad of his palm as hard as I could. He instantly cursed and let my hand drop. I ducked and almost ran down the stairs to the safety of the kitchen.

Jerk, I fumed.

After a few moments, he came into the room, an amused look on his face and I controlled the urge to punch him.
Thankfully, our parents were too busy to notice us. Ray winked at me for the second time that afternoon before he sat down, this time next to my dad. I kept my gaze away from him and concentrated on the conversation that was going on.

I was aware of his eyes on me the entire time and for some reason, it left me a bit flustered. I almost cried out with relief when they stood up to leave.

" You should come over sometime, Anna dear.“, Mrs. Peterson smiled at me as Ray helped her put her coat on.

I agreed and smiled, with no intention to do anything of that sort.

Opening the door, she stepped out, my parents behind her.

I made to follow them when the door was pushed shut.

My head snapped sideways and I glared at Ray’s amused face.

" Anna, can we just talk?“, he said as he stepped closer to me, his coat rustling with his movements.

" Get away from me, Ray.“, I clenched my teeth hard as I pulled the door open, only to have him shut it again. I watched as our parents turned to the right and disappeared down the road.

Then I lost it.

Turning around I pushed him away as hard as I could.

" What do you think you’re doing, huh? Do you think this is funny or something?“, I fumed as I watched him stare at me with wide eyes.

" Why the hell are you so pissed off?“, he snapped as he straightened his coat, his eyes glaring at me.

" How dare you touch me?“, I yelled at him, the buried anger and humiliation of all those traumatic years resurfacing at lightning speed.

His jaw hardened and he sneered, “Touch you? What the hell are you, a nun?”

And that hit me. My eyes were burning and I knew that the tears weren’t far away.

Good job, Anna.

" Fuck you, Ray.“, I spat before brushing past him.

His hand shot out and grabbed my arm, jerking me to him.

" What the fuck is wrong with you?“, he hissed as he shook my shoulders.
" Why are you so mad at me?“, he asked, his fingers like vices around my flesh.

" Let me go!“, I yelled as I stamped down on his foot, my feet aching with the effort.

" I came here to apologize, Anna! Stop behaving like a child!“, he shouted as he pinned my arms to my sides, turning us around and pushing me against the wall.

" I don’t want your apology, you asshole. I want you to get the hell out of my sight!“, I screamed, knowing that my behavior was totally irrational.
But I couldn’t stop. I wanted to hurt him so bad that it didn’t matter what I did.

" Anna, stop fighting me.“, he said in a dangerously low voice as he pressed himself to me trying to make me look at him.

" Fuck you.“, I spat as I raised my knee trying to push him away, my fingers digging into his arms.

" Anna, if you don’t stop right now-“, he started as he bent lower, his breath hot on my cheek.

I snorted,” What are you going to do? Call me names? This isn’t high school, Ray. You can’t hurt me anymore.”

" That’s the last thing I want to do.“, he said as he pressed his thigh against mine, trapping me, his fingers tight around my wrists.

I could feel the warmth radiating through the fabric of his thin shirt and I felt a strange sensation come over me.

Pausing for a second, I stared up at him.

And that was my mistake.

The very next moment, I felt his lips pressed against mine. I didn’t even have the time to push him away. His hands pulled my wrists behind my back and he held them tight, as his mouth slanted on mine, a groan escaping his lips.

I was stunned.

His eyes were closed and I felt his palm brush against my thigh as he slipped his hand inside my dress.

I squeaked in surprise and his tongue slipped into my open mouth, warm and moist.

And my eyes closed.

Without wanting to, I felt my breathing quicken as I let him kiss me, my mind blank. My body stiffened at the feel of his soft lips.

He must have felt it because he pressed his chest to mine as his hand crept up higher, stroking and caressing before it moved up and grabbed my butt.

I cried out, both in surprise and confusion.

He released my wrists as he kissed me harder, taking my breath away and pushing me further into the wall.

I pulled away, panting for air as his lips continued down my jaw along my neck, biting and kissing my skin.

When he reached the spot between my shoulder and neck I involuntarily gasped and his head snapped up as he claimed my mouth again.

I didn’t fight him. I didn’t want to.

The feeling was too good and I hadn’t wanted anything so much for a long time.

I grabbed his head holding him in place as I opened my mouth, my tongue searching for his. Ray let out a groan as he grabbed my waist and pulled me against him, crushing my breasts to his hard chest.

My mind couldn’t form any conscious thought.

He picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist as he lifted my dress higher, his fingers tugging at the hem of my lace panties.

That triggered my senses and I froze as I became aware of what exactly I was letting happen.

I pulled away and forced my legs down as I braced myself against the wall.

" Anna-“, Ray murmured as he reached out to grab my arms.

I instinctively moved out of his reach and he gazed at me through half-shut eyes, a confused look on his face.

" What’s wrong?“, he asked softly as I reached up and touched my bruised lips.

What the hell had I done?

I had kissed Ray! The one person I absolutely loathed!

I shivered in disgust. What was wrong with me!?

Turning around, I hurried up the stairs trying to get away from everything.

“Anna!“, I heard his voice and then his footsteps as he came after me.

A sob left my lips as I was whirled around to face him.

" Anna, stop running.“, he said through gritted teeth, as he held my arms securely, his chest heaving.

I couldn’t face him. I wanted to hide in shame.

" Leave me alone, Ray!“, I cried out as he bent down and threw me over his shoulder. I cringed and yelled as he grabbed the back of my thighs preventing me from kicking out.

" What are you doing!?“, I yelled as I pounded on his back in vain.

Without answering, he walked into the kitchen as I struggled to get myself down.

I shrieked when he abruptly reached out and placed me down on the table, before slipping between my legs, his hands holding them apart firmly.

I frantically pushed against him only to have him grab my arms and pin them behind my back so that my chest was pushed forward and collided with his.

" Quiet, Anna.“, he murmured as he leaned in and buried his face in my hair.

I froze as his breath tickled my ear, acutely aware of the fact that my body was pressed too intimately against his.

" I came here today only to apologize to you, Anna.“, he said as he leaned back and looked at me, taking my chin in his hand and forcing me to look back at him.

I gulped.

Ray took a deep breath before uttering the words I had hoped to hear for over three years now.

" I’m really sorry, Anna. I didn’t mean to hurt you all that time ago.“, he said softly, his eyes not leaving mine.

I looked away but he shifted again so that he was in my line of sight.

" Anna, please. I was stupid and I really need you to forgive me.“, he said with a hint of urgency in his voice, his lips inches away from mine.

I scoffed, ” What are you playing at Ray? You and I both know that my forgiveness is the last thing you need.”

His eyes darkened at my words.

" You’re right. The first thing I need is this.“, he said before his hand left my chin and moved down to cup my breast.

I gasped. Partly in surprise and partly because I realized that I liked his touch.

Gritting my teeth, I glared at him, “Get your hands off me.”

He gave me a sardonic smile as he increased the pressure and ran his finger along my already hardening nipple.

" You like it, Anna. Don’t bother denying it.“, he breathed as he kissed my earlobe before taking it in his mouth.

I trembled against him, my mouth open in a silent gasp.

" Please forgive me, Anna.“, he said as he moved his lips to my jaw, leaving a trail of fire all over my skin, that only increased the slick moisture between my legs.

He kissed the corner of my mouth, his breath mingling with mine.

I couldn’t stop myself from turning into his touch. From waiting for the feel of his lips against mine.

And then the phone rang.

I jumped at the sound and Ray pulled back before uttering a low curse.

Pushing him away, I quickly ran into the living room to answer it.

It was the telephone company doing their routine inquiry.

After the call ended, I turned to find Ray leaning against the wall watching me.

I felt heat creep up my neck at his gaze. For a moment, we both just stared, without saying a word.
I pulled at the hem of my dress, ” I need to go.“, I said as I made to walk past him.

" Where?“, his arm shot out and grabbed me, an unreadable expression on his face.

" That’s not your concern.“, I snapped.

He frowned,” Anna, I’m really sorry. Let me make it up to you, please.”

I stared at him.

" I have to go.“, I said again before he could see the effect he seemed to be having on me that moment.

Pulling my hand away, I rushed to the door and took off.

He didn’t follow.


" Anna, this isn’t fair!“, Jack yelled as I gulped down the last piece of the strawberry ice cream.

" Oh shut up, Jack.“, I muttered before I licked the plastic spoon clean and tossed the empty carton into the wastebasket.

He glared down at me.

" You are really cruel.“, he said as he quickened his pace, leaving me behind.

Laughing, I raced after him and grabbed his arm bringing him to a halt.

" Okay, I promise this is the last time.“, I said sincerely as he let me tag along by his side.

He stopped and stared at me in disbelief.

I laughed again and he frowned.

" Liar.“, he muttered as he pulled away and began jogging towards the house.

" Jack! Wait up!“, I shouted as I ran after him, a giggle escaping my lips.

Jack was my second close friend after Victoria, my roommate. The three of us had met during college when Victoria had been going through a rough time with her parents and Jack had just discovered that he was gay. He had been visiting his friend in town and had given me a call asking if I was free to meet up. Victoria had been too busy to come over so it was just us.

It was dark now and we had reached the driveway to my house. Jack walked me up to the porch.

" Thanks for the ice cream, Jack.“, I smiled at him.

He gave me a mock glare before hugging me.

" I’ll call you when I get home, okay?“, he said as he kissed my cheek and then left.

I waited until he disappeared down the road before turning around.

I screamed in terror on seeing the figure before me.

Ray glared down at me, a murderous expression on his face.

" What are you doing!?" , I yelled at him.

" I might ask you the same thing. Who was that?“, he asked as he pointed down the road that Jack had taken.

I glared at the person who had been the cause of all my sleepless nights.
Since the day he had touched me, I couldn’t think straight. He governed my every waking thought and I hated him now for a totally different reason.

" Go to hell.“, I snapped as I pushed past him and unlocked the door.

Obviously, he followed me in.

" Anna, who the fuck was that guy?“, he asked again as he stepped inside the living room.

I was furious now. Thank God, my parents had chosen to go off to the play that evening.

I’d had enough of this bullshit.

" You know what, Ray? You’re a jerk! And you have no right to interfere in my life and question me about anything! So get the fuck out and leave me alone!“, I screamed at him, my throat hoarse and my heart beating wildly against my chest.

I watched as he glared at me, his jaw clenched and his arms fisted at his sides.

" That’s it. I’m done being fucking polite.“, he said darkly before crossing the distance between us and grabbing my waist, seconds before his lips crashed against mine.

I resisted it with everything I had. Pushing against him, I raised my leg and kicked his ankle as hard as I could.

He uttered a growl before he picked me up and began walking towards the stairs. I thrashed around wildly, trying to get away from him. I had to!

Within seconds we reached the door to my room and Ray kicked it open, all the time pressing his mouth hard to mine.

Releasing me, he walked in as I stumbled behind clutching at the bedpost. Terrified, I watched as he shut the door and locked it before he turned to me.

I froze on seeing his face.

He looked furious.

" Do you want to know why I did whatever I did to you in high school?“, he said with pure restraint evident in his voice.

I moved away from the bed searching for an escape route.

His next words paralyzed me.

" Because you fucking ruined me, Anna.“, he said in a strained voice.

I couldn’t move.

" What are you talking about?“, I asked, my mind blank.

He walked over to me, his face unreadable. Reaching out he placed his hands on my waist, leaning in so that his forehead was pressed against mine.

I looked at him in confusion but didn’t pull away.

" It was in the 11th grade when I first laid eyes on you, in art class. You were the new girl and so fucking easy to pick out with your weird sense of fashion and your amazing lush body.“, he said as he stroked my cheek, his fingers grazing my skin.

Staring at him, I watched, stunned at the emotions playing on his features.

" I wanted you, Anna. So fucking badly. But you didn’t seem to notice anyone that much and always had your nose in a book. I didn’t know how to approach you. How to make a fucking move. And then, I saw you with a dark-haired boy after school. You were laughing at something he said and he had his arm around your shoulder. That did it for me. I wanted to punch that guy and wipe the smile off his face.“, he said, his jaw clenched.

" And I chose the wrong way to get back at you.“, he said softly as his hand came to rest on my hip.

I couldn’t speak.

I distinctly remembered the boy. His name was Jeremy and he had been a transfer student. I had been totally smitten by him but it hadn’t worked out between us when he returned back home.

I stared at Ray, trying to judge if he was lying to me. But some part of me already knew he wasn’t.

Still, there was absolutely no logical reason for what I did next.

Standing on my toes I pressed my lips to his, my fingers pulling the neck of his shirt to me.

Ray stiffened for a moment and I thought he was going to push me away.

But then he kissed me back, groaning as he lifted me off my feet.

I held onto his shoulders as he led us to the bed, placing me in the middle.

I pulled away for just a second as I took the opportunity to look at him.
His eyes were closed and his lips moved to mine, searching.

" I’m sorry.“, I said softly, placing my fingers against his lips, marveling at their softness.

His eyes opened and I felt him tremble as he kissed my fingers.

" I’m sorry, too.“, he said, broken, as he closed the distance between us, his lips devouring mine.

I moaned as he moved over me, the weight of his body pressing mine into the mattress.

His hands moved restlessly all over me, touching and caressing.

Slipping my hand inside his shirt, I pulled it off as he deftly untied the neck of my halter dress pulling it down so that it was bunched around my waist. Lifting my hips, I helped him slip it off along with my underwear and he tossed it over his shoulder.

I was completely naked now and I was acutely self-conscious about my body.

What if he found me lacking in any way?

That thought vanished when I looked up to find him staring at me, his eyes heavy-lidded.

He visibly gulped.

" You’re beautiful, Anna.“, he said almost reverently as he bent low and kissed me again, his hands pinning my wrists above my head.

I strained against him, trying to ease the pain that was beginning to tug at my lower abdomen.

Desperately, I pulled my hands free as I unbuttoned his pants and pulled it down his hips.

He stood, uttering a curse, and took off his pants and boxers. I clamped my thighs together at the sight of his arousal.

Coming back to me, he leaned down and kissed me, his hands squeezing my bare breasts. The pleasure was overwhelming. I moaned as I felt my nipples tighten.

He ran his fingers over them, tugging and rolling the peaks between his fingers.

" Ray!“, I cried out, digging my nails into his back as I felt his erection press against my inner thigh.

" Not now, love.“, he murmured and I almost melted at the endearment.

I let my fingers run all over his chest as I marveled at the rigid muscles, the firm planes of his stomach and his lean hips.

" Anna,“, he groaned as I leaned forward and took the protruding flesh of his male nipple into my mouth, kissing it before gently biting down with my teeth.

Abruptly, he pulled my hands away and pinned them to my sides, making me cry out as in turn, his mouth descended on my breast.

His teeth bit down hard enough to cause pain which vanished when he soothed the flesh with his tongue. His hands moved down my waist and he gently but firmly parted my thighs. The next moment his finger entered me and I convulsed at the foreign feeling.

His lips continued tormenting my breast and the double assault made me cry out. When he heard it, he shifted his mouth to my other breast and repeated the action. Unknowingly, I raised my hips further, wanting him to bring me to the climax I so desperately needed.

I was wet. Drenched in my own arousal. And Ray was relentless. I clenched around his finger as I felt my orgasm approaching.

Ray lifted his head and then in one swift motion, slid his finger deep inside me making me cry out as I came. All over his hand.

Stars danced before my eyes and I whimpered in disappointment as he slipped his finger out. Through the haze that followed I heard the unmistakable sound of him sucking his finger followed by the crinkle of a condom packet being torn.

The next moment, Ray was above me, his breath hot against my cheek.

" Open your eyes, Anna.“, he murmured as he nudged my cheek with his nose.

I blinked at his proximity and I felt a blissful smile tug at my lips.

Ray returned it with one of his own before he leaned down again and seized my lips, moving in position between my legs.

I felt his erection probe at my opening before he pressed down and entered me. I gasped against his mouth at the feeling.

He moved deeper inside me before he abruptly pulled out.

I opened my eyes in confusion to see him staring at me in horror.

" You’re a virgin?“, he asked, disbelief written all over his face.

I frowned as I lifted my hips taking him inside me, before grabbing his waist and pulling him down, moaning at the anticipation of the fullness that I knew was about to come.

" Anna!“, he cried out as he moved slowly trying to ease himself into me.

I bit my lip in frustration. Slowly, I shifted my hips and heard him moan softly before he slammed into me.

The pain was horrible. I buried my face in his neck as he held me tight.

" God, Anna. I’m so sorry.“, he whispered as he kissed my shoulder, his arms almost bruising my sides.

He didn’t move and after a few moments, the pain subsided and was replaced by pleasure.

" Ray?“, I called out softly as I rolled my hips trying to get him deeper inside me.

He groaned at the movement before grabbing my hips and beginning his own thrusts.

I gripped his arms as I felt immeasurable pleasure take over my senses. Ray was moving fast now and after a few more seconds, I came apart for the second time, screaming his name as I went over the edge.

The next moment, Ray let out an animal groan as he found his release, his body convulsing again and again as he fell against me, his head buried in my neck.

Rolling us over, he held me in his arms, placing a gentle kiss on the top of my head.

For a few blissful moments, we just lay there till our breathing returned to normal.

Ray’s fingers were drawing patterns on my spine and every stroke was making me more wanton than before.

" Anna?“, he called out as his fingers moved down my arm.

" Yeah?“, I asked as I suppressed a shiver.

" I love you.“, he said as he leaned on his elbow and placed his hand on my cheek.

I felt a bubble of joy burst inside me.

" I love you, Anna.“, he said it again, more to himself as he leaned forward and kissed me gently.

I kissed him back with all I had, my hand grabbing his hair and tugging at it.

Pulling back, he leaned over me, his hands moving to my hips, stroking my thigh.

" Anna Heath, would you mind going out with me?“, he asked softly, his mouth crinkled into an adorable smile.

I laughed as his hand came to rest on my stomach.

" Not at all, Ray. I’d love to.“, I squealed as he cupped my breast in response.

And then he kissed me.

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